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10 Questions with... Delia Cannings of Environmental Excellence Training & Developemnt Ltd

Each month we ask a cleaning industry professional the Tomorrow’s Cleaning 10 Questions. This month, we chatted to Delia Cannings of Environmental Excellence Training & Development Ltd...

Q1What was your first job? My first paid work was working as weekend

chamber maid in a very popular Birmingham hotel whilst at school. I had some spectacular moments and many bird’s-eye bedroom views into the lives of celebrities. Wouldn’t you like to know!!!

Q2How did you get into the cleaning industry?

My work in the cleaning industry really began when my boys were babies and I needed to supplement the family income. Part time and evenings secured my place as a domestic assistant at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham. I discovered and registered for the day release City and Guilds qualifications in cleaning science; I was a very inquisitive student, enjoyed the subject matter and found that practicing my new found knowledge led to success and promotion with the workplace.

Q3Who, in any other industry do you most admire?

I admire Julie Walters, an award winning accomplished comedian, actress and novelist, who has never forgotten her roots in Birmingham. She remains well grounded and down to earth and continues to support the city with fund raising events.

Q4If money was no object, what car would you buy?

The car I currently drive is practical for business and chauffeuring grandchildren, therefore I am quite happy with it. However, given the option, my spare car for leisure, would be a Mercedes coupe sport or maybe a BMW 760li Sedan. A large boot is crucial for shopping expeditions; I detest clutter inside a car! The paint work must be navy blue and the interior, cream leather, and it must have a first class audio system.

Q5How would you improve the cleaning industry?

My wish for the improvement of the cleaning industry is a compulsory minimum qualification for all cleaning staff. This should be, supported and co funded by the government.

Q6What did you want to be when you were little?

As a very young girl I was convinced I wanted to be a nurse, it may have been the Emergency Ward 10 factor. Although I did make it into the health service, it was contributing to the health of the patients through cleaning, so not a million miles away from my original plan.

Q7What do you do to unwind? Well my husband would say that I love retail

therapy (true!) but I would say using the gym is one release mechanism. However the best feeling of all is cuddling my four grandsons, who make me laugh until I cry and that’s real relaxation and therapy together.

Q8If you could have a dinner party with any three people, dead or alive, with one other

person cooking and the other person providing the music, who would they be and why? Luther Vandross to provide the music – easy listening and delicate, which would enable discussion. Nigella Lawson - stylish, glamorous and an excellent cook to design the menu catering for the most fussy of eaters - me! As guests: the amazing Sir

Ranulph Fiennes - the world’s greatest living explorer! We could have serious discussion regarding his latest biography: Mad, Bad and Dangerous To Know. I would also like Julie Walters and Peter Kay to join us as they would bring the entertainment and fun element to the table. Wow, what an evening that would be.

Q9What, do you think, is the future of the cleaning industry?

The future of the industry, in my opinion, will be the focus on the conservation of resource and the embracing of renewable energy opportunities. Millions of jobs will be created as eco technologies come to the front however, will we be ready, equipped and able to respond?

Peter Vezey, of Vezey Consultants, asks... Q10 Which three wise men (or women!)

from the industry would you most like on your team? There are many from the Industry I would like in my team, however if I can only mention three they would be: Stan Atkins, CEO BICSc - inspirational thinker, seeks challenges, em- braces change, well respected with thorough industry experience knowledge and understanding. Sue Sharrock, Senior Prison Instructor HMP Dovegate – phenomenal determination and drive and commitment to deliver excellence and achieve success, particularly where others have failed. Nigel Grinstead, About Health - a consummate professional who exudes professional charisma and charm, wrapped in exquisite communication skills well respected and at the top of his game.

Check out next month’s issue to see what Delia asked our next industry professional...

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