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Park News

ABC Rides

The Swiss company ABC Rides has just started construction on a big flume ride and a boating school for Legoland Malaysia, set to open when the park debuts in late 2012. The projects will be overseen by the company’s senior project engineer Michael Ackermann. But before that, another park in the Far East will

unveil a mini flume by ABC featuring a special design. Set to open next spring at Wild und Frezeitpark in Klotten, Germany, will be another large flume, as pictured. This particular installation will feature a vertical lift that turns as the boat is hoisted up to the 24-metre summit. From there the six-passenger boat will roll down over a big hump and through the centre of the park’s existing Gerstlauer Bobsled coaster.

ABC, which recently announced plans for a number of new ride concepts including the Smart Swing and Magic Swing (see next issue), recently appointed a new German representative in the shape of Ingo Kirschner. A news sales assistant, meanwhile, comes in the shape of Stefanie Reumer. The company continues to work with representatives including Peter Ziegler (Switzerland) and Gina Gugliema (North America).

Paramount’s Spanish park – details revealed

More plans were revealed earlier this month for the planned Paramount theme park in the south of Spain. Parque Paramount Alhama de Murcia will form part of a larger 103- hectare cultural, business and leisure complex in Murica called the Lifestyle Center. The entire project budget is €1.1 billion and its developers hope to attract more than 3 million guests annually. Developer Proyectos Emblemáticos Murcianos SA (Premursa) has entered into an exclusive long-term licence with Paramount Licensing Inc, which though not an investor is actively engaged in the design of the park. Backers include Santa Mónica Financial Services SL (80%), Región de Murcia Turística SA/Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia (10%) and Premursa (10%). "Paramount chose the region of Murcia for this project because of the exceptional qualities that make it a popular tourist destination,” said executive vice-president of Paramount Licensing Michael Bartok at a press conference in Madrid on October 4. “The support from the regional and local governments as well as Premsura is remarkable and we look forward to creating a world- class destination." The story-driven park will include over 30 attractions divided into four zones – Adventure City including scenes from movies such as Mission: Impossible, Rango’s West which will include a Ragin’ River Rapids ride and Spirit of the West Mine Coaster, Woodland Fantasy aimed at children and with attractions including an interactive dark ride called Spiderwick Chronicles and Plaza Futura, dedicated to science fiction experiences based on Paramount films such as Star Trek. There will also be two themed hotels located within the park’s boundaries. The opening of Parque Paramount Alhama de Murcia is projected to take place in spring 2015, along with the first phase of the LifeStyle Center, which will also include additional hotels, restaurants and leisure activities including a casino and “an attractive nightlife component.” The new park will be the first Paramount has ever licensed in Europe. Hopefully it will encounter less difficulties than the troubled Terra Mitica 150km away in Benidorm, which Paramount Parks managed from 2001 to 2004.

OCTOBER 2011 19 Daftö Resort in Sweden

Interlink makes a splash

Interlink recently supplied a double lift (3-metres and 9-metres) Super Flume on the fourth floor of a shopping mall as part of the large Trans Studio Bandung indoor park in Indonesia. The ride has been themed in Aztec style. At the Daftö Resort in Strömstad, Sweden, Interlink completed a standard two lift (4m and 7m) Log Flume. With a channel length of 215-metres, the maximum water speed is 1.5m/sec. Five 5-seater logs are in use, providing an hourly capacity of approximately 500 riders. A Euro Park in Vias Plage, southern France, where Interlink has previously installed a Rapid River and a major Log Flume, the company has added a mini flume measuring just 15m x 7m, equipped with Indian canoe-style boats. Meanwhile in the USA, Interlink will install a Log Flume at Galveston Island Pier in Texas for 2012.

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