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Naval image analyst takes fl ight
Royal VIP
staff given
THE first airborne image analyst brevet has been
awarded to a member of the Royal Navy.
PO Jim Fenwick graduated from ASTOR Conversion
Course No 7 along with ten other students, a mix of
Sentinel pilots, air operators and ground operators. medals to
PO Fenwick joined the Navy in 1999 as a marine
engineer mechanic and served HMS Coventry.
In 2004 he changed branch to RN photographer and
served with various units as a photographer until 2007,
ROYAL Naval pre-school
when he became one of only 15 RN Image Analysts. MEMBERS of two Midlands
staff have received childcare
He joined 5(AC) Squadron as a ground image analyst reserve units had royal
certificates at a ceremony in
and was with the first crew to deploy with a ground appointments to receive a variety
Plymouth. station into theatre.
of awards.
The four recipients from the Following this conversion course PO Fenwick is now
Eight reservists from
Royal Navy Preschool Learning a fully-qualified airborne image analyst.
Birmingham unit HMS Forward
Organisation (RNPLO) were
– who have more than 100 years’
● PO (Phot) Jim Fenwick is pictured alongside the
rewarded for completing their
fi rst Army image analyst brevet holder, WO2 Dave
service between them – met Prince
Level 4 NVQ qualification
Carson and their colleague Flt Sgt Dean Wilkinson,
Michael of Kent, the Commodore-
in Child Care Learning and
who took that honour for the Royal Air Force
in-Chief of Maritime Reserves.
PO Russ Key, a reservist for
Jo Jenkins, the RNPLO area
27 years, and AB Lee Parker
co-ordinator, said: “This is a
fantastic achievement for the
staff of the Royal Naval Pre-
“By undertaking this level
of qualification it ensures that Need a pusser?
received Operational Service
Medals (OSM) for their recent
deployment to Afghanistan.
PO Key designs, develops
and installs computer systems in
civilian life, and used those skills
RN childcare continues to be
as information systems support
committed to providing quality
manager for 3 Commando
childcare to all our families
and children who use the
organisation for their childcare.”
Three of the staff received
their certificates at a ceremony
in the Crownhill Family Centre Try Helmand...
Brigade RM in Afghanistan, while
Logistician Parker, an ammunition
storeman in the MOD, was
honoured for his role in 45 Cdo’s
stores at Camp Bastion.
Taxi driver AB Edmund
from Capt Charlie King, Captain
Grandison was awarded the
of Devonport Naval Base.
Volunteer Reserve Service Medal
The three who were presented
(VRSM); CPO Helen Bush and
with their certificates were
AFTER a six-month tour of
PO Stephen Wales were awarded
Kathleen Mitchell, from
Afghanistan, the Logistics
bars to their VRSMs while AB
Crownhill Pre-School, Lorraine
Officers (and CPOLOG(Pers)) Adrian Bott received an OSM.
Ellery, from Radford Royal Navy of Headquarters Joint Force
Capt Paul Burnham and Cpl
Childcare Centre, Plymstock,
Support 8 hand over to the
Matthew Harness, from the
and Lydia Chinnock, from the
incoming Joint Force Support
Birmingham Detachment of the
Little Tugs Royal Navy childcare
9 team at Camp Bastion.
RMR, both received VRSMs.
at Plympton.
Three members of HMS
Arriving in theatre in June last
Julie Nixon, from
Sherwood, the Nottingham reserve
year, the JFSP(8) team worked
Eggbuckland Royal Navy Pre-
unit, were honoured by the Prince
school, qualified but was unable
tirelessly in support of some of
at a separate ceremony.
to attend.
the busiest operations since the
CPO Andrew Robinson received
Jo Jenkins also received a
beginning of the Afghanistan
an Op Herrick campaign medal
Level 4 Institute of Leadership
campaign, including Op Panther’s
for his time on the front line
and Management award.
Claw and the Afghan elections.
in Afghanistan, while AB Chris
They all undertook the
Heading off as the year ended
Stanton was presented with an Op
qualification with the support
for some well-earned leave, the
Telic campaign medal for his stint
of the company Achievement
JFSP(8) team are no doubt looking
with Fleet Protection Group RM
forward to exchanging their desert
in Iraqi waters.
Capt King said: “I am
kit for a blue suit and returning
And last but not least, AB Paul
delighted to be presenting
to normal ‘seagoing’ routines –
Dyke picked up his VRSM.
these certificates at NVQ
even if it is on Whale Island or at
Level 4 Childcare, especially
as I am so personally aware
The JFSP(9) team embarked on
A song for
of the importance of these
a six-month tour which promises
qualifications in the childcare
to be just as busy and challenging
before they too return home in
“The reason for my personal
In the meantime, if you are
connection is that I have a
short of a Logistics Officer,
tribute to his son’s efforts, and
two-year-old at the Naval Base
you might look no further than
those of his ship, in the way he
nursery, and I am also the Chair
● From left: Lt Cdr Wright, Cdr David, Lt Cdr Knock, Lt Cdr Hardwick, Lt Imrie, Lt Turner, Capt Kyte, Lt
Camp Bastion in the landlocked
Evans, Cdr Ashman (PJHQ), Lt Cdr Thomas, Lt Smedley, Lt Cdr Russell, Lt Cdr Wells, Lt Cdr Scandling,
knows best – through music.
of Trustees for another naval
Helmand Province, Afghanistan.
Cdr Rance, Lt Cdr Holland, CPOLOG(PERS) McGinn
Picture: PO(CIS) ‘Gilly’ Gilbertson
Steve Atkinson’s son ‘Ron’ is
nursery at Crownhill.”
serving in HMS Lancaster, on
anti-piracy duty east of Suez.
VIPs on hand
“I write songs, and when he
went off for seven months I came
for milestone
FOST pass – and a
up with one, pretty much a tribute
to HMS Lancaster and those who
serve in her,” said Steve.
IF you are going to notch up a
Blue Peter badge
The track (“it’s not sentimental
milestone in your flying career,
or boring stuff, it’s a rock track”,
you might as well do it with a
said Steve) is called Ron, has been
couple of VIPs on board, so they
professionally recorded and is
can help mark the occasion.
available to hear on the Navy News
So when Lt Jon Wade achieved
THERE is always a bit of pressure Walton joined the ship’s teams
website – go to www.navynews.
his 2,000th hour while aloft
applied to a ship when the Flag ashore in Plymouth to get some
with Michael Aron, the British
Officer Sea Training (FOST) experience of the action on the
Ambassador to Kuwait, and
teams are on board. disaster exercise site.
Cdre James Morse, CTF Iraqi
So you might as well add a bit Kate played the role of a TV
Maritime, on a VIP sortie, there more, in the shape of a camera
journalist covering the disaster,
was not much debate over who from an iconic TV programme.
while Joel got busy with the ship’s
Outstanding Pete
should hand over a bottle of Assault ship HMS Albion
team, helping the fire-fighters and A RATING from HMS Illustrious
bubbly as soon as the Merlin completed her operational sea
repairing burst pipes. has won a merit award for his
landed. training package on a very wet and
Cdr Geoff Wintle, Commander ‘outstanding contribution to
Lt Wade, currently serving blustery day under surveillance
Logs of the assault ship, said: “It operational capability’.
in HMS Monmouth in the from the BBC’s Blue Peter.
was great fun working with the POAEM Pete Maskell attended
Gulf, said: “I feel privileged to FOST staff are renowned for
Blue Peter team – their enthusiasm the Worshipful Company of
have achieved this professional their challenging make-believe
and willingness to get stuck in was Lightmongers annual dinner,
milestone on an operationally- scenarios, such as floods and fires,
in true Blue Peter style.” where he was presented with the
deployed warship. and attacks from missiles, planes
David Rowden Merit Award, marina Albion in Norway – see pages
“The champagne was a total or submarines that they launch
23-25 worth £750.
surprise – I had no idea that the onto ships in a mock conflict and
Flight knew that this sortie was
● And while we are featuring Royal Navy personnel deployed ashore,
other exercises.
my 2,000th hour.”
four matelots could still be found supporting Operation Althea in
These can take place while
Lt Wade is now looking
Sarajevo, some 15 years after the end of the confl ict in Bosnia and
Pilots return to roots
the ship and supporting vessels
forward to returning to 824
Herzegovina. Lt Cdrs Willis, McBain, Grayson and Hayden (above)
play the part of a supply convoy,
TWO Royal Navy pilots returned King and chatted to the sailors
NAS, where he is an Instrument
were managing press, finance and CIS issues for the 26-nation
relieving a ‘threatened country’ in
to their old stamping grounds to about life in the Navy and the role
Rating Instructor.
EUFOR mission which continues to ensure a safe and secure
the shape of familiar parts of the
help keep the Senior Service in the of the Fleet Air Arm.
environment for the development of stability
West Country.
public eye. Lt Hall, who hails from the
Top technicians
Like mother, like son...
Or the challenge might be a
First on the list was Greater Manchester area, said: “It is a real
mock humanitarian exercise.
Manchester, where Lt Jim Hall thrill to be able to bring one of our
TWO trainees based at Culdrose In the latter scenario Albion, dropped in on Our Lady’s RC helicopters to this area, as it helps
have been presented with Air A MOTHER and son have just just completed basic training at complete with Blue Peter crew, High School at Higher Blackley strengthen relationships between
Engineering Technician awards. completed training stints at RN HMS Raleigh in Cornwall, and arrived off the ‘town’ of Bull in the morning then hopped over schools and the Royal Navy.”
AET ‘Buck’ Taylor, of 771 establishments. is now embarking on specialist Point in Brittanica to deliver to Woodford Lodge School at The following week it was the
NAS, and AET Daniel Davis, ET(WE) Kerrie Jackson has training as an air engineering humanitarian aid in the wake of Winsford later the following day. turn of Lt Jon Green, originally
of 824 NAS, were presented finished at HMS Collingwood technician at HMS Sultan in Hurricane Sophie – the Navy Jim, who was due to deploy to from Co Durham, to visit schools,
with their awards by Cdr Dave in Fareham and joined Gosport. has a fair amount of experience Afghanistan as Navy News went this time in the North East.
Bartlett, Commander Air Portsmouth-based frigate HMS And watching all this with in restoring stability to nations to press, flies the Mk 7 Airborne Lt Green, also at 854 NAS,
Engineering, for their high level Westminster, undergoing a refit pride is Kerrie’s boyfriend devastated by a natural disaster. Surveillance and Control (ASaC) flew his Sea King to Longfield
of motivation, professionalism at Devonport. Shaun Hopkins, a former green On this occasion, there was version of the Sea King with 854 School and Hurworth Maths
and excellent results attained And a little further west, beret with 42 Cdo, who now added pressure as Blue Peter NAS, based at Culdrose. and Computing College in
during their specialist training. Kerrie’s son Jason Jackson has lives in Portsmouth. presenters Joel Defries and Kate Students looked around the Sea Darlington.
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