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Engineering consultancy, Pierce Management Services (PMS), explain the benefits of Credits for Cleaning, software that is used in over 100 Trusts through the UK and Eire.

Cleaning has evolved over the years and now, more than ever, the implementation of software into any cleaning process not only saves, but maximises your time as well as enabling you to be as efficient as possible.

Pierce Management Services (PMS), is an engineering consultancy which produces innovative products and in-house developed software. This highly experienced company has a 25-year history of implementing maintenance and estate management systems within the NHS, MoD and other Government departments and commercial organisations.

Their flagship product C4C® – Credits for

Cleaning - is owned by the Department of Health and was developed by PMS’ in-house team. It continues to go from strength to strength, with well in excess of 100 Trusts, throughout the UK and EIRE, now realising the benefits this software offers.

The Welsh Assembly Government chose C4C as their Quality Monitoring Audit System to be installed throughout the Welsh Principality, which has been done with great success.

Existing C4C modules assist with setting, flexing and managing cleaning specifications and standards in Hospitals. Importantly, C4C monitors performance and allows for all Quality Hygiene Audits to be carried out to ully comply with the Department of Health National Standards for Cleanliness.

Additional software has since been created, allowing for Infection Control QIT Audit data to be recorded "with the blessing of IPS" and recording of staff training records in the Training Planner System, Maintenance of Domestic Stores Items and Portering/Helpdesk Modules.

C4C® – Credits for Cleaning - ably supports and adds value to facilities management too.

Always constantly evolving and developing additional software solutions to allow greater benefits to be realised by users, PMS covers the following areas: Asset Tracking, Domestic Stores Management Software, Infection Control System, Kitchen Auditing, PEAT – Patient Environment Action Team, Portering/Helpdesk System, Risk Management System, Training Planner System, Waste Auditing, Web Reporting.

The company’s aim is to provide a focused application that will exceed client expectations. An example of this would be the continuous development of bespoke systems for each of their clients, creating links between C4C®

– Credits for Cleaning - and FM

systems such as Eclipse FM so that clients are able to achieve more efficient and effective use of their products.

The C4C® – Credits for Cleaning - software

has been designed to: Enable the Matron or ward manager to regularly adjust their functional area cleaning specification to meet the changing needs of their patients in line with the Matron’s Charter.

Identify what level of specification can be accommodated within given budgetary limits.

Identify the impact of the new national minimum cleaning frequencies.

Ensure that all cleaning services are properly deployed and balanced across the organisation’s premises.

Quickly and simply manage Service Level Agreements, work schedules, allocation sheets etc for each functional area at the push of a button.

HEALTHCARE & HOSPITAL HYGIENE 48 | TOMORROW’S CLEANING | The future of our cleaning industry

A satisfied C4C Credits for Cleaning customer who has used C4C extensively and to great effect.

Congratulations to Marge Daly, Contracts Manager at The Adelaide and Meath Hospital, Tallaght, with the ICCA (Irish Contract Cleaning Association0 award for “Best Cleaned Hospital.” Momentum Support—one of the largest Cleaning Contractors in Ireland—who use the C4C Credits for Cleaning system to assist them at not only The Adelaide and Meath Hospital, but all of their hospital contracts, to monitor the cleanliness of their sites, say that using C4C has assisted them greatly with their cleaning and reporting back to clients is made so much easier, as well as being more efficient and accurate.

Provide a comprehensive management tool to produce reports on almost any aspect of cleaning in line with the new Revised Guidance on Contracting for Cleaning.

Assist in business case planning and day to day management and control.

For more information, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact Tim Hubbard, Managing Partner of Pierce Management Services, on 01608 647100 or

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