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The Second:

Staying ahead of the game

In the second of a two-part series, Emma Nourry, Trade Marketing Manager at Georgia-Pacific GB, explains how carefully selected products can help businesses, within the HORECA industry, achieve results in service and sustainability in the lead up to 2012 and beyond.

It’s predicted that 50-70% of the net economic benefit of the London Olympics will come through hospitality and tourism over seven to ten years, so public facilities like restaurants, hotels, and others within the HORECA industry, will need to tighten up on the standard of their services.

Maintaining an efficient service is vital within the catering industry, to ensure customer satisfaction and retention, but facilities need to work all the harder to achieve this and meet the requirements of the industry, with new sustainability demands on UK businesses and the up-coming 2012 Olympics. The products used both in the kitchen and at front of house can considerably contribute to an efficient service that meets sustainability and end-user requirements.

The Reflex® Professional®

wiper system from the Lotus range is a single sheet

centrefeed dispenser with a multi-use, absorbent tissue. The Reflex®

system is

designed to deliver fast and controlled wiping, so kitchen staff can keep clean and working on the go, offering a solution to hygiene in fast-paced kitchens and high-traffic catering facilities.

The Reflex® dispenser has a controlled

dispensing function, which means the paper emerges from the dispenser sheet by sheet, which ultimately works to reduce the amount of paper consumed by up to 35%. The controlled dispensing ultimately leads to less frequent refilling.

The reduced paper consumption offered by the Reflex®

system limits waste and offers caterers

a solution to effective, economical cleaning, whilst also allowing for fast, efficient wiping on the move. With sustainability fast becoming a priority for many outlets, competing businesses need to do all the more to stay ahead of the game.

Just aim high

It can be difficult to maintain a clean, hygienic dining space for customers whilst also providing a quick and professional food service, but caterers and facilities managers can benefit from choosing the right products to help them deal with high traffic and busy periods.

The Lotus Professional® JustOne® napkin

dispensing system offers a unique design that means guests can take just one napkin, rather than a handful, preventing superfluous paper from being littered and reducing the service time required to replenish and tidy. This controlled dispensing reduces napkin usage by up to 30%, meeting the needs of the customer whilst also reducing waste and providing an economical alternative to standard napkins.

The JustOne® napkin dispenser is available

in four different sleek and stylish styles, suitable for high-traffic amenities, at counters and on table-tops. As each napkin is presented ready for the next user, the customer only touches the one napkin they require, while the rest remain enclosed and untouched in the dispensing unit.

The reduced risk of cross-contamination is essential for food service outlets and the JustOne®

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napkin system offers the ultimate in hygiene standards, helping caterers meet the

highest standards, while the absorbent napkins also make for quick and effective wiping of spillages and dirt.

Gold service

During and leading up to the 2012 Olympic Games, surrounding restaurants, cafes, bars and other catering outlets may be faced with higher traffic, so caterers need to be well equipped for providing a quick and efficient service, whilst also maintaining clean and tidy facilities. The JustOne®

provides a solution to an efficient, hygienic service and responds to the needs of the environment.

Focusing on every aspect of their service, including the details of the products used, can give businesses the head start on sustainable and efficient execution. Food outlets looking ahead to a greener 2011 or even to being a part of the greenest ever Olympic games, can rely on sustainable products like the JustOne® napkin system and Reflex®

wiper system to

satisfy the customer and maintain cost effective and efficient services throughout.

If you would like more information about the Lotus Professional®

range or if you have a

hygiene and cleaning issue that you think our product range could help you address, please contact us on 0114 285 6666 or email: napkin dispenser

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