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The Dutch ride manufacturer KMG has announced plans for a new ride called Sicko. The 26-metre high construction is pitched at operators who have outgrown the company’s Freak Out or Afterburner pendulum ride but are not yet ready to upgrade to the larger XXL. Sicko (pictured) stands 5-metres taller than the Afterburner but also features the addition of rotating seats for an added thrill as the main V-shaped arm swing at angles of up to 120º. Riders sit back to back in pairs across 6 four-seater cars (total capacity 24). As with all of KMG’s travelling products, no crane is needed for assembly, and the complete construction packs onto two semi-trailers. Two rides have been sold, to customers in France and one as yet unnamed country. Delivery is due (to France) in May 2012. KMG reports that production of various rides is

Mack Rides

Mack Rides is now well underway on construction of Sea World San Diego’s Manta coaster. Scheduled for completion by the end of this year, the attraction should be open to guests at the California park for the May 2012 Memorial Weekend. At Sea World in Orlando, Mack is supplying new boats for the park’s Atlantis ride. Equipped with individual rider lap bars, they will bring down the ride’s height limit.

The German manufacturer has also picked up orders from Merlin Entertainments for its new Legoland parks in Florida and Malaysia. The latter will get both a caterpillar ride and a set of tea cups, while the Florida park, which opens this month in Winter Haven, gets a caterpillar. The same park also features a Mack Wild Mouse called Lego Technic Test Track. Now fitted with new cars, the ride was formerly part of the line-up at Legoland Windsor near London, where it appeared as


“We’re pretty busy in these turbulent times,” reveals Intamin’s Sascha Czibulka, “I think is due to our strength in a number of different sectors.”

The Swiss manufacturer of rollercoasters, water rides, tower rides and transport systems will supply three new 10-inversion coasters 2012/13, each on a different continent. The rides will be a development of the company’s existing rides at Thorpe Park in the UK and China’s Chimelong Paradise, but featuring a cable (rather than chain) lift, new style trains and bigger track. The Fly Rider is the name of Intamin’s new look Impulse coaster, featuring linear induction motors and back-to-back seating alongside the track. One ride has already been sold to a customer China. Elsewhere in Asia, expect to see a medium size single loop coaster soon. In Saudi Arabia, a Surf Rider (Half Pipe) will be delivered in 2012.

Intamin is also experiencing interest in its Family Drop Coaster following the debut last season of

booked through until next November. Other attractions on order include an X- Factory-themed Miami for Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in California, a

replacement Speed propeller ride for Fun City/Brean Leisure Park in the UK, a Freak Out and Speed for travelling showmen in the USA, and an

Inversion and Speed for Sweden.

the Jungle Coaster. Following the opening this season at Windsor of Atlantis Submarine Voyage, Mack is hopeful of selling similar ride systems to Merlin for use in other Legoland/Sea Life outlets.

An interactive boat ride is on order for a park in Indonesia. The ride will feature a pirate theme, similar to the attraction already installed by Mack at Fraspertuis City in France. Opening next season at Etnaland in Sicily will be Mack’s second Twist ‘n’ Splash ride, following the debut this season of SpongeBob’s Splash Bash at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in England. Etnaland’s version will feature a pirate theme with spinning barrels. In 2013 the same park will unveil a Mega Coaster by Mack, similar to Blue Fire at Europa-Park but with a lift hill rather than a launch and just one inversion. “Watch this space” for news of three new Mack rides – including two coasters – heading for a new park by the Black Sea in Sochi, Russia.

Th13teen at Alton Towers in England. Though a relatively tame ride, the dropping track section adds a real element of surprise. Intamin water rides on order include several Spillwaters, rapid rides and a log flume. The company is also set to deliver its largest ever observation tower. Standing 152-metres tall, it will open in the USA, with a smaller 50-metre version heading for South East Asia. A Gyro Drop tower with a combination of different stand/sit ride vehicles will go to a customer in Europe. Intamin


meanwhile, also has a number of monorails on order. Two will go to theme parks/resorts, while the other two will be used as urban transport.

Three more 10-inversion coasters are promised


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