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News and information for serving personnel
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NFF – families
Change life
DIN 2010 DIN01-031: Adventurous
DIN 2010 DIN01-025: Changes to PAX
come first
Scheme effective from March 1 2010
DIN 2010 DIN01-024: Royal Navy Fitness
DIN 2010 DIN01-023: Purchasing of
SPRING is in the air, and with for a disabled
added pension a nod to a new season we have partner?
DIN 2010 DIN01-022: Update of BR 8373
decided to give this issue of Navy ● Have
(Offi cers Career Regulations) Chapter 21
DIN 2010 DIN01-021: Ruth Carter Prize
by learning
News a slightly different feel, you not
for Nurses and Eliza McKenzie Prize for focusing on some parts of our had a
Student Nurses
business that might not always holiday
DIN 2010 DIN01-020: Naval Service
awards of the acting higher rate on a local
be readily connected to the NFF, away
acting basis to RN ratings and local acting
FROM the day you joined
writes Jane Williams of the Naval from
rank to RM other ranks – revised procedures
the Service until the day you Families Federation. home
DIN 2010 DIN01-018: Senior Offi cers’
course – NATO Defence College, Rome
leave, the Naval Education
■ Deployment commitments in three
DIN 2010 DIN01-016: All England Lawn
and Training Service (NETS)
have always meant difficulty for years?
Tennis Championships – Wimbledon 2010
RN and RM families trying to ● Do you
DIN 2010 DIN01-011: Late Entry (LE)
is there to support you.
commissions in the Adjutant General’s Corps
It may be that you are looking
tie in R&R dates with school support your
(AGC) holidays, as schools that grant household with less than £25,000
DIN 2010 DIN01-010: Armed Forces
to gain extra qualifications to
holidays during term time to the gross annual income per year?
Pension Scheme 05 (AFPS 05) – notifying
advance your Naval career. Or you
changes to those who have changed from
want to gain a new skill or learn
families of serving personnel can Working in partnership with
Gratuity-Earning Terms to Pensionable risk skewed reporting from Ofsed Klub Group, a provider of
Earning Terms with effect from April 6 2009
a particular subject. Or maybe
inspections. adventure holidays for many years,
DIN 2010 DIN01-008: Future involvement you’re wondering what you’ll do
of DNPers Terms of Service Litigation Team in
after you leave.
We are delighted to have received the RBL is offering free week-
personal injury liability cases involving current the following announcement, long adventure breaks to children
and former regular Naval Service personnel
Well, NETS is on hand to help
after raising this point with the of current or former Service
DIN 2010 DIN01-007: Relocation you get started and keep going on
allowances – additional housing costs
the road of learning for life.
Department for Children, Schools personnel.
DIN 2010 DIN04-002: Current restrictions and Education: This Poppy Adventure Break
on travel and the JSP 800 Vol 2 (2nd ed.)
NETS operates from the three
“Ofsted has confirmed that is a great opportunity for young
passenger travel instructions major Naval Base port learning
DIN 2010 DIN04-026: Sanctuary Awards
centres, the Waterfront learning
these absences should be recorded people to enjoy themselves, meet
2010 – Calling notice for nominations as authorised and that when the new people, experience new things,
DIN 2010 DIN04-015: Minister (DES)
centres, the regional resettlement
school leaders are discussing this improve their self esteem –a nd
Acquisition Awards 2010 – Calling notice for organisations and online in a
network of learning centres
with inspectors, they should specify most of all have fun. Needless to
DIN 2010 DIN05-009: Support to non how many children from Service say parents get a well-earned break
MOD sponsored Cadet organisations
provided through Learndirect.
personnel are in the school and as well.
DIN 2010 DIN05-007: Relocation of the But NETS personnel aren’t
● The GCSE English class in NETS(E) in HMS Nelson
Families Travel Service
just in the bases, an Operations
how much of the absence relates An adventure break
DIN 2010 DIN05-004: Relocation of the
the Service – such as
to the R&R. package includes seven nights’
Defence Travel Team
team is out on deployed ships and
the Open University or NETS Operations
“Inspectors should discount accommodation with three meals
DIN 2010 DIN05-001: MOD Policy on visiting other units making sure a local college.
Unidentifi ed Flying Objects
that the education service is on
this in their overall assessment of a day plus activities including quad
DIN 2010 DIN07-002: Tri-Service
NETS staff can also
attendance for the school. Whilst biking, kayaking, swimming, arts
language examinations (diploma, advanced
offer around the world. provide their expertise
inspection documentation does and crafts, DVD nights, a day at a
certifi cate, functional and survival) 2010/11 NETS visitors often prove in helping a prospective
DIN 2010 DIN07-018: Temporary duty
make reference to percentages for
popular guests on board –
local theme park and even pocket
visits to, training within and transit through
learner balance their
attendance and absence, this is to money.
the Federal Republic of Germany
NETSO Lt Paul Gill joined HMS commitments in home NETS North
guide inspectors and should not For further information on how
DIN 2010 DIN07-008: Joint and single Sutherland late last year, and the and worklife.
Service security, language, intelligence,
drive the judgement – inspectors
ship’s CO Cdr Jonathan Cook
to apply for a Poppy Adventure
photographic and geo-spatial training
AB(Sea) Katie Anelli,
must use their discretion and Break call Legionline on 08457
courses for training year 2010/11
commented: “His time on board who works in the Type
professional judgement.” 725 725.
DIN 2010 DIN10-004: RN Lawn Tennis was extremely well received and 23 pooled squad, has
Association – Wimbledon Tickets 2010
Fantastic! ■ If electronic voting was
I have heard nothing but positive just completed her
Please note that Ofsted inspect available for military families to
feedback from all those who took ITQ in the NETS(E)
Issue 01/10 Nos 002/10: Royal Navy
English schools, we will report participate in elections online,
Submarine Command dinner March 11 2010
the opportunity to see him. Learning Centre in
back once we know about plans would you use it? You can log
Issue 01/10 Nos 003/10: Royal Navy “Fourteen personnel are now Portsmouth.
Amenity Fund subsidise holidays in France –
for Scotland, Wales and Northern onto our website and register your
attending Maths or English classes She said: “It’s a great
2010 season
Ireland. answer, or contact us in a way that
Issue 01/10 Nos 004/10: Divisional
and a further 34 undertaking
qualification. NETSN West
■ Harriet Harman, Deputy suits you.
training in the Royal Navy distance learning courses. “Someone asked me
Issue 01/10 Nos 006/10: Risk assessment
Prime Minister, Leader of the ■ New Welfare Package for
“His positive and helpful how to do something
– Navy Command TLB policy
House of Commons and Minister Service families – New measures
Issue 01/10 Nos 007/10: Nuclear Marine
attitude has made a real difference with spreadsheets and I
for Women and Equality is on the have been announced as part of the
Engineer offi cers fi nancial retention incentive. on board.” was able to tell them. I NETS Operations
Issue 01/10 Nos 009/10: Communications
social networking service Twitter. Service Personnel Command Paper
Similarly on board submarine couldn’t have done that
Security (COMSEC) organisation within Fleet
Ms Harman has vowed to to ensure that Service families
HMS Sceptre, Lt Martyn Tait’s before.”
personally respond to messages are no longer disadvantaged in
Issue 01/10 Nos 011-10: Competences visit was welcomed by CO Cdr There are also financial benefits
Royal Navy.
in JPA – Change control process
posted on her Twitter page, so obtaining jobs, or accessing
Steve Waller: “Almost half of available to people who want to
Learndirect hosts the computer-
Issue 01/10 Nos 014/10: Navy Command
if you have any comments or public services such as childcare,
my ship’s company sought and develop their skills, and early
based training and testing for the
Personal Information Charter questions about Service life please education and healthcare.
Issue 01/10 Nos 015/10: Awards of the received advice. contact with NETS staff can help
Navy’s LANTERN progamme
acting higher rank on a local acting basis to
get in touch with her and make The new initiatives include:
“Martyn provided valuable you to understand the Standard
(Literacy And Numeracy Testing
RN ratings and local acting ranks to RM other
sure your opinions are included. ● The establishment of an
and much appreciated assistance Learning Credit scheme – which
and Education in the RN).
ranks – revised procedures Follow the link: http://twitter. Employment and Skills Task
Issue 01/10 Nos 016/10: Service support in public speaking and formal offers up to £175 per year – and
It is this LANTERN programme
to the All England Lawn Tennis Championship
com/harrietharman to tweet. Force to support Service families’
presentations to junior and senior the Enhanced Learning Credit
that is the principal means to
at Wimbledon
■ Free and independent access to the same employment,
rates preparing for Senior Rates scheme – which offers up to
achieve the necessary educational
Issue 01/10 Nos 017/10: Engineering legal advice for bereaved Service further education and training
Technician (Marine Engineer Submarines) Leadership Course and Leading £6,000 over three separate years.
qualifications for promotion to
Fast Track Pilot Scheme
families – the Royal British Legion opportunities as the civilian
Rates Leadership Course. The three regions of NETS
leading hand or corporal, or
Issue 02/10 Nos 025/10: HMS Roebuck’s
and MOD have announced a new community
“He also spent time discussing are divided among East in
promotion to petty officer or
decommissioning and disposal joint initiative to help families ● An Armed Forces Champion
Issse 02/10 Nos 026/10: Encryption of the LANTERN scheme, ensuring Portsmouth, West in Plymouth
sergeant. (There are also various
who have lost loved ones in the
removable media clarifi cation of regulations.
for each Jobcentre Plus district who
that those who needed to be and North in Faslane, with the
proxy qualifications that people
Issue 02/10 Nos 032/10: Dependents ID
Armed Forces by providing free will act as first point of contact for
qualified were identified.” operations team scattered among
can use.)
Cards (Form S.1511) – to show expiry date and independent legal advice. Service families and keep up-to-
target date November 5 2010 The NETS team also support the regions.
The old NAMET scheme was
Advisers can provide information date with local activities to support
DIBs the education staff in air stations,
The regional NETS bases are
replaced in 2006 and from April
and guidance, in particular about Service families
07/10: Launch of the Army Recovery
joint establishments and at
also open to the families of Service
2012 any NAMET scores will
Capability: Supporting sick and injured
the inquest process, to ensure that ● A further Government review
commando bases.
personnel, offering individual
no longer count for those seeking
families are fully prepared. of local authority plans to reflect
06/10: Armed Forces Compensation While NETS does provide
consultations and Learndirect
The Independent Legal Advice the needs of Service families,
Scheme Review: To deliver increased
a range of courses, including
For more information contact
Service will be available to the and what good practice examples
05/10: The Future of Defence : Publication
GCSEs, the team can also help
The past year saw a big growth
your ERO or nearest learning
families of all those who have lost and problems there are around
of the Defence Green Paper and the Strategy find a suitable provider outside
in the use of Learndirect by the
their lives in Service, whether or not transport, and consider if additional
for Acquisition Reform: Secretary of State
Bob Ainsworth announced on February 3
the death occurred on operations. guidance is necessary
2010 the publication of a Defence Green Learning centres offer management, team leading,
through the Joint Services It will be in place in the late Spring/
● The Government will review
Paper, Adaptability and Partnership: Issues
advice on any aspect of customer service, IT and
Central Library; early Summer of 2010.
the guidance given to local
for the Strategic Defence Review, and the
Strategy for Acquisition Reform.
learning: business administration;
■ advice on the funding for Further information can be found
authorities on school allocations
4/10: London Conference on Afghanistan
learning activities – Standard using http://www.britishlegion.
policy to ensure it reflects the ■ information, advice and ■ full and part-time taught
– key agreements: The London Conference
signposting on all aspects courses in various GCSEs;
Learning Credits, Enhanced or calling the Legion Line
needs of Service families
on Afghanistan took place on Thursday
January 28 2010.
of learning and personal
Learning Credits and 08457 725 725.
● The Government will publish ■ an IGCSE registration and
03/10: Changes to PAX Scheme from development; administration service;
University Summer Schools – ■ BFBS Radio now features
a report on this work in 2010,
March 1 2010, and changes to the Service for Service personnel;
the Naval Families Federation focussing on practical steps that ■ Skills for Life (basic skills) ■ advice on the commissioned
Risks Insurance Refunds (SRIPs) scheme
effective from February 1 2010: After a
tuition, leading to the Lantern warrant process for promotion
■ most centres have an once a month, so if you tune in via
improve the lives of Service family
thorough review by the scheme’s providers, certificates in adult literacy of officer;
interactive Learndirect suite, the internet or DAB digital radio
it is considered necessary to increase
and numeracy at levels 1 and
offering a range of courses; in the UK or overseas you will be
We will keep you informed as ■ advice on specific learning
premiums for the PAX insurance scheme.
From March 1 2010 there will be a 10 per
2 for promotion to LH/Cpl and difficulties – such as dyslexia,
■ advice on the University able to pick up all the topics that
these initiatives develop.
cent increase in premiums for personal PO/Sgt; Irlen syndrome, scotopic
short courses programme; are current. Take an opportunity
■ Thinking about what life might
to listen to the dedicated Forces be like in civvy street? Before you ■ computer skills training sensitivity – for Service ■ a reference and fiction
02/10: Armed Forces Home Ownership
Scheme (Pilot): A pilot shared equity
ranging from basic keyboard personnel;
libraries. Station and maybe you could even
make any hasty decisions to log
scheme, the Armed Forces Home Ownership skills to qualifications such be tempted to get involved with onto JPA and put your notice in, ■ a language CD loan service;
NETS East: 9380 25292
Scheme (Pilot), has been launched to test
as the European Computer your own message or dedication ask yourself this one question, why ■ modern languages aptitude
a specifi c approach towards encouraging
NETS West: 9375 65362
home ownership in the Armed Forces and will
Driving Licence and the ITQ; test testing;
NETS North: 93255 3641
to a loved one. http://www.bfbs- did I join?
run until Spring 2013. Don’t focus on a problem that ■ a range of NVQs in ■ a textbook loan service
NETS Ops: 9380 20698
01/10: MOD Afghanistan Narrative
■ Poppy Adventure Breaks can be solved. The scope to change
Briefi ng: An updated MOD Afghanistan
Narrative has been agreed by Defence
for children: If you answer ‘Yes’ your mind and withdraw your
Secretary Bob Ainsworth in order to ensure to just one of the questions below, notice may no longer be an option.
consistency of messaging and enable It’s your 2-6 Prize writers in Review
then your children (between the Talk through your concerns with
individuals at all levels to communicate the
campaign effectively.
NEED to get your message across THE Naval Review invites Warrant article and the first award will be
ages of 12 and 17 at next birthday) friends or professionals, whatever
qualify for a free week’s adventure
Galaxy messages
to the rest of the Royal Navy? Offi cers to enter for the Royal in summer 2011.
works for you, but make sure you
Galaxy 01-2010: CinC Fleet 2010 To feature in the Navy News Naval Association centenary prize, The editor will select the best
break. are clear in your actions before
Directive: CinC Fleet sets out the priorities
2-6 pages contact Lt Cdr Heather a new annual prize of £250 for the submitted article and the winner
● Are you a one-parent taking them.
for the Spring Term 2010.
Galaxy 02-2010: SAR-H: Changes to SAR
Lane or WO1 Baz Cooke (Fleet best article by a warrant offi cer, will receive £250 and two years’
household because of bereavement The NFF can be contacted
services. Media Ops) on 93832 8809 or chosen for publication in The complimentary membership of
or break up of the family? via e-mail,
Galaxy 03-2010: Armed Forces
93832 8821, email FLEET-DCS- Naval Review. The Naval Review.
● Is one parent currently serving telephone: 02392 654374, or write
Compensation Scheme Review
Galaxy 04-2010: The Navy Board
INFO-IC SO2 or FLEET-DCS- All Warrant Officers currently Please see www.naval-review. on overseas operations? to Castaway House, 311 Twyford
Galaxy 05-2010: RN identity rules INFO-IC WO. serving, or retired, may submit an org for further information ● Is one parent caring Avenue, Portsmouth, PO2 8RN.
News and information for serving personnel
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