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This product is set to have a bright future as Ashgrove (another exhibitor from the show) have just been appointed exclusive distributors of the system for the UK and Europe.

• Ashgrove looked to have had a fantastic show, with the Tomorrow’s Cleaning Tried & Tested video for Soluclean taking centre stage on their stand! What a privilege!

• Stefano Marconi, of IPC Gansow, gave me a tour of their impressive stand, which included their latest ECS system, which can be applied to their range of scrubber dryers. The system reduces water costs by 80%, detergent costs by more than 90% and energy management costs by 50%! What more could you ask for? They have also added four new machines to their range – the CT15, CT30, CT70 Rider and the CT230 scrubber dryers.

Should space permit, I could write much more about the quality of the products on show, but, as with all trade shows, you really need to see it all for yourself.

What Green Zone? This year’s show boasted the introduction of a specific Green Zone; that would house the latest and greatest that sustainable cleaning has to offer alongside a free-to-enter seminar programme. This sounded great on paper and was the part of the show that really piqued an interest for me. Upon arrival I found that this wasn’t the case.

One exhibitor in the Green Zone, expressed their disappointment in the lack of promotion. The zone didn’t appear any different (perhaps being green would have been a good place to start) and the promise of green footsteps, to mark the way to this dedicated zone, weren’t anywhere to be found.

The biggest let down was the apparent lack of promotion of the fantastic seminars that were being given. When they were announced, it was lacking a certain amount of enthusiasm from the organisers. It was such a shame, as those I was able to attend were informative, educational and truly insightful. It was a loss for those who gave them and for those who missed out.

I have seen many fantastic seminar programmes at a range of shows, but The Cleaning Show could not compete with the likes of ISSA/Interclean and Total Workplace Management, who, thanks to some fantastic organisation, had visitors flocking to watch, content even to stand up.

The Verdict The question everyone always asks, when it comes to a review of the show is: was it a success?

This year’s show was very positive in many ways, but there were some downfalls, which could have perhaps been avoided.

The question at the back of my mind is this: where were those who used to regularly exhibit in the past? Some of the main players in the industry were nowhere to be seen, and that does make me wonder why.

Is The Cleaning Show not a worthy contender when it comes to allocating budget anymore?

Do they not think it’s worthwhile?

Or is business booming without the need to further invest?

Those are questions I would love to know the answers to.

Overall, in my opinion, the answer would be yes, the show was a success - thanks to the exhibitors - for the cleaning industry is truly a testament to itself.

The Cleaning Show 2013 will be staged at the NEC, Birmingham from 19th – 21st March 2013. The event will co-locate with the highly successful IMHX exhibition, ensuring the crossover of visitors from the materials handling and warehousing event.

Innovation Awards

Competition was fierce for this year’s Innovation Awards, but there were some excellent winners. Over 100 products and services were submitted by the exhibitors, for the consideration of the judges.

This year’s winners:

• Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Products/Services: Chemspec Europe - DFC 105.

• Chemicals and Dosing Systems: GLORIA - Foam Master.

• Eco/Green Products: Centrego - Toucan Eco.

• Floor Cleaning Machine (indoors): ICE Cleanfix - Robo 40.

• Floor Cleaning Machine (outdoors): Gumclear - CCR3000.

• Food Hygiene Products/Services: Bio- Based Europe - Hard Surface Sanitiser.

• Healthcare Products/Services: Chemspec Europe - Infection Control Fogging Solution.

• Pressure Washers/Graffiti Removal Products/Services: Bio-Based Europe - Graffiti Remover.

• Retail Cleaning Products/Services: Prodifa - Aluminium Ashtray Bag.

• Washroom Products/Services: Cannon Hygiene - Activap.

• Software and Management Systems: OGL - ProfIT Plus Business Intelligence Module.

• Window Cleaning Products/Services: Aqua-dapter - Flow Controller.

Overall Winner: Aqua-dapter - Flow Controller.

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