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News and information for serving personnel

Say thanks to friends of Forces

A NATIONAL awards scheme to recognise people who give exceptional support to the British military has been launched by the Royal British Legion. Prince Harry, a lieutenant with the Household Cavalry and who served in Afghanistan himself, praised the Friends of the Forces Awards, saying: “These awards are an excellent idea, and I am very proud to be involved.” “For those serving in the

British Armed Forces, the knowl- edge that others are thinking of them has a hugely positive effect that cannot be underestimated. “I remember that very acutely.” Winners will be chosen in

categories recognising individual, young individual, community group, and commercial organisa- tion contributions. Winners will be announced in eight regions covering England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and those shortlisted for the national awards will attend a Royal gala ceremony in London in July. For more information or to

apply, visit www.friendsofthe- or contact 0845 363 1478.

JPA update

THE Release 12 update to JPA

took place over the weekend of March 13-14 and contained a number of tri-Service requested improvements to processes, updates to tables/lists of values and the introduction to some new processes for admin staff. One significant change will be the requirement for all personnel to log on to JPA via the JPA Portal page, this is a major source of information for all users of JPA providing access to the self service user guide, the JSPs relating to pay, allowances and leave and the business advice guides (BAG) (ie how to do things on JPA).

information already exist for the self service user whose access to JPA is not as frequent as HR specialists and therefore not as instinctive.

A number of sources of

THE VIEWS and experiences of Royal Navy and Royal Marines families have never been in such demand; key decision-makers really want to know where to focus their energies to give families the best possible outcomes to the demands of being part of the Senior Service.

NFF gets to the heart of the matter

The Self Service User Guide (SSUG) within JPA is available via the Library button at the JPA Portal before you log on or after you have logged can be found on the right-hand side of your JPA Home screen/menu. The SSUG also now contains a

link at each process page to a JPA pocket guide.

This contains (in a business- card-size format which can be printed off to be kept in your wallet) details of how to carry out a number of standard processes. Additionally the RN JPA

The Naval Families Federation is being asked for these comments within many diverse departments and organisations, so please keep your communications flowing. The Armed Forces Pay Review Body has delivered this year’s announcements, and as part of the annual review process the Chairwoman NFF meets the review body to give feedback on their recommendations. What our Chairwoman, Kim Richardson, needs to know is your opinion on the award and whether it is missing any key considerations to help shape future planning.

n Changes to Dependents ID Cards (Form S.1511)

In line with Government policy, Dependents ID Cards are now required to carry an expiry date. A rolling process is already in place whereby new/replacement cards will include this information and a target date of November 5 2010 has now been set to complete this work. Until November 5 cards with or without an expiry date are both valid. If you require a replacement ID card contact the Unit Personnel Office (UPO). NB: The expiry date is based on the length of the serving member’s draft/appointment, but with a maximum validity of three years from the date of issue.

n Voting from Afghanistan

If you are currently serving or likely to be serving in Afghanistan at the time of the General Election (date to be announced), you will be interested to know that a minister-led Working Group has been established to consider ways of enhancing your ability to participate in the elections. Members of the Working Group include the Families Federations, MOD officials,

Justice and Electoral Commission officials.

Ministry of

The main concerns were that postal voting often precludes personnel serving overseas from getting their votes in on time owing to the short (11-day) window to get forms to and from theatre. Proxy voting is an alternative

Focal Point have also created some beginner’s guides to help with basic functions (workflows, absence requests, updating personal information, setting preferences) and an advisory one on I-expenses (which gives a brief introduction to the most common types of allowances that can be claimed).

These are available to all via the Defence Intranet (follow this route to access them: Royal Navy, A-Z page, DNPS Business Information Systems Support site, and then under the Related Documents section a link to BIS Information Guides for Self Service Users).

It’s your 2-6

NEED to get your message across to the rest of the Royal Navy? To feature in the Navy News 2-6 pages contact Lt Cdr Heather Lane or WO1 Baz Cooke (Fleet Media Ops) on 93832 8809 or 93832 8821,


considered may involve changes to primary legislation, this will take some time to deliver. In the interim, people keen to vote in the forthcoming election who fear the postal system may not be fast enough to register their vote are encouraged to consider nominating a proxy to vote on their behalf.

n Defence Estates Housing Information Centre

A new Defence Estates Housing Information Centre (HIC) has opened for business in Plymouth. All Royal Naval and Royal

Marines families either wishing to apply for Service Families Accommodation (SFA),

wishing to retain Service Families Accommodation in the West Country will now need to direct the 1132 applications to: DE HIC,

106 Hunter Close, Plymouth, PL6 5DW, Fax: 01752 753939, Telephone: 0800 169 6322. As a quick guide, if you are applying for SFA in Taunton and west of there, then the Plymouth HIC will be the offices handling the application. Please note that the HIC does

Employment & Skills Task Force launches

but is not considered appropriate by some. The Working Group has therefore been looking at ways of delivering an enhanced service for all personnel deployed to Afghanistan to be able to register and vote in the coming General Election.

Bridge to get registration and then ballot papers to and from theatre and information about this new process is currently being cascaded via the chain of command in theatre. We will carry further information on our website as soon as it is available.

The system will use the Air

Task Force, chaired by both Yvette Cooper and Lord McKenzie on behalf of the Deputy Prime Minister, has met three times to build on work already initiated by the Service Personnel Command Paper to enhance family members’ access to training and employment opportunities:

n Establishment of Armed Forces Champions in every Job Centre Plus District.

This was launched in Colchester on March 10 2010. A new information portal to be launched on April 1 2010 via Royal British Legion’s

It should be stressed that the postal voting process is subject to operational requirements and therefore cannot be guaranteed, however personnel deployed to Afghanistan will still be able to vote by proxy if they wish. For those reading this in other

overseas locations who are still faced with the challenges of the postal system, rest assured we have not forgotten you! The Working Group is also

looking at ways of enhancing your ability to participate in elections but as the options being

Department for Children Schools and Families (DCSF) to identify any gaps in the reach of Children’s Centres and Sure Start facilities into military communities. n Initiatives by the private sector to tap into the ‘talent pool’ presented by military family members. Enterprise are to trial manning an RPC call centre on a military base and also to launch a trial training and work placement programme for military dependants aged 16-plus. n Work by Cabinet Office to consider ways of enhancing the prospects of employment transfers for partners already employed as civil servants. n Further evaluation of Tax Credits to see if they can be improved to support military

Street’ site and the DirectGov. com site (linked to Job Centre Plus) to pull together information on training and employment opportunities available for Service family members. n A public transport survey aimed at identifying gaps in provision for military communities. n A mapping exercise

‘Civvy by Established in late autumn, this

Service Families


partners who wish to work.

n FAB Breaks for Families

Families’ Activity Breaks (FAB) is a charitable initiative that offers adventure holidays to bereaved Service families. These holidays aim to provide

families with the opportunity to enjoy activities, whilst encouraging confidence, friendships and peer support in the aftermath of their loss.

Energise with the MOD

IN THE 2008/09 period, the MOD spent £345 million on energy. The MOD Energy Awards have been launched to encourage people to reduce the energy consumption across the MOD. There are four categories open to all permanent MOD Service and civilian staff: n MODenergy manager or energy warden of the year award– to the

person for their efforts in bringing in energy efficient practices; n MODenergy carbon minimisation award – awarded to the site which has achieved the lowest energy consumption compared to the previous year; n MODenergy team award – recognises groups which have come up with innovative energy-saving ideas; n MODenergy overseas award – overseas defence estate or operational Closing date for nominations is June 4 2010, and the period up for consideration stretches from April 2008 to March 2010. For full details, seek out DIN 2010 DIN04-070.

Be the Boss on civvy street

THIS month sees the launch of the Be the Boss enterprise scheme. Administered by the Royal


British Legion, it will provide former Service personnel with loans of up to £50,000 and grants of up to £7,500 to assist with the costs of starting and growing a business. Anyone who has left the

Service since October 7 2001 will be eligible for the scheme which will deliver up to £5 million in enterprise support for developing

The week-long holidays cost just £50 per family and include a large range of organised activities such as horse riding, abseiling and canoeing.

not have a counter service and is not open to visitors.


various destinations across the UK in July and August 2010. For further information on the eligibility and how to


apply go to and follow the links in the ‘Family’ section. n It is the season for Drafty

to be working at a frenzied pace. Once you have your assignment order, whether you need to move or retain SFA then please take action.

over the summer can be helped by planning now, if the allocation team for your area know whether you need to stay or go, they can put it on the plot and open up options for all moving families. If you have any comment to make then please get in touch. The NFF can be contacted

The amount of moves made The holidays are running in

RBL’s Civvy Street website service that contains information about resettlement, learning and work for people leaving the British Armed Forces. You are able to register and create a personal Civvy Street. For further information visit, or

contact the Be the Boss helpline on 0800 678 5787.


where to look

DIB 17/10: Launch of veterans enterprise scheme

DIB 15/10: Afghanistan:

Operation Moshtarak update March 10 2010

DIB 14/10: Fairness,


Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Service Complaints Process DIB 13/10: Armed Forces Pay

Award 2010


DIN 2010 DIN01-049: Naval

Service terms of Service – Changes to premature termination of career training points for RN officers under initial training

DIN 2010 DIN01-048: MOD

Armed Forces support to The Prince’s Trust team programme: Appeal for short-term volunteer leaders, tel: 02392 654374, or write to: Castaway House, 311 Twyford Avenue, Portsmouth, PO2 8RN.

Support in legal actions

A NEW DIN – 2010 DIN01- 050 – has been released that talks about the support available for Service personnel who are facing legal proceedings because of actions conducted as a result of their duties, whether in civil or criminal law.

The DIN is particularly focused on cases where an individual, whether a civilian employee or member of the Armed Forces, is alleged to have acted wrongfully in the course of employment leading to death, personal injury or serious damage. As, unsurprisingly, the issues

surrounding this subject are complex, please make finding this DIN your first port of call for information.

DIN 2010 DIN01-047: Relocation

Allowances – Additional Housing Costs Allowance (AHCA) for renters

DIN 2010 DIN01-046: Control of

surveys to Naval Personnel DIN 2010 DIN01-044: JSP 893 - Policy on safeguarding vulnerable groups

DIN 2010 DIN01-041: Naval

Service terms of Service – Issue of BR1066 Change 19 (January 2010) and subsequent notification of amendment to Article 29059

DIN 2010 DIN01-040: British

citizenship rules for children of Foreign and Commonwealth citizens born while on overseas postings – notification of Home Office advice

DIN 2010 DIN01-039:

Notification of Navy Command Headquarters point of contact for nationality issues relating to Foreign and Commonwealth personnel serving in the RN and RM

DIN 2010 DIN01-031:

Adventurous Training

DIN 2010 DIN01-025: Changes

to PAX Scheme effective from March 1 2010

DIN 2010 DIN01-024: Royal

Navy Fitness Test

DIN 2010 DIN03-004: The

Maritime Aviation Support Force (MASF) – Mission and capability statements and revised tasking process

DIN 2010 DIN03-003: The

handling of flying complaints from members of the public in the UK

News and information for serving personnel

DIN 2010 DIN05-017: Fleet

Information Management Unit (FIMU) reference information libraries

DIN 2010 DIN05-015: Relocation

of the Service Prosecuting Authority

DIN 2010 DIN05-014: Defence

Instructions and Notices (DINs) – A guide for readers and writers

DIN 2010 DIN07-029: Training at

the Institute of Naval Medicine

DIN 2010 DIN07-025:

Airworthiness for Military Aircraft Course (AMAC)

DIN 2010 DIN10-012: Exercise

Caribbean Endeavour 2010/2011


Issue 03/10 – Nos 048/10:

Removal from service of survivors kit – Surflot units

Issue 03/10 – Nos 049/10:

Procedure for personnel requesting transfer to the Medical branch as a Medical Assistant

Issue 03/10 – Nos 050/10:

Fire and floods reported in ships, submarines and RFAs - Analysis in 2009

Issue 03/10 – Nos 052/10:

High voltage training courses professional body accreditation and introduction of ‘AP’ Journal

Issue 03/10 – Nos 053/10:

Status of recruiting into sideways entry Branches and opportunities for Branch transfer

Issue 03/10 – Nos 054/10:

Revised arrangements for submitting S2012 (report of change to ship fit definition) to Master Record Data Centre (Ships)

Issue 02/10 – Nos 032/10:

Dependents ID cards (Form S1511) to show expiry date target date November 5 2010

2010 Logistics Matters magazine – submission of articles

Issue 02/10 – Nos 034/10:

Bridge training records

Issue 02/10 – Nos 036/10:

Issue 02/10 – Nos 033/10:

Direct graduate entry for Medical Services officers as Environmental Health Practitioners

Issue 02/10 – Nos 039/10:

Issue of BR1066 change 19 (January 2010) and notification of subsequent amendment to article 29059

Issue 02/10 – Nos 040/10:

Incident Board markings for ship protection incidents (Surface Fleet)

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