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There is a world of difference between equipping the washroom of an office or public building and providing facilities for a toilet that is constantly on the move.

Washroom cubicles on a train or aircraft are inevitably small which means that hand hygiene and toilet tissue systems need to be compact and space-saving.

And despite the space restrictions, supplies of hand towels, soap and toilet tissue should never be allowed to run out. This is particularly important on a cruise ship or ferry where viruses can spread like lightning among passengers and hygiene is particularly important.

On a larger ship or ferry catering for a high number of visitors, the Tork Advanced Hand Towel Roll works well. This is a high capacity system designed to give out one sheet of paper at a time to ensure that each length of towel is touched only by the user.

The fact that extra effort is required to take out additional sheets helps to control consumption which means the system is economical in use while also generating less waste.

The Tork Compact Auto Shift is an ideal toilet tissue system for use on a medium-sized ferry. This comprises two hard-wound toilet rolls in a compact dispenser that takes up minimal space on the washroom wall.

The rolls together contain the equivalent of up to 11 rolls of conventional toilet paper, depending on paper quality. When the first roll is finished, the second drops into place.

Passengers on a cruise ship expect a high level of comfort and luxury, and hygiene here is particularly important since infections are prone to spread very quickly on board.

Smart, stylish Tork Aluminium dispensers work well on a cruise ship. The Tork Aluminium Hand Towel Roll Dispenser is a no-touch system that avoids any contact with the dispenser for enhanced hygiene. This can be used to house soft Tork Premium Hand Towel Roll which is décor embossed with an attractive leaf design.

Cruise ships should also be equipped with the Tork Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitiser for passengers to use as a supplement to hand washing. This conforms to EN 1500 and leaves the hands 99.9 per cent bacteria free.

Turning to aircraft, ‘planes offer a limited number of toilet cubicles for passengers who are constantly taking in refreshments to help them pass the time. The cubicles themselves are tiny and servicing them during the journey is impractical.

The toilets should therefore be equipped with compact systems that are unlikely to run out en route and that are easy to replenish. Blockages should be avoided at all costs since an aircraft toilet out of commission will lead to disgruntled passengers.

A good hand drying system here is the Tork Advanced Flushable Hand Towel. These individual zigzag-fold towels are housed in a dispenser that presents the towels individually. The towels are sufficiently

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absorbent to dry the hands but are designed to come apart quickly in water which means a towel will not block the toilet if a passenger were to flush one away by mistake.

The Tork Elevation dispenser holds more than 400 Tork Advanced Flushable Hand Towels and there is a mini version housing up to 300 towels. The system can be topped up at any time for quick and easy maintenance - a vital feature on today’s no-frills airlines where turnaround times are short.

The Tork Premium Mini Liquid Soap system is also ideal since it is compact and non-drip to help prevent the problem of messy spills. The soap is housed in a hygienic new cartridge that can be reloaded in seconds by busy cabin crews.

Tork Advanced Flushable towels are also highly suitable for use in train washrooms where again blockages need to be avoided. Often the cubicles on trains are slightly larger than on an aircraft which means the Tork Compact Auto Shift toilet tissue system may be accommodated here.

Equipping a transport washroom can be a challenge. But the task can be carried out successfully by choosing smart, compact washroom systems that are easy to clean and refill while also helping to maximise hygiene.

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