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it exists to provide all the conditions for total inde- pendence to create true and quality music.

KAPA Productions

KAPA Productions develops and produces inter- national artists. We take a bold attitude towards supporting what is imaginative, original and amazing, be it loud or quiet, simple or complex, traditional or contemporary.


mu:arts is a London-based creative producer/ pro- moter specialising in Japanese music, arts and cul- ture, committed to presenting the highest quality of productions. Its work involves programming, producing concerts and cultural events, touring, PR, sponsorship and fundraising. We facilitate innovative cross-cultural, cross-arts collaborations to inspire audiences with new experiences.

Panther Music Agency

Panther Music Productions Ltd is a concept festi- val production company that has produced the Nile Festival at Hammersmith Palais with Mah- moud Ahmed and El Tanbura. Panther Music Agency represents artists exclusively in certain territories: Middle East, UK, Gulf, North Africa.

SASA Music

SASA Music is a live music agency based in Lon- don, UK. With 20 years’ experience, SASA pro- duces tours for some of the biggest names in international roots music, including Buena Vista Social Club, Tony Allen, Justin Adams and Tinariwen and has worked with greats such as Ali Farka Toure.

Serious Live Music Producer

World Artventures Tour Producer

Labels, Distributors And Publishers

30 IPS Label

beinghuman ltd Label

Forward Music Label

Global Music Development Ltd

Global Music Development is a Yorkshire-based independent record label and artist manage- ment company, primarily attending Womex this year to discuss business opportunities and inter- national work for Moroccan master musician Hassan Erraji, whose new album Awal Mara is released through a licensing agreement with Harmonia Mundi – World Village.

Nachural Records Label

Preeminence Records Label Proper Music Distribution Distributor

Quantitum Records

We have been closing the gap between British music and Brazilian music for more than a decade. Quantitum started offering representa- tion and consultancy and now we are a fully fledged record label with ground-breaking releases. In 2010 we released Nanogiants and SOL singles at the end of May, and we just released Groove n’ Bossa’s album at the end of the summer.

World Circuit

World Circuit has specialised in music from Cuba and West Africa for the last two decades. The label's artists include Ali Farka Toure, Oumou Sangare, Buena Vista Social Club, Toumani Dia- bate, Tony Allen, Orchestra Baobab and Cheikh Lo. 2010 sees, after Ali & Toumani and Cheikh Lo's Jamm, the release of the long-awaited Mali- meets-Cuba album, AfroCubism, and the signing of the hugely talented Fatoumata Diawara.

World Music Network

World Music Network produce four acclaimed labels – Music Rough Guides, Think Global, River- boat Records and Introducing. Music Rough Guides release the hugely successful Rough Guide CD compilations, while Think Global cre- ate fundraising albums in association with Oxfam and Amnesty International. Established artists are produced on Riverboat Records and undiscovered musical talent is featured on the Introducing label.

Support And Development Agencies

The English Folk Dance and Song Society

The English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) is a folk arts development organisation involved in performance, education and training, publish- ing, advocacy and lobbying, and houses the UK's national folk library and archive.

Kala Phool Arts Development Agency

The Musicians’ Union

Representing over 30,000 UK musicians, the MU provides a comprehensive range of services to its members, including information and guidance on all matters relating to the music business.

Ulfah Arts Arts Development Organisation

Yaram Arts

Yaram is a leading music development agency that produces concerts, tours, shows, recitals, workshops, exhibitions and other presentations of continental African and diaspora arts, culture and heritage. We research, design and develop artistic, cultural and heritage activities with input from experts and specialists.

Festivals, Promoters And Venues

African Night Fever

African Night Fever is an events organiser and promoter with a speciality in nurturing new acts. We provide support acts for touring labels and festivals, an agency service, artist management, DJs and workshops.

CMAT Ltd Venue

The Drum Arts Centre Venue


Kazum! promotes and manages world music acts in London and the UK including, amongst oth- ers, Balkan bands, Turkish artists, Ethiopian roots and Italian folk music. Kazum! is run by Seb Mer- rick who compiled the recent Balkan Fever Lon- don CD (Green Queen Music).

Line-Up PMC Promotions and marketing consultancy


mac is an arts centre located a little way out of the centre of Birmingham in Cannon Hill Park. The organisation presents an extensive pro- gramme, including participatory activities, and the production of work that explores new ground and intercultural, interdisciplinary approaches across a range of art form areas.

The Magpie's Nest

Sam Lee is one of the UK’s most acclaimed folk singers but also a restless promoter of the art form. He does this through his 2010 BBC award- ed Magpie's Nest folk club, his work in helping revive the EFDSS, his teaching at Newcastle Uni- versity and The Royal College of Music and his ground-breaking field work recording British Gypsy and Traveller music and culture.

Moseley Folk Ltd Festival

Rhythms of the World Festival /

Rhythms of the World is a two-day, community- led festival based in Hitchin, Herts, UK. It's entirely organised by volunteers and is currently Arts, Culture & Heritage Charity of the Year. 2010 was the 19th year of the festival and attracted an audience in excess of 30,000.

Business Support & Legal Advice

Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Sound Advice Business Management Ltd

Sound Advice is a collection of lawyers and accountants. Clients include Cat Stevens, Robert Plant, Pendulum, Doves and the Infectious record label. We have many overseas clients – from Norway (Katzenjammer) to India (Raghu Dixit) to Australia (Gurrumul). Our team includes seasoned industry veterans Robert Horsfall and Mike Skeet. Sound Advice also has a sister man- agement company, Connected Artists, whose clients include James Morrison.



The first and foremost folk, roots and world music monthly magazine, fRoots celebrated its 31st anniversary in June 2010. Recipient of the Womex Award 2010 for Professional Excellence.

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