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Editorial Issue 91, Winter 2011

General Editor Tim Grant

Editorial Assistant John Cooper

Editing Tim Grant, Larry Beutler, John Cooper

Regional Editors Canada Gareth Thomson

Bob Adamson Raissa Marks Craig White Steve Daniel Janet Barlow Ann Coffey

Barbara Hanbridge Remy Rodden

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Darius Kalvaitus Pat Sullivan Cathy Meyer

Shelene Codner

Laura Downey-Skochdopole Yvonne Meichtry Sandra Ryack-Bell Bob Coulter Bob Zuber Lois Nixon

Judy Hochadel Susie Shields

Catherine Stephenson Anne DiMonti Cynthia Carlisle Steve Spurger Tim Brown Jen Cirillo

Dennis Yockers

who argue that one of the purposes of a good education is to make the familiar strange. Running through most of the articles and activities in this issue of


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Green Teacher, you will find the theme of looking at the world with new eyes. In his lead article, Stephen Goobie introduces us to ecological thoughtprints, a means of challenging the modes of thinking that under- pin our ecological crisis. Lisa Lipsett describes a novel drawing and painting process that can help us forge a more intimate connection to the natural world. Drawing on young people’s enthusiasm for treasure hunts, Chris Summerville prescribes a constructive way for young people to look at every- day actions that cause climate change and those that do not. Galina Vakhromova uses the remark-

able life of Albert Schweitzer to encourage second-language learners to reflect on their own ethics and what it means to live an ethical life. As we go to print, momentous events are unfolding in Egypt. They

remind us that people everywhere want a say in their futures. Here at home, our responsibility is to ensure that all our educational programs enable young people to develop the citizenship skills that they need to become full participants in, and architects of their own futures. Overall, we have a long way to go in achieving this, but the remarkable story in this issue of how the teachers at Belfountain Public School are turning towards student-led and community-based learning, shows that real change is possible.

Now to some announcements………

Webinars.We’re excited to be launching a series of 30 one hour, free webinars this month. If you view the evolving list of presentations at, you will see that they cover a diverse array of topics for youth educators working both inside and outside of schools. At least 30 minutes of each webinar will be devoted to answering your questions, so sign up soon. By the time you read this, the webinars advertised on page 39 may have passed, but many more presentations will be posted in the coming months. And you will find in the archive all those that have passed, but will remain freely available to all.

Spring issue. Our next issue will be guest edited by Krista Zala and Rick Searle of Ocean Networks Canada. For several months, they have been working hard on a special theme issue on marine education. The Call for Proposals this past Fall drew an unprecedented response: over 100 proposals of articles, activities, photos and resources were submitted. Without a doubt, it will be an exciting issue. This is the first time in twenty years that an issue of Green Teacher has been guest-edited. (Note to self: do this more often!) Note to readers: if there is a special theme issue that you would like to guest edit, please contact me!

20th Anniversary. Speaking of twenty years, we published our first issue of Green Teacher in 1991 and are planning to celebrate our 20th anniversary with our Summer issue. We have already lined up some special contributions, with more to come. Stay tuned.

—Tim Grant Page 2 GREEN TEACHER 91

HE WRITER D.H. LAWRENCE once lamented the “know it all state of mind” that seemed so pervasive during his lifetime. Today, his popular lament has been taken up by insightful educators

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