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A Navy News Advertorial Feature KELLY College,

Admiral Kelly in 1877, is proud of its 130 years of service to the Royal Navy. Kelly is situated in the beautiful

Good sports at Kelly In force at Victoria

founded by

south-west of England and offers a co-educational full and weekly boarding and day education for pupils aged 11–18. It is a school of 360 pupils of whom half are boarders.

Kelly offers all the facilities of a larger school, while retaining the advantages in the individual care and class size of a smaller school. The Preparatory School is co-educational and has a further 190 pupils aged 2½–11 years. The Prep School shares many of the facilities of the senior school including boarding from Year 5. Kelly provides a high-quality,

well-balanced education with a strong commitment to a whole range of extracurricular activities. The staff are fully involved seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Kelly enjoys an established

reputation for excellent academic results (98.5 per cent pass rate at A-level, with 59 per cent at Grades A and B in 2009) and for its cultural and sporting achievements. The sporting record of the school is very strong; Kelly has a national reputation in swimming, rugby and athletics, while hockey and netball teams have achieved

IF YOUR child goes to QVS (as Queen Victoria School is known) he or she will be part of a pupil community made up entirely of the children of Armed Forces personnel. That sort of mutual

understanding and support is invaluable, especially when parents are posted overseas or on long unaccompanied tours. It is a full boarding school, co-educational and tri-service.

l RYA Practical week for Navy Cadets: Chris Barbour, Sandy Osborne, George Harold and Lucy Jones spent a week on the water culminating in Chris being awarded his RYA Day Skipper. The others, following on closely behind and passing their Competent Crew award with flying colours, are now well on their way to achieving their Day Skipper Awards. They are some of the youngest cadets in the country going for this award, which is normally achieved after having owned and skippered a yacht for a year. Kelly College said they should be very proud of their achievements but also their attitude and approach at all times; they were excellent ambassadors.

county and regional success. At the same time, Kelly is

particularly proud of its music and drama and delighted to be taking advantage of the Performing Arts Centre. One of Kelly’s strengths is the

range and diversity of its societies and activities – from squash to shooting, debating to drawing, sailing to surfing, public speaking to pottery – with dozens to choose from there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Welbeck scores 100 per cent

WELBECK has always been one of the most successful sixth form colleges in the country. The college gained a 100 per cent A-level pass

rate in 2008-09 with a 54 per cent pass rate at A grade.

It concentrates on mathematics and science- based subjects,

preparing students for science

and engineering degrees leading to technical and engineering roles in the Armed Services and Ministry of Defence civil service. The state-of-the-art campus in Woodhouse near Loughborough has been designed to offer the kind of facilities that young adults would expect, including outstanding teaching and learning resources, high quality, modern halls of residence and superb all weather sporting and other exceptional recreational facilities. As well as consistently being a top performer in the Sixth Form College league tables for academic results, Welbeck is equally proud of its reputation for the pastoral care and welfare of its students. They leave Welbeck with high values and standards having experienced a two year programme of academic

excellence, personal development training and a variety of sporting and extra-curricular activities. This means that students might find themselves

exploring Morocco, trekking through the Himalayas or skiing in France. But whatever activities students pursue, they’ll find

that they are able to quickly develop teamwork and leadership skills – vital in the type of career that they are following. Once students have achieved success at Welbeck, they’ll be offered a place at Newcastle, Southampton, Aston, Northumbria or Loughborough Universities. For exceptional students, there is the opportunity to attend Oxford or Cambridge. Education can be an expensive business these

days. So it will come as a relief to know that Welbeck will support students, offering financial assistance during their time both at Welbeck and university. The latter comes in the form of an annual bursary, which currently stands at £4,000. A move to Welbeck will give an invaluable blend of qualifications, skills and experience, and a direct route into a Royal Navy career.


The main intake is into the Scottish system’s Primary 7 year; there is no exact equivalent with the English system, but most of the P7 intake are aged ten when they join. That said, there is a wide age-range within the year-groups. Many of the pupils have come

from educationally disrupted backgrounds as they have moved from school to school and education system to education system, according to their families’ postings.

Because tuition and boarding

costs, uniform, books, stationery and most other items of school expenditure are met by the Ministry of Defence, the financial contribution asked of parents is very small. Currently it is around £1,100 per annum. The contribution covers only non-essentials and helps to make boarding life more pleasant for the pupils: it allows for the provision of newspapers and satellite TV in the Houses, for example, as well as contributing towards the costs of transport for

l Cadets at Queen Victoria School

school outings.

Games and outdoor activities are important parts of life at QVS. Rugby and hockey are the main sports, and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is pursued at all three levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The school has a beautiful setting in some 45 acres of countryside on the edge of Dunblane, much of which is given over to games pitches and recreational areas. Academically,

marching as part of the school on one of the six Parade Sundays a year, and on Grand Day – the final day of the academic year – is one of the proudest moments of a Victorian’s life (as well as of his or her parents’)! The Pipes, Drums and Dancers of QVS are internationally renowned,

having played at the school

regularly achieves pass rates at Standard Grade and Higher which are well above the Scottish national averages.

The Ceremonial aspects of school life are central to QVS, and

Tattoos both at home and abroad, most recently in the Edinburgh International Military Tattoo 2008 and Basel International Tattoo 2009.

Dunblane is on a main rail line to Glasgow and Edinburgh, and within easy driving distance of the majority of Forces bases in Scotland.

Co-educational Boarding, Weekly Boarding and Day School for pupils aged 11-18,

Prep Boarding from Year 5

Fee reductions for Service families T: 01822 813100

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