This page contains a Flash digital edition of a book.
additional folds to create a page with 8 sections. Thoroughly score the folds. Cut into the middle half way then cut along one section to the left and one to the right. The cut should look like the letter “T”. This can also be done after you draw and paint. Fold in the flaps and you have

a folded book with a total of 16 sections, eight per side. Unfold the book for drawing and painting. Two books will supply enough surfaces for a full inside-out and outside-in session. (For an instruc- tional video showing the above process step-by-step, visit www.

Letting the Inside Out Step 1: Connect

When we create from the inside out, we create with ourselves. We open to what is present in the moment and give it colour and form. This prepares and opens us for connection to other beings. Gather and lay out your materials. Find a place where

you can be undisturbed. To begin, settle into a comfortable position. Rest the busy-ness of your mind on the smooth inhale and exhale of your breath. Lengthen your inhales and slowly exhale. Do this at least 10 times. Melt any tension you may feel in your shoulders. Scan your body for sensation. Listen deeply to the sounds that surround you. What do you hear?What do you feel on your skin? After 5-10 minutes of quieting down and becoming present

to your surroundings, open to an intention for this session. Maybe a feeling has bubbled to the surface or possibly a body sensation or idea has come to mind. Take a few minutes to record how you feel in this moment and record your inten- tion for this session in one section of your folded book.

Step 2: Create

Once you have gathered materials, made a connection to yourself and recorded an intention, you are ready to create. First we draw. Then we paint.

Draw By the time we are finished, we will have created seven drawings using a fine tip permanent marker. For the first four drawings, go slowly and take your time. Start with your right hand. Then try the left, first with your eyes open and then with them closed. Simply draw whatever your hand desires. Record somewhere on the page what hand you used and when your eyes were open or closed. For the next two images, try drawing with both hands

simultaneously. First draw with your eyes open, and then draw with your eyes closed. As you draw, check in with your body regularly. Are you breathing? Are your shoulders relaxed? If you feel stuck or you find yourself planning out what to do next, mix things up a bit. Maybe turn your page

around 90 degrees then continue by asking what the image needs. To finish, do one last drawing. Allow yourself a few

minutes to play with all these different ways to draw (left and right hands, both hands, eyes open and closed). Maybe you can come up with a few combinations of your own. Beside the images themselves, write down any words or

associations that came to mind while you were drawing or that come to mind now.

Paint Flip your page over to paint seven more images using the same sequence of using both hands, first with your eyes open and then with your eyes closed.We are not planning an image: we are practicing staying in connection. Take a few moments to reconnect with yourself before you begin. For the first four images, start with your right hand followed by your left, painting with your eyes open and then closed. Simply paint whatever your hand desires.When your eyes are closed, work slowly and let your hand run across the paint palette to choose a colour. Savour this time to feel the texture of the paints, the water and the paper. Be sure to record which hand you have used and whether your eyes are open or closed. For the next two images, paint using both hands together,

first with your eyes open, then with your eyes closed. For the final image, do one freeplay painting that allows you to use all these different ways to paint.Write down any words, ideas or associations you had while painting right beside the images themselves.

Other activities: Turn your page 90 degrees after a minute of painting. Limit your colour palette to just the colours you have not yet used, or ones you know you dislike. Paint with the side, top or heel of your hand. Make a mess, create a rainstorm on your painting, paint like your three year old


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