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complete lesson plans covering such topics as increasing neigh- borhood safety and improving quality of life for community resi- dents. Lessons include creating

a “report card” to evaluate specific neighborhood features and filling it out while conducting a neighborhood walk. Each lesson plan comes with background information, evaluation rubrics, extension ideas and resources for further learning. Also included is a resource section featuring adult and children’s books, articles, teacher manuals and websites. Although this book was written for a Vermont audi- ence, the content can be adapted for any location. – (EJ)

Shelburne Farms, 2007, no ISBN, 171 pp. (pb), US$15.00 from Shelburne Farms, <>

Growing Greener

Schools Aimed at helping school administrators and teachers green their school building, grounds and

curriculum, the Growing Greener Schools DVD first profiles a number of schools across the United States which have prioritized environmental curricula. It features interviews of administrators, teachers and students who describe how their schools have incorporated green living philosophies into daily instruction. The second part provides administrators and school dis- tricts with an overview of the ‘nuts-and- bolts’ steps for building eco-friendly schools or transforming existing ones, providing information on topics such as how to conduct an environmental audit and how to finance projects. It also focuses on the technical areas of lighting, energy, water consumption, landscape management and transporta- tion. The DVD includes a 132-page PDF curriculum handbook with lesson plans for grades 6-12 on topics such as com- posting, organic gardening, electricity conservation, green careers, recycling, transportation and consumer choices. – (EJ/JCooper)

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Media & Policy Center Foundation, 2010, Item No. GRGS701 (90-minute DVD), US$49.95 from PBS Distribution, (800) 344-3337, <>.

The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate Jacqueline Kelly’s novel The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate takes place in the summer of 1899 in a small Texas town. Eleven-year-old Calpurnia is be- ing groomed to be a “good wife” learning skills such as cooking and needlework, none of which interest her. Instead, Callie develops a close

relationship with her grandfather, who is one of the early members of the National Geographic society. Callie and her grandfather spend the summer exploring plants and animals, and Callie learns how to be a scientist under her grandfather’s mentorship. This book is a page-turner, and preteen to adult readers will find themselves enthralled by Callie’s life and adventures as she searches to find her place in the world and to follow her dream of becoming a scientist. – (KF)

Henry Holt and Company, 2009, ISBN 978- 0-8050-8841-0 (hc), 352 pp., US$16.99 from Henry Holt and Company, <www.>; C$18.99 from H.B. Fenn and Company, (800) 267-3366.

The Shore Tour A “mini-curriculum” kit for grade 3-9 science classrooms, The Shore Tour: Living Responsibly on the Edge of the Ocean is comprised of 5 units containing experiments, games, classroom discussions and career profiles. The overall aim to show students how humans

impact the ocean and coastal eco- systems. Topics include the effects of shoreline development, litter and oil spills. The kit includes many of the components required for the sci- ence activities (materials for up to 40 students, such as pipets, test tubes and game components); a number of other required materials can easily be pur- chased at local stores. It also includes a 260-page workbook with standards-


correlated lesson plans and handout masters, plus a CD with handouts and links to additional resources.While these lessons may resonate most with those living on or near the ocean, they are applicable to classrooms in any location. – (EJ)

The Lamotte Company, 2006, multi-part activity kit, US$81.50 from The Lamotte Company, (800) 344-3100, <www.lamotte. com>.

Oxford Dictionary of

Environment and Conservation The Oxford Dictionary of Environment and Conservation contains over 8,000 definitions and explanations of terms related to current environ- mental issues, plus descriptions of key individuals, treaties, move- ments, and orga- nizations. It also includes longer, half-page articles

and graphics to illustrate key topics such as the carbon cycle, food webs, and the ocean floor. The Dictionary would be most useful for high school and undergraduate students and educators— particularly as a reference for students as they learn to read jargon-heavy articles in scientific journals. – (JC)

Oxford University Press, 2007, ISBN 978-0- 19-860996-4 (pb), 522 pp., US$18.95 from Oxford University Press, <>.


BikeList Remember your first bike or your first cycling adven- ture or mis- hap? Former professional cyclist Laura

Robinson’s Cyclist BikeList: The Book for Every Rider is a great resource for young cyclists looking for helpful information and inspiration. In simple language and with lively illustrations, the book introduces readers to many aspects of cycling, including a brief history of the bicycle, different types of cycling, bicycle styles and parts, cycling safety and bike maintenance. Focusing on having a safe and com- fortable riding experience, the author describes the differences in frames,

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