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Deaths Reunions Ask Jack
Rear-Admiral Frederick Lawson CB November 3. Aged 67. MARCH 2010 in that mess at the time is very welcome to WW2 Light Coastal Forces: I wonder our meetings were infrequent. He joined the
DSC and Bar. Joining the Navy in 1934 Frank Deverson Fox. Signalman (T/P) 848 NAS Malaya, 1952-56: Reunion in attend. We are also looking for our Instructor, if you can help with some research I’m service in 1955 and ships served in include
he trained for four years at the engineering TO. Chatham rating served 1944-47 in Bromsgrove on March 27. All members are POGI George Hare, who must be in his 80s undertaking for the Aldeburgh museum? Exmouth, Ulysses, Burnaston, Cochrane,
school at Keyham, Plymouth setting a record Royal Arthur, Scotia, Sphinx, Canopus, Stag, urged to attend and invitation extended to now! If anyone knows of his whereabouts The town was awarded an admiralty shield Fife and Neptune. If anyone can provide
as fi rst in his class in every examination. At Euroclydon and Nile also SS Nea Hellas and old ‘Rotorheads’ of 2 MU, Gosport (1950-51) or you want to come along to the reunion for raising suffi cient money to pay for a motor more information or even photographs could
the outbreak of war he was tracing steam IS Attilio Regolo and on staff of Flag Offi cer Dragonfl y era. Contact Les Smith on 01584 contact Bill Rosewell at billrosewell@ launch (HMML 118) in 1941, and this shield they contact G Worner, 1 Cross Farm Road,
pipes in HMS Belfast when the ship’s back Eastern Mediterranean. Vice chairman of 711910 or Ray Gilder on 02476 445913. or tel: 01884 841901. is now in our museum. I’ve found out quite Draycott, Cheddar. BS 27 3SE or tel 01934
was broken by a magnetic infl uence mine. Bury St Edmunds RNA. October 25. Aged a lot about the vessel herself from the Royal 743156.
He served in Berwick on northern blockade 83.
APRIL 2010
Gibraltar ‘78 Reunion: A reunion for
Naval Museum in Portsmouth, who have Peter Jackson: Seeking to get in touch
duties; then to Greenwich naval college; in George Leach. Leading Seaman. Served
The Fourth Destroyer Association: HMS
all who were based in Gibraltar between
been most helpful with technical details, with some of my old friends with whom I
1941 he joined Liverpool under repair in San 1942-46. Served three years in Newcastle.
Agincourt, Aisne, Alamein, Barrosa, Corunna,
January 1977 to December 1979. Royal
(she was a Fairmile B, motor launch) and I served. My last few ships were HMS Antrim,
Fancisco and later in the Mediterranean he Treasurer Wrexham branch.
Jutland, Matapan and Dunkirk are holding
Navy/Wrens (all branches welcome) will be
understand that she was attached to the 2nd Bulwark and Intrepid, I also spent time on
instituted damage control as a whole-ship Malcolm Green. Served the Army 1939-
their annual reunion from April 16 to 19 at
held in Scarborough on June 19. Contact
Motor Launch Flotilla at Portsmouth, but I Hermes and Brave Swordsman. My rank on
activity and studied Liverpool’s stability; this 45 and later the Merchant Navy. Associate
Hadleigh Gables Hotel, Great Yarmouth. All
Jeff ‘Taff’ Thomas at thomastwicethomas@
would like to try to fi nd out where she was leaving the navy was POMEM(M). Contact
paid off when attacked by Italian torpedo member of Norwich branch. December 12.
ex-ships companies welcome. Contact Terry, visit the website at http://
deployed and what kind of operations she Peter Jackson by email at thepirate69_2@
bombers in 1942. He fl ooded the forward Aged 89.
Parker at mvdj.corunna@mypostoffi ce. or tel: 07837
carried out. Also, if at all possible, names or write to 321/1 Soi
ammunition magazines which prevented Barrie John Turner. Leading Seaman. or tel: 01303 249242.
of the men who crewed her. Do any readers Serisunthon, Nittayo Road, Udonthani,
capsizing and was awarded the DSC. After a Served 1956-66 in Ton minesweepers
HMS Dunkirk Association: Reunion at JULY 2010
either have such information or be able to Thailand 41000.
tour in HMS King George V he was appointed Chawton, Chilcompton, Highburton and
the Park Hotel, Liverpool on April 17. Contact 41 Cdo RM (Deal) 1977-81: A dinner and
give me some ideas about other sources to HMS Ganges: My uncle, Leonard
to Aurora under repair in Taranto; swift Brereton. Kingston upon Thames branch.
Jackie Carroll at dance for all those who served in the unit
consult? I’d be most grateful if anyone could Manning passed away on February 3 2010,
promotion brought him to commander aged December 20. Aged 70.
or tel: 01692 678721 or George Selvester between 1977 and 1981 will be held at the
help. Contact Margaret Ballard at margaret. aged 84 years, after a short illness. He
27. Taking part in the invasion of southern D Vann. Associate member Wigston and
at or tel: St Margaret’s Holiday Resort, Deal, on July or tel: 01728 was a Boy at HMS Ganges and served on
France and the liberation of Greece he was district branch. January 10.
01381 600315. 3, at a cost of £28 per head. Limited space,
453776. minesweepers during World War 2. His tour
awarded a second DSC. He was engineer Jack Horton. LEM. Joined 1947
HMS Peacock Association (U/F96 and cheques or requests for more information
Blackwood Type 14: In 1959-60, I was
of duties took him to the Far East and UK,
offi cer of the carrier Albion and took part in Portsmouth division in Glasgow and Theseus
P239): Reunion, AGM and dinner at the should be accompanied by an SAE and sent
in the Duncan on fi shery protection. At that
Harwich and Lowestoft ‘Sparrows Nest’.
the Suez crisis. Promoted to captain in 1960 in the 1950s. Hanworth RNA. January 1.
RNA Club, Royal Leamington Spa on April to Graham Dear, 19 James Hall Gardens,
time there was a poem going round called
His discharge from the Navy shows he was
he was the last commodore superintendent Aged 79.
17 at 1200. All enquiries to Dave Pearson, Walmer, Deal, Kent, CT14 7SZ or email:
of Singapore dockyard 1965-69. Promoted
12 Ashridge Rise, Berkhamstead, Herts, or tel: 01304 363523.
The Ballad of the Type 14. Does anyone
a sub-lieutenant RNVR. In his latter years
Harry Haines. Served 1942-46 in DEMS
rear-admiral his fi nal posting was Flag Offi cer
HP4 3JT or tel: 01442 862274. Cheques should be made payable to: 41
have a copy of this? Contact K Blute, 19
he was associated with the Sea Cadets in
and trained Glendower. Founder member
Medway and superintendent of Chatham
HMS Ramillies Association hold their Cdo RM (Deal) Reunion Fund.
Shurlock Avenue, Swanley, Kent, BR8 7SU
Colchester, the Ganges Association, Malaya
Mexborough RNA; chairman for 28 years. and email a copy to & Borneo Association and the RNA. He had
dockyard; appointed CB he retired in 1971. January 17. Aged 86.
20th annual reunion at the Stretton Hotel,
for our records.
many friends in all the organisations but alas
He spent three years as chief executive of Harry Barnes. Ordinary Seaman. Joined
North Promenade, Blackpool, FY1 1RU from
National Ex-Services Association: This
RN Concert Party, Chatham 1943:
I have not been able to fi nd many of them.
the Royal Dockyards until his fi nal retirement 1941. Served in Grasshopper sunk in 1942
April 19 to 24. Further details from acting
year the National Ex-Services Association
Joining the RN as a teenager in 1943, I must
If you think you know him or anyone that
in 1975. January 25. Aged 92. by Japanese dive-bombers and taken
secretary, Mick French at stives@hake.
will be holding their fi nal memorial service
be the only person in history to receive an
might have, please contact Roger Durrant
Lt Cdr Michael Langman DSC. prisoner-of-war until repatriation having or tel: 01209 820844.
to all those who died during their captivity
Admiral’s uniform on his second day in
at or tel: 01206
Volunteered for the Fleet Air Arm joining St laboured on Burma-Siam railway. Member
RN & RM ex-Boxers Association:
or have died since. Today there are possibly
the service. Having been interviewed by
Vincent as a Naval Airman 2nd class in 1940; of FEPOW and Chelmsford RNA. December
Reunion at Eton from April 30 to May 2.
around 300 survivors and we invite them
several people on my fi rst day, including
ML916: I am trying to trace Lt G G
he learned to fl y at Luton and further training 29. Aged 88.
Those interested and for further information
and all members of the FEPOW families to
the entertainments offi cer, it was discovered
Macpherson RNVR who was skipper of
at Kingston, Ontario. Assigned to 775 NAS Albert W ‘Bert’ Maddox. CPO. Served
contact Alan Dolman at alan_dolman@
attend. The ecumenical memorial service will
that I had done some acting and singing
ML916 when it hit a mine returning from
he was on communications duties then fl ew 1943-46 in Cyclops, 7th Submarine Flotilla or tel: 023 9248 3388 or PO
be at Christ the King RC church, 78 Queen’s
around Manchester where I lived. The offi cer
Antwerp on November 8, 1944. My brother
Swordfi sh in 815 NAS, based at Buggush, at Rothesay. Lichfi eld branch. January 31.
PTI Kevin Green at kkg112victories@yahoo.
Drive, Childwall, Liverpool, L15 6YQ on
explained that the rating due to play the
AB Walter Mackintosh was killed. I have a
making daily sorties to bomb German targets. Aged 85. or tel: 023 9272 3777.
August 15. For further information contact
admiral had been suddenly drafted and the
letter from Lt Macpherson dated April 1945
His squadron was suddenly ordered to Harry Anderson. LEM. Served 1948-56. MAY 2010 Arthur Lane at, tel:
play was due to go on the next day, would I
from Haslar, saying that my brother was
evacuate as Rommel’s tanks broke through Served Royal Arthur, Bicester, Pembroke, Omani Reunion: Did you serve in the 0161 480 0114 or visit the website at http://
be prepared to tackle it. I would, I did and it
being moved to another hospital. If any
Allied defences and for the next six months, Woolwich, Constance, Collingwood, Sultan of Omans Forces? The 21st reunion
was a roaring success and played at all the
information is forthcoming could you contact
in which he accumulated 355 hours day and Swiftsure, Jamaica, Korean War and of military and civilian personnel who served HMS Saracen, S-class submarine 1942-
establishments in the Medway area over the
Douglas Mackintosh at dougmackintosh@
night fl ying, he conducted regular sweeps China Station. Watford RNA, 8th Destroyer for the Sultan’s forces is taking place in Hull, 43: A Cameo (come and meet each other) of
next few weeks. Following the tour, a group or tel: 0113 293 9903.
over the Mediterranean, interrupting enemy Squadron and Swiftsure Association. East Yorkshire on May 1. For more details Saracen surviving crew, crew families and
photo was taken of the cast in costume, on
The Amphibious Bombardment
supplies into El Alamein; he was awarded November 16. Aged 79. contact Jim Dyson at jimandjan@jimandjan. friends of Saracen is planned for August 14
the barracks square in Collingwood Block.
Association: Have you ever served in the
the DSC in 1943. He emigrated to Canada Ronald Myers. Served 1940-46 in or tel: 01482 846599. (the 67th anniversary of her sinking) at the
Over time I have lost a lot of photographs
NGS world? Are you a member of the
and in 1948 joined the Royal Canadian Navy Fraserburgh minesweeping between Battlecruiser HMS Hood, Southeast Royal Navy Submarine Museum, Gosport.
and would like to get another copy of it and
Amphibious Bombardment Association,
fl ying Avengers from the Canadian carrier Scotland and Iceland transferring 1943 to London Memorial Group: Annual memorial Contact Dannie Nicholas at nicholdan@aol.
maybe catch up with other members of the
and if not why not? The ABA is about 390
Magnifi cent, CO of 881 squadron and senior Bellona on Arctic convoy duties. Bourne service and parade on May 30. Assembly com or tel: 01508 493655.
cast. The play was called Alf’s Button Afl oat.
strong and includes current and former
pilot in the carrier Bonaventure; retired branch. Aged 87. point is Bromley Road Retail Park (next to
SEPTEMBER 2010 If you can help contact John Garland, Two
members of the Naval Gunfi re Support
in 1966 and was awarded the Canadian Ron Warbeton. Singaller/Wireless
Catford bus garage) and will march off at
HMS Jamaica Association: Reunion at Jays, 23a Rudyard Road, Biddulph Moor,
world, Army, Navy and Royal Marines,
Forces Decoration. He returned to the UK. Telegraphist. Joined Devonport 1942 and
1300, turning right into Bromley Road and
the Grand Atlantic Hotel, Weston Super Mare Staffs, ST8 7JD.
Regular and TA (NGLOs as well as others)
November 16. Aged 88. served mainly in escort carrier Khedive;
then right into Allerford Road to the Allerford
from September 17 to 20. Also looking for all Rowner Estate: Tez Chappell was living
and comprises all ranks and rates. We
Reg Gurney. Able Seaman, served in Western Approaches, Mediterranean, South
ex-Serviceman’s Club, where it will dismiss
RN and RM who served in her. At present our in Rowner from 1972 and was on a course at
produce two publications per year, and
Wren 1942-46 A Gun; also served with Capt Africa, Indian Ocean, Far East and was in
and proceed into the Memorial Gardens for
members cover all commissions from 1942 HMS Sultan along with LMEM John Griffi n.
have periodic reunions mainly at Poole – the
‘Johnnie’ Walker. November 24. Aged 84. Singapore for the formal surrender of the
a short service. Refreshments are available
to 1957. Details from the honorary secretary, Tez and his wife were at John and June’s
next one is on June 26 – but also an annual
Frank ‘Pusser’ Hart. PTI. January 18. Japanese forces. Lichfi eld RNA and also
at the Club afterwards. More information
Malcolm Wilkinson at boxcar@btinternet. wedding in 1972 at Gosport Registry Offi ce.
lunch in London for former members of the
Aged 87. Lichfi eld RBL. Aged 87.
from Duncan Heaney at duncandandan90@
com or tel: 01843 582283. They had a daughter Stephanie, born in
World War 2 COBUs. All of which enable
John Wilby. Served in Peacock as AB or tel: 020 8291 0813.
HMS Arethusa Association: 22nd reunion 1973. If you are or know of their whereabouts
us to keep in contact and keep up to date
1947-50. October in Canada. Aged 80.
HMS Impregnable/Drake Association:
September 24 to 27 at the Ambassador Hotel, could you contact E Chappell, 20 Fairview
with current events. It costs nothing, so
Ted ‘Spud’ Murphy. C/AFO. Served
Lt Cdr Michael Hugh Evans Gregson.
Reunion will be held in Plymouth from May
Scarborough, North Yorkshire. All Arethusa Close, Romsey, Hants, SO51 7LS.
why not get on line and contact either Phil
1943-75; last unit Ark Royal (1961-75).
Served on board 1943-45 as a lieutenant in
7 to 9. New members are always welcome
friends and families welcome. Contact Tom HMS Glowworm: Tom Lightburn, ex
West at or
January 28.
Engineering. October 9.
from both ships, any year. Further information
Sawyer at SBCPO is researching a novel about HMS
BSM 148 Battery WO2 Richard Bociek at
Dick Collier. Stoker. Served 1947-54 in
William Smith Hewitt. FAA. Served
can be obtained from the secretary at
or write to honorary secretary and founder, Glowworm in World War 2. Anyone, relatives or
Forth, Childers, Mull of Kintyre, Vanguard
on board with the Fleet Air Arm 1943-44. or tel: 0121
HMS Arethusa Association, 6 Sycamore or survivors with any information, please
tel: 01202 202243.
and paraded at the coronation of the Queen.
November 2.
532 6141 Close, Slingsby, York, YO62 4BG or tel: contact Tom at actionscribetom@fsmail.
HMS Hawkins 1939-42 Commission:
September 27. Aged 80.
Ronald Preston. Served in the engine
HMS Cleopatra Old Shipmates 01653 628171. net or tel: 0151 630 3289. Donations to the
Keith Evans, who was secretary to Capt H P
Walter Bell. Naval rating and survivor of
room on board 1951-53. December 9.
Association: Our 25th AGM and reunion is
K Oram would like to hear from any member
sinking of Repulse 1941. January 6. Aged
Jack Griffi ths RM. Served on board
being held in Skegness from May 7 to 10.
local RNVR will be made when the book is
of the ship’s company. Contact Cdr Evans at
1943-46. November.
If you are interested in joining then contact
Castle Class Corvette/Frigate
Whitegate, Chillcrofts Road, Kingsley Green,
Brian ‘Soapy’ Hudson. CPO Air(AH).
George Lindfi eld RM. Served on board
the secretary Warwick Franklin at warwick_
Association: Annual reunion October 1 to
Worner, John ‘Jack’: I am looking for
Haslemere, Surrey, GU27 3LS or tel: 01428
Served 1952-74 in Eagle, Ark Royal and
1944-45. November 2. or tel: 01752 366611.
4 in Torquay. Did you or a relative serve on
anyone who has memories of my brother
RNAS Daedalus, Lossiemouth and Culdrose.
Jim Sellars RM. Served on board 1943-
HMS Hood Association: AGM at 1600,
one of these 39 WW2 escort ships? All ex
who crossed the bar some time ago. On
HMS Glory, Far East British Pacifi c
Joined Coastguard upon leaving the Service
45. September 27 in Canada.
35th anniversary reunion dinner at 1900 on
shipmates and friends are welcome aboard
leaving the Navy he retired to Scotland, so
Fleet 1945-46: If anyone remembers John
reaching the rank of station offi cer and known
Frank Ellinson. Associate member.
May 22 at the Royal Maritime Club, Queen
this event. To join the association and/or Constable, Fred Coyte or Jack Day of 837
affectionately as ‘Sir’. Aircraft Handlers
December 20.
Street, Portsmouth. Memorial service at St
obtain further details please contact the and 1831 squadrons please contact John
Association. January 10. Aged 75. SUBMARINERS ASSOCIATION
George’s Church, Portsea at 1145 on May
secretary Mike Biffen on 0121 429 3895 Constable at or
Anthony ‘Tony’ Clarke. AM(L) FAA. Bernard Franklin ‘Buster’ Brown. PO
or write to 81 Beakes Road, Smethwick,
Talking Navy News
23. Service of commemoration at St John
tel: 01245 441115.
Served 1942-46. Bristol and District Fleet Air EMI. Joined as a Boy Seaman 1943 and
Baptist Church, Boldre, near Lymington at
B67 5RS.
goes digital
Arm Association. January 26. Aged 85. served for 12 years in Furious, Orion, Nepal
1100 on May 16. Further details from vice-
The Regulating Branch & Royal Navy
Don Kempson. Sto/Mech. Served 1947- and submarines Affray and Astute. Associate
Police Association hold their annual reunion
Navy News is available free of charge
chairman Keith Evans on 01428 642122.
54 St George, Ceylon, Aurora, Diadem, member of Gatwick branch. November 30.
from October 1 to 2. For further information
as a digital file on memory stick or
Zodiac, Cadiz and submarines Scorcher and Aged 84.
JUNE 2010 please contact W Dick, social secretary at email from Portsmouth Area Talking
Thorough. December 30 in Auckland, New J ‘Jack’ Blampied. L/Sea HSD.
HMS Blackcap, RNAS Stretton: The or tel: 023 9234 5228. News for those with difficulty reading
Zealand. Aged 80. Submarine service 1942-50 in Splendid,
Greater Manchester Branch of the FAA invite Artifi cer Apprentice, October 1946 normal type. Contact 023 9269 0851
Reginald George Walker. AB. Served Tudor, Stygian, Scotsman and Alaric. New
any shipmates or civilian staff who were here Entry: Classmates from Exmouth (Fisgard) and leave a message with a contact
1942-46 in Queen, Valiant, Blinjoe, Rifl eman, Zealand branch. Aged 88.
between 1942 and 1958 to the 22nd annual and Duncan (Caledonia) will be holding number, or email patn-rec@hotmail.
Lochinvar, RMS Franconia and Antenor. W E ‘Bill’ Britton. L/Sto. Submarine
service of commemoration at St Cross their next reunion at Warners, Holme Lacey com. A speaker that will take a USB
Aged 84. service 1941-46 in Otway, H28, Sibyl,
Church, Appleton Thorn at 1200 on June (just south of Hereford) from October 4 to 8. plug is required but this can be
Speak to John Lister
William ‘Bill’ Lawrence Catlow. CH/Tel U1105 and Umbra. Gatwick and Portsmouth
6. Standards are very welcome. For more Details from Ivor Norsworthy, 22 Thornhill
obtained from the Talking News, or
(CRS). Joined 1937 training at Ganges and branches. Aged 87.
details contact Bernie Cohen at b.cohen2@ Road, Mannamead, Plymouth, PL3 5NE or
the file can be played back through a 01395 568028
Scapa Flow at the outbreak of war. Served J ‘John’ Stewart. AB SD. Submarine or tel: 0161 946 1209. tel: 01752 663330.
in Tartar, Woolwich, Ceres and Mentioned service 1943-46 in Proteus and Scotsman.
HMS Ganges, 14 Recruitment, 1958: HMS Bruce Association: AGM/Reunion
in Dispatches in the Battle of North Cape Merseyside branch. Aged 87.
A reunion for the boys who joined Ganges from October 17 to 20 at the Ambassador
whilst serving in KNMS Stord (Norway); also D L ‘Tomo’ Thompson. CPO Cox’n.
on June 10, 1958 and lived in Grenville 23 Hotel, Scarborough. Further information can
at D-Day landings. Further ships Swale, Submarine service 1953-67 in Seadevil,
Mess, will take place at the Union Jack Club, be obtained from the secretary Mr D T Heath
FONA (Pacifi c), Warrior, Gravelines, Battleaxe, Artemis, Andrew, Ambush, Aeneas, Token,
London on June 9 and 10. Anyone who lived on 0121 532 4058.
Sea Eagle and Caroline also RNAS Falcon, Rorqual, Sentinel and Alliance. Norfolk
Hal Far, Malta from 1958-61. Joined the branch. Aged 91. 1942 H12 survivors, we would like to hear your stories.
Careers Service in Derby 1976 after coming
Contact sheet
off active service and retired 1991. The North
Russia Club, HMS Gravelines Association
Lt Cdr Tom G Davies. FAA Pilot. Served
and the D-Day Fellowship. January 18. Aged
with 812 Naval Air Squadron (Black fl ight)
14th Carrier Group and 814 Naval Air
Do you have any information on this GREENOCK WW2 Shore Station?
Roy William George Sims. Served 1947-
Squadron 7th Night Air Group. CO of Scottish
Air Division and ships Glory, Vengeance and
Ministry of Defence: 0870 607 4455, Seafarers UK: 020 7932 0000, www.
We are making a documentary, if you can help please contact:
59 at Excalibur, Collingwood, Fraser Gun
Eagle also RNAS Abbotsinch, Culdrose, Hal-
Battery and in Barrosa, Magpie, Vanguard, Royal Navy recruitment: 0845 607 5555, SSAFA Forces Help: 0845 1300 975, Joanna Davies, Air Moving Image, Po Box 40027, London N6 5WF
Cleo/Dido (Reserve), Albion and Paladin.
Far, Machrihanish and RAF Valley. January
13. Aged 85.
December 6. Aged 80. Veterans Agency: 0800 169 2277, www. RN Community:
Tel:07958 961054 Email:
Dave ‘Del’ Trotter. Leading Logistician
Roy ‘Rollo’ Rollings. L/A Pilot’s Mate.
Served with 812 Naval Air Squadron, Glory Medals enquiries: 0800 085 3600
(L/Chef). Served 1971-2008 in Ark
(Korea) Royal Arthur, Kestrel, Fulmar, Dipper,
RN and RM Service records: 01283 Royal Naval Museum: 023 9272 7562,
Royal, Soberton, Ghurka, Ardent (1982),
Eagle and Theseus. January 14. Aged 82.
Nottingham, Liverpool, Illustrious, Abdiel, Royal Naval Association: 023 9272 3823, Fleet Air Arm Museum: 01935 840565,
Edinburgh (twice), York, Cromer, Manchester, ALGERINES ASSOCIATION www.fl
Atherton, Grimsby and Campbeltown. Alan Sankey. AB. Served in Lioness. Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity: Royal Marines Museum: 023 9281 9385,
February 8. Aged 54. January 25. Aged 78. 023 9254 8076,
Stanley ‘Stan’ Alfred Chorley. Joined Robert Cooke. AB. Served in Aries. RNBT: 023 9269 0112 (general), 023 9266 RN Submarine Museum: 023 9252 9217,
the Royal Navy with his three brothers and January 25. Aged 85. 0296 (grants),
served for four years until 1947. Bristol S/Lt Peter Collins. Served in Lioness and British Legion: 08457 725725, www. National Maritime Museum: 020 8312
Royal Navy & Royal Marines Old Comrades Laertes. January 26. Aged 90. 6565,
Association. December 29. Aged 84. Leonard Manning. AB. Served in Thisbe. Naval Families Federation: 023 9265 Imperial War Museum: 020 7416 5320,
Ken Shuttleworth. Able Seaman. Served February 3. Aged 84. 4374,
in Faulknor 1942-45 and a member of the
association. December 11.
N E Cross. Served on board LCS(M)101
and LSI(S) Prince David. LST & Landing Craft
Association. December 31. NOTICEBOARD ENTRIES
Alwyn Thomas. Stores Assistant (S).
Served on board LST 3025 Bruiser. National
■ Notices for this page should be brief, clearly written or typed and addressed to –
Committee of the LST & Landing Craft
The Editor, Navy News, HMS Nelson, Portsmouth. PO1 3HH or email: edit@navynews.
Association. February 4. If you are sending your notice in via email, please include your full address and
Trevor Anthony ‘Tony’ Pickard. Joined
telephone number.
Torpoint Barracks serving 1962-70 mainly in
the submarine service including submarines
■ Reunions appear in date order, and requests to place an entry in a particular edition
Acheron and Revenge. A founder member of cannot be guaranteed.
Wetherby RNA. November 24. Aged 65.
Sydney ‘Syd’ Leslie Hall. Chief
■ Please send in Reunions at least three months (preferably four) before the month of
Shipwright. Joined Pembroke 1947 as
the event.
an Acting Shipwright to complete his
apprenticeship that he started a year earlier ■ There may be a delay before items appear, due to the volume of requests.
at Sheerness Dockyard. Served in Phoebe,
Swiftsure, Ceres, Vidal, Caledonia, Bulwark,
■ Entries are free to non-commercial organisations. Items pertaining to commercial
Adamant, Maidstone and HMMS Malaya.
work, books and publications for profit can only appear as paid-for advertising.
On loan to the Royal Malayan Navy as
an Instructor and Barrack Master on two ■ The Editor reserves the right to edit or refuse publication of submitted notices.
occasions between 1962-65. Final draft Fleet
Liaison duties for the Captain of Chatham
■ Space does not allow us to accept more than one free insert. Any subsequent notice
Dockyard; retired 1969. Long term member
will have to be paid for at advertising rates.
of HMS Phoebe Association and a founder
member of Wetherby RNA. December 9. Please call 023 9273 4448 for details
Aged 84.
John Mitchell Sheppard. POREL
or email:
(POWEM(R)). Served 1958-82 in St Vincent,
Collingwood, Vigilant, Ursa, Kent, Hecla, Entries for the Deaths’ column and Swap Drafts in April’s Noticeboard must be
Plymouth, Mauritius, Alderney, Zulu, St
Angelo and Osprey. Former chairman
received by March 12
and secretary of Bury St Edmunds RNA.
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