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deeply to the sounds that envelop you.What do you hear? What do you feel on your skin? After 5-10 minutes of quieting down, open your heart

to what attracts you. Maybe go for a short walk and open to what chooses you.What or who draws your attention? It could be a rock, an ant, a bird, or maybe a blade of grass. The point is to connect with something other than ourselves. Rest your gaze on this being as though for the first time. What do you notice? What do you smell? How does he/ she feel? Maybe a few words or associations come to mind, write these down in one section of a second folded book. Also take a moment to record where you are and what being you will be working with.

Step 2: Create

Once you have accessed a connection, you are ready to create. You will draw and then paint your feeling connec- tion with this being. The key here is to trust that your hands already know how to create. Simply rest your attention on the connection you feel while your hands record this experi- ence on the page.

self or your 80 year old self… The possibilities are endless. The key is to stay with what attracts you in the moment, use both hands equally and experiment with closing your eyes so you can better feel your way through.

Step 3: Dialogue – Let your images speak

Take some time to look at your images.What colours and forms do you see? What do you notice? Do you have any strong likes or dislikes? Provide an opportunity to let a painted colour or form speak. Ask questions like the follow- ing:What nourishes you?What do you nourish? Is there anything you want me to know? Record these answers in some way. Try using both hands

to write. Also take the time to record how the creative pro- cess was for you.What worked to keep you connected, what made it harder? You can write your responses in the remain- ing section of the folded book. End the session by showing your gratitude for this time spent creating.

Letting the Outside in Step 1: Connect

Settle into a comfortable position somewhere outside.We learn a great deal about ourselves and the quality of con- nection we can attain by practicing in a wide range of settings—wild, naturalized and human-made. Rest the busy-ness of your mind on the smooth inhale and exhale of your breath. Lengthen your inhales and slowly exhale. Do this 10 times or so. Soften any tension you may feel in your shoulders. Then feel your body melt into the Earth and listen

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Draw You will do seven drawings in total. For the first two draw- ings, slowly move your eyes along the contours, light and dark areas of this being. Let your eyes softly and slowly caress the surfaces while your right hand, like a secretary, simply draws. The more slowly you move your eyes and hand, the more contemplative the experience. Keep your right hand moving on the page in one continuous line. Repeat this exercise with your left hand. For the next two drawings, close your eyes and feel the

presence of this being. Let your right hand record what you feel followed by your left hand. Keep your eyes closed throughout the time you draw. Afterwards, take a moment to record next to the images any surprises, insights or words that come to mind. Now make two drawings with both hands together, first

with your eyes open and then with your eyes closed. To finish, do one “free play’ drawing combining all the pos- sibilities of eyes open and closed, left hand, right hand and both hands. Once again, record any words that come to mind right beside the images themselves.

Paint You will do seven paintings all together. For all of them, go slowly and let your fingers choose the colours from the paint palette. Simply dip a finger into your water container and run your hand over the paints. Can you feel a colour draw you in? For the first two paintings, softly and slowly move your

eyes along the contours, light and dark areas of this being while letting each hand record the connection in turn.We are trying to give colour to our feeling connection rather than accurately recording what we see. Do two more paintings with your eyes closed, one with

each hand. Tune into the connection you are experiencing. Let the paint colour choose you and trust your hands. Paint two more images with both hands together, first with your eyes open and then with your eyes closed.


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