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The importance of creating sustainable workforce

In today’s working world, sustainability is an important issue no matter what business you are in. For many, sustainability in business simply means that an organisation will make a concerted effort to support green practices and social accountability. The concept of a ‘sustainable workforce’, however, is something that is a little less considered, yet is probably the most profitable and beneficial set of actions that an organisation can take to illustrate their commitment to sustainability. As the majority of organisations in the FM sector appreciate, a business that fails to spot trends or exploit business opportunities will ultimately cease to grow and develop.

Ensuring that a workforce is adequately sustained is extremely important to the business that wishes to continue to succeed. A workforce comprised of high quality, hard-working employees is invaluable, as a committed workforce will ensure that a company’s core competencies are met. To jeopardise the development of a good workforce or to continually dilute a team through high turn-over of staff is risky indeed. Reputation, service quality and staff loyalty all lie in the balance when processes and tools designed to enable workforce sustainability are ignored.

According to Graeme Hughes, CEO of leading software solutions provider Innovise, optimising employee retention and engaging with the best people for the job is the key to creating long-term

business viability. He said: “We have long held the belief that the workforce is an organisations greatest asset. In a complex business environment such as the FM industry, resignations, retirements and demographic shifts add uncertainly and increase the pressure on management to maintain a quality workforce that will continue to deliver an excellent service.”

As well as ensuring that an employee’s needs are sufficiently recognised and managed, the sustainable workforce is one where talents and skills are identified and fostered. Providing transparency into an employee’s abilities, a well deployed software package is the most effective way through which to closely monitor and evaluate an employee’s productivity. Enabling better informed management decisions to be made, Innovise gathers information from all operations in real-time. At the touch of a button, management teams can review across the entire organisation, who is where, what they are doing and how productive they are being. All this is benchmarked against the SLAs and KPIs of the contracts for service they are engaged within. Allowing hard- workers to shine and exposing staff that are not fulfilling their role, a workforce management

As companies strive to keep their carbon foot- print to a minimum, Innovise suggests that a working environment is only ever going to be as good as the people you put in it.

software solution can unobtrusively observe staff and prevent the underuse of talent.

There are a range of factors that an organisation needs to take into account to sufficiently pay better attention to their workforce from a sustainability perspective. All quickly achievable through the implementation of the right workforce management software, the objectives in developing a sustainable workforce will undoubtedly lead a company to think about areas such as creating a positive organisational environment to attract and retain a motivated workforce and taking action to ensure that hard-working staff are not ‘burnt- out’ or have the need to unnecessarily tap into health care due to excessive stress at work. To conclude, Graeme said: “Sustaining a workforce is wholly achievable through the selection of the right software solution for your business. Investing into the well-being of your workforce is without a doubt a sound move for the future stability of your business.”

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