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News and information for serving personnel
Time to think of
A free
view of
a new role?
Tattoo do
THE Royal Tattoo takes place
on May 12-15 in the grounds of
Windsor Castle.
The Windsor Castle Royal
Tattoo is a military and musical
spectacular that ends with a
dramatic finale against the
floodlit backdrop of the Royal
If you want to get your hands
on some free tickets to the Royal
A NEW pilot scheme has been out to the same proportion. Tattoo at Windsor Castle on
launched to help sailors and All this means that it is easier for Thursday May 13, call Annette
marines – and their other Armed someone to buy a property, as they Dando on 0207 414 2364; but
Forces brethren – on the property only have to handle the mortgage there are only 500 free tickets for
ladder in England. and deposit for a proportion of Service personnel and they go on
The Armed Forces Home the price. a fi rst-come, fi rst-served basis.
Ownership Scheme is a very The government has committed The Telegraph newspaper
specific pilot project with tight to provide equity of between 15 to is also giving away 500 free
limitations, but if successful the 50 per cent – up to a value of tickets to Service personnel for
scheme could well be opened up £75,000 – of the purchase price. Wednesday May 12.
to a broader range of applicants. Of course, if you are thinking To take up this offer,
As it stands, the Pilot Scheme about leaving the Forces, then the telephone the Tattoo box office
is available to full-time permanent terms of the scheme alter with fees
on 0871 230 5570, quoting
members of the Armed Forces and repayment terms – details of Telegraph, and give name, rank,
who wish to buy a property in which can be found out from the
number and unit.
England and whose service sits scheme’s agent. Again it is a case of first-come
between four and six years. However once a house has been first-served, and a maximum of
Why this specific period? Well, bought, you are not trapped in two tickets per person.
the scheme’s intent is to help keep that one property with the scheme. However once the freebie
people in the Service who want to You can, with agreement of the WELCOME to the Warfare offers are gone, it is still possible
own their own homes but are on scheme agent, sell your existing
Ratings Career Manager’s
for a Serviceman or woman to
lower incomes. home and buy a new one with the
corner (RCM) – and a return
qualify for a 20 per cent discount
The pilot will run until spring equity loan. on tickets for Wednesday May 12
2013, but if you think it could be And although the scheme is
of Drafty to Navy News.
or Thursday May 13.
of use to you, don’t delay. not intended to be a buy-to-rent
The year 2010 will undoubtedly
be another interesting year, giving
Again, it is a case of going to
The scheme has a budget of scheme for people in the military,
your Career Managers (CMs) a
the Tattoo box office on 0871
£20 million and is first come, first the nature of active service and
fresh set of challenges and some
230 5570 and quoting Triservice.
served – so the expectation is that overseas posting does allow for the
frustrations but always with a
Tickets are available online at
it will assist some 250 families property to be sub-let from day or by
or single people with affordable one while people are posted away
sense of humour!
calling 0871 230 5570, priced
home ownership in England. from home.
We are constantly faced with
between £20 and £65.
The AFHO pilot is a shared The scheme has been set up
new positions and unexpected
equity scheme – which means by the MOD, the Department
gaps to fill in order to support
that the homeseeking sailor of Communities and Local
operations, invariably needed to
be sorted at short notice.
would need to take out two Government and the Homes and
products: i) a percentage of Communities Agency, and is part
We are extremely grateful to
the property value through a of the commitment to the military
our people who readily volunteer
mortgage; and ii) a percentage set out in the Service Personnel
for these positions as it alleviates
of the property value through an Command Paper.
the need to send a ‘pressed man’.
THE latest prospectus for the
equity provider. The scheme is being handled
This article will cover facts,
● If you think it might be time to tackle a new job, Commando Defence Academy College of
The sailor would pay no or a by Swaythling Housing Society
information and news relevant to
Aircrewman is one of the branch transfers available Mangement and Technology is
low fee on the product supplied Ltd, part of Radian, and more
the Warfare Branch but also it will Picture: LA(Phot) Billy Bunting
now available.
by the equity provider. But when information can be found online
cover information and reminders
home and abroad. with personal details, preferences,
All the academy’s various
the property is sold, the individual at or by calling
to all RN personnel.
Further career broadening making good use of the free text
courses – acquisition, business,
has to repay the original equity 0800 028 1980.
The Warfare RCMs each have
opportunities in SAR can follow. and having a good understanding
leadership, management, nuclear
percentage of the final property For general advice on MOD
approximately 500 individuals
Open to both RN and RM of your SJAR.
and technology – are gathered
value. housing matters, go to the Joint
across their various sub-
personnel this hugely rewarding When you receive an Assignment
together in one volume that can
So if your house goes up in Service Housing Advice Office on
specialisation plots – 26 in total
career comes with the added Order or Course details in your
be picked up from Learning
value, the appropriate share of or call 0722
from ACs to WSMs.
bonus of flying pay. workflow you must print them
Centres across the UK.
that increase goes back into the 436575.
In career managing people, we
Aircraft Controller (AC) – This off immediately or you will lose
You can also call 96161
equity scheme. And if it drops in Further detail can be found in
aim to meet the needs of the
also offers exciting prospects, as them from the system as your CM
4828 or email admin.cmt@
value when it comes to sell, then DIB 2010 DIB/02, dated January
Service, which will always take
the AC of a ship’s flight you are a cannot re-issue these. for a
both you and the government lose 26 2010.
precedence, balanced against
key member of the Warfare team. You should be checking your
hard copy.
the individual’s aspirations and
Later, as a SR, you could workflow on a regular basis as
Or there’s the opportunity to
Better details on
to ensure career development
volunteer to complete the Joint some of the contents will time out
meet with some of the Academy’s
and a return for the training
Air Traffic Control Course at and disappear if not opened.
staff direct in Abbey Wood on
RAF Shawbury, a much sought SJARs – Be aware that your
March 3, Main Building on
We receive an extensive amount
property promised
after qualification. SJAR lists your preferences, and
March 4, PJHQ on March 8, or
of emails that take time to reply to
RN Police – ‘Hello, hello, objectives that have been set for
Whale Island on March 23.
as they all are investigated fully.
hello’. There is plenty going on that reporting period.
We would ask that an email is
DEFENCE Estates have launched a new scheme to give better property
in the Regulating Branch at the Three months prior to your
not followed up by a phone call as
Tri-Service Police College at reporting date, you need to
PAX changes
information to Service families before arriving at their new homes.
it is not required and only delays
Service families can sometimes arrive at their new homes with little
Southwick (ex-Dryad). receive an Mid-term Performance
our response to your email.
Service Policemen are becoming Appraisal Report (MPAR) from
THE MOD has announced
more information than address and the number of bedrooms, but the
You are reminded that, whilst
much more aligned to their civilian your DO/Line Manager, to
changes to the PAX insurance
new scheme will improve this situation.
our door is always open, please
counterparts. highlight any areas of concern or
The letters sent to families offering accommodation will now include
make an appointment so that
PTI – There are limited confirmation of your achievements
From the first of this month
details such as:
we can give you our undivided
opportunities but if you are so far, with possible new
there will be a ten per cent
■ a photograph of the property (or type of property) if one is
physically fit and keen you may objectives, giving you the
increase in premiums for personal
There will be a change of CMs
wish to consider the PT branch. opportunity to take the appropriate
■ the full address including postcode;
this year; in March, PO Tug
They are not only ‘Clubz’ action; this is not only your DO/
PAX remains an optional
■ the number of bedrooms;
Wilson (RCM(X)(UW-D-MW))
these days, opportunities exist to Line Manager’s responsibility –
scheme that enhances the cover
■ the type of heating, and whether there is a separate fire;
will be relieved by PO Dawn
become a Remedial Instructor it is also your responsibility to
provided by the Armed Forces
■ the type of cooker;
Trevena and PO Amanda Clancy
helping in the recovery programme ensure it is done.
Compensation and Pension
■ if the property has a shower;
(RCM(X)(SP-PT-SR)) will be
for personnel with sports injuries Check you know when your
■ whether there is space and plumbing for items such as washing
relieved by PO Dan Quayle.
machines, tumble driers and dishwashers.
or to specialise in Adventurous SJAR is due and that it has been
The additional premium
CPO Sally Armstrong (RCM(X)
The scheme follows on from a successful trial at the end of last year,
Training (AT). initiated and is being worked on
for policyholders on combat
(EW)) will be relieved by CPO
and the intention is to improve the information on the 49,000 properties
Diver – This branch is expanding by your DO/Line managers.
operations in Afghanistan will be
Rachael Magill in June.
maintained by Defence Estates as the scheme evolves.
and opportunities now exist for If you are a volunteer for
financed by the MOD under an
The WO1(CIS) plot is now
personnel to transfer into a career Extended Service and you are extension to the existing Service
being managed by Lt Cdr Rick
Welfare pathway in
that is demanding, challenging recommended by your Reporting Risks Insurance Refunds (SRIPs)
Watson (RCM(X)(AW)) and he
and very rewarding. Officers then you need to ensure scheme, so PAX policyholders do
will soon also career manage the
If you are physically fit and there are sufficient reasons for not need to take any action.
Hampshire and Wigan
WO1(SEA) and (EW) plots.
medically P2 and this sounds like why the RN should offer you EC. Eligibility for SRIPs has
All WO1s in these branches are
your cup of tea then check out the Preferences: Your CM will been expanded to include the
to contact Lt Cdr Watson directly
rules for transfer in BR 1066. always look at your preferences personal accident policies of these
FOLLOWING on from the healthcare, housing, education,
if they’ve not already done so (WI
How do I apply? Full details are before assigning, therefore it is personnel deployed on land or
scheme in Kent, Hampshire charities or Citizens Advice
Ext 8875).
set out in BR 1066; speak to your not only imperative that you keep airspace over Afghanistan who
County Council were the next Bureaux. ■ If you’re looking for a new DO/RCMA. them up to date but that you are required by their insurers
authority to launch a Welfare There is a single free national challenge, then look no further. If you don’t ask – you don’t get. choose areas that you know there to pay extra premiums to cover
Pathway for people in the Armed telephone number 0800 022 Branch transfer opportunities are So go on, go for it – you know it are positions for your rate and them whilst there.
Forces community in the area, 3366 that also serves as an available and currently vacancies makes sense. branch. If you want to find out full
closely followed by the Wigan initial port of call for anyone who exist at AB/LH level as follows: It has never been more important There are other positions details please find DIN 2010
Council. is unsure where to turn. Rating Aircrew (CDO) – as a for you to take charge of your outside your branch that can DIN01-025 or call PAX on 0800
Anyone in Service, ex-Service, The new helpline will not Commando Aircrewman you will career and your DO, RCMAs and sometimes be offered, however, 212 480 from the UK or +44 20
veteran or family member can replace existing support and fly in the Sea King Mk 4. RCMs are here to help. you could state these areas in your 8662 8126 from overseas.
call Hantsdirect on 0845 603 advice lines, but is intended to Initially assigned to a unit within You need to be proactive free text. Details can also be found
5630, or Wigan Council on 01942 provide a back-up for people the Commando Helicopter Force with your career, ensuring you Otherwise you are wasting online at www.paxinsurance.
244991 to get advice on their who don’t know where to turn (CHF) based at RNAS Yeovilton understand how to get the best your choices with irrelevant or by emailing
entitlements – whether priority initially. you will support operations at out of JPA, keeping it up to date information.
News and information for serving personnel
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