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Capt Keith Blount to HMS Ocean as CO
from April 12.
Capt Toby Williamson to assume is a silver quart-
Command of RNAS Culdrose from June 22.
size tankard upon
We fl ick back through the pages of Navy News to see which stories
Cdr Kevin Robertson to HMS King Alfred
as CO from May 4.
the body of which were drawing attention in past decades...
Lt Cdr Angus Essenhigh to MCM1 Crew is engraved the
1 as CO on June 1.
ship’s badge of
Cdre Timothy Lowe to HMS Collingwood
March 1970
as Commodore Maritime Warfare School on
HMS Eskimo.
June 30. It was originally
THE NAVY was celebrating
Col Gerard Salzano to Commando
presented to
the news that the Prince of
Training Centre Royal Marines as
Commandant from May 4 and to be
the Tribal-class
Wales was to join its ranks.
promoted to Brigadier. destroyer of that
Buckingham Palace had
Cdr David Wilkinson to HMS Cornwall as
name by Lady Best,
announced in February that
CO from April 30.
Lt Cdr Philip Dennis to MCM2 Crew 7 as
who launched the
Prince Charles would enter
CO from April 26. ship on September
Dartmouth the following
Maj Peter Kemp to RMR Scotland as CO
3 1937.
September, in 1971, under
from July 27.
Lt Christopher L’Amie to TS Jack
On March 1 1941,
the graduate entry scheme.
Petchey as CO from February 8. 500 Royal Marines,
The first three or four
50 Royal Engineers
months would be spent on
Sports lottery
and a number of
attachment to the RAF on an
Norwegian troops
advanced flying course.
sailed from Scapa
And after that it was
Flow in the former
intended that he would
January 16: £5,000 – Lt Cdr K D Hutton;
spend three to five years in
£1,500 – ABLogs S S Vadiga; £500 – OM2
steamers Prinses
the Navy, with further service
O J Barker. Beatrix and Queen
if he wished, in the Royal
January 23: £5,000 – PO M B B Andrews;
£1,500 – Cdr M R Honnoraty; £500 – CPO
Emma on Operation
Family’s time-honoured
M T Hammond.
January 30: £5,000 – CPO P G Grey; The troop ships
The statement from
£1,500 – Lt Cdr M C Lacey; £500 – WO2
MEA J White.
were escorted by
Buckingham Palace
February 5: £5,000 – MA I N Roberts;
the destroyers
continued: “It is hoped that
£1,500 – Mne B J Hollingworth; £500 – Eskimo, Bedouin,
during his service with the
ALRO P J Woodward Knight.
Legion, Somali, and Tartar,
Krebs; two months later their
Royal Navy Prince Charles
the submarine Sunfish and
use led to the capture of
may, from time to time,
the cruisers Edinburgh and
the German weather ship
undertake royal duties.”
München which, in turn, led
Their mission was to
to the Enigma keys for June
destroy the Norwegian
1941 being captured and
March 1980
oil factories in the Lofoten
thereby allowed the British
Winner of the Corgi competition of a
model Sea King is: Iain Abbot of Great
Islands, the products of
to read more German radio
her first entry into her base
Wakering, Essex.
which were of considerable
port of Portsmouth on March
use to the occupying German
Operation Claymore
19, having left Vickers in
A subject
demonstrated clearly
Barrow to a warm send-off
Sunfish preceded the
that a small force of well-
surface ships to Norwegian
trained troops, supported
from the local people who
of study
waters, where she acted as
by sea power, could keep
had watched her being
a navigational beacon and
large numbers of the enemy
the first landing, at 0500 on
committed to guarding many
She was the largest warship
A RESEARCHER at Cambridge
March 4, took the occupying
places against the threat of
built for the Navy for 25 years
● In March 1970 we reported that Prince Charles would join the
University is looking into the
German forces by complete
and her birth had been far
Navy at Dartmouth the following year
experiences of leaving the Mob
The difficulty in protecting
from easy.
for civvy street.
By 1300 that day all
a multitude of sites prompted
Originally ordered as a
“through-deck cruiser” in
March 1990
Achim Edelmann is a
objectives of Operation
a Royal Marines officer to
Claymore had been achieved
send a telegram from the
1973 at a time when the
THE FRONT page of Navy News was almost entirely taken up
researcher at the Department of
– the oil factories and a
Lofotens to A Hitler, Berlin.
future of aircraft carriers was
with the recent decision to send Wrens to sea. It was, the paper
Sociology at the University of
fish factory ship had been
The telegram read: “You
seriously under threat, she
said: “probably the most emotive decision since abolition of the
destroyed, the British troops
said in your last speech that
became a carrier almost by
Tot 20 years ago.”
His research interests include
had re-embarked together
German troops would meet
The letters page was full of correspondence, for and against.
the sociology of military life,
with 200 German prisoners –
British wherever they landed.
She was launched on
A “Navy wife” from Gosport wrote that “putting Wrens on board
social relationships, and social
and the force returned safely
“Where are German
May 3 1977, 230 years to
is like putting a match to a gasoline station.”
to Scapa Flow two days
the day after the capture of The paper reported protest marches in Portsmouth and
His recent research projects
“Signed, Nicholson 2nd Lt,
l’Invincible from the French Plymouth, with people carrying banners which read “Higher
have focused on how military
Largely by chance a set of
Royal Marines.”
off Finisterre. Divorce Rate” and “Broken Marriages.”
families experience the transition
rotors for the German Enigma
There is no evidence that
The French ship became And an anonymous letter from “Leading Hand” in Hong Kong
from military to civilian life.
cryptographic machine were
A Hitler ever replied to this
the Royal Navy’s first HMS made the cheeky suggestion that escape hatches would need
If you are interested please
captured from the trawler
Invincible, RO5 became the to be enlarged, as the existing hatches were not big enough to
sixth. accommodate the average Wren.
The Captain of Naval Recruiting is currently seeking
RN and RM WOs, Senior Rates and SNCOs to work
as Careers Advisers in Armed Forces Careers Offices
around the UK.
Enlist on full-time Reserve Service Limited
Commitment employment in a specific location.
Initial three year contract with possible two
year extension.
FTRS rates of pay apply (reviewed annually
and pensionable).
CA3 from £27,101 rising to CA1 up to £39,840 with
effect from 1 April 09.
For more information and advice
on current vacancies please call
Pstn: 01929 403172 mil: 94374 3172
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