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RELOCATING can be a stressful time for any family and moving schools can be especially difficult for your children. The Children’s Education

Advisory Service (CEAS) exists to offer you help and support with the issues around education and relocation.

It is advisable to start planning early to give more time to resolve problems. If your child is at a critical time in their education, ie GCSE, AS or A-level years, you may be able to retain your house in Service Families Accommodation. Contact your housing provider

for further information about the support for retention of quarters. CEAS is here to help if you need information, guidance or support and produce a Moving School Pack of booklets designed to help parents and children prepare for a move of schools. The packs are available from the CEAS website or office. Contact the local HIVE, who

Dream at West Hill

WEST Hill Park is a co-educational day and boarding school for pupils aged between 2½ and 13, situated in 25 acres of beautiful grounds between Southampton and Portsmouth (just one hour from Heathrow and close to regional airports and rail terminals). The children enjoy a safe and secure environment with the opportunity to progress through the school on a single site. Effort, enthusiasm and conduct are highly prized. The school exists to build and secure self-confidence in every child, so that all may progress as far as their capabilities and dreams will take them.

● Cadets of Trinity School Teignmouth CCF proudly display their new climbing equipment funded generously by an AT grant from RN CCF HQ

will have information on the local educational establishments. If possible, arrange to visit schools – inspection reports alone do not tell you whether the school will be suitable for your child.

your preferred school. Although the law in England allows you to state a preference it does not require the Local Authority to allocate your preferred school. CEAS can offer advice on the process of admission appeals or help in the wording of the appeal. However, do look at the school being offered by the Local Authority as it may satisfy your requirements. If you have any worries about admissions, appeals or any other matter regarding the education of your children, please contact CEAS for information and advice: ,

enquiries@ceas.detsa., helpline 01980 618244.

Traditional Shebbear

TO many people a boarding school in the English countryside conjures up scenes of a bygone age: misty, dewy mornings, a place where the air is healthy and good for you, where children can climb trees, camp out and do the things that you read about in the Enid Blyton books.

strives to have the best of the old but add to it the very best of the present. The natural elements of peace and quiet, fresh air and space to play are combined with modern facilities housed in historic buildings.

At Shebbear College the school Apply as soon as possible for

Trinity School’s high climbers

NEW helmets, harnesses and ropes will enable cadets at Trinity School in Teignmouth to make best use of the CCF climbing wall in the school grounds and to venture further afi eld to local climbing spots such as the Dartmoor Tors and sandstone cliffs of the South Devon coast. The cadets had another reason to look cheerful as they were looking

having travelled to the South West by royal train to mark the start of the year of Cadet 150 celebrations in Devon. About 1,000 cadets from CCF contingents, Sea Cadet Corps, Army Cadet Force and Air Training Corps across the county were present on the parade ground. It was a very special day for Cadet Cox’n Alexandra Turner, who is head of the RN Section and pictured centre in her best uniform. Alex was appointed as the Lord Lieutenant’s CCF cadet for the County of Devon last October and she accompanied the Lord Lieutenant Eric Dancer throughout the visit and was presented to the Queen.

forward to seeing the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh when they visited Exeter in March. The royal couple arrived at Wyvern Barracks in the city in the morning Page 1  |  Page 2  |  Page 3  |  Page 4  |  Page 5  |  Page 6  |  Page 7  |  Page 8  |  Page 9  |  Page 10  |  Page 11  |  Page 12  |  Page 13  |  Page 14  |  Page 15  |  Page 16  |  Page 17  |  Page 18  |  Page 19  |  Page 20  |  Page 21  |  Page 22  |  Page 23  |  Page 24  |  Page 25  |  Page 26  |  Page 27  |  Page 28  |  Page 29  |  Page 30  |  Page 31  |  Page 32  |  Page 33  |  Page 34  |  Page 35  |  Page 36  |  Page 37  |  Page 38  |  Page 39  |  Page 40  |  Page 41  |  Page 42  |  Page 43  |  Page 44  |  Page 45  |  Page 46  |  Page 47  |  Page 48  |  Page 49  |  Page 50  |  Page 51  |  Page 52  |  Page 53  |  Page 54  |  Page 55  |  Page 56
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