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Double Ds
on display
TWO little boys had two little toys…
Well, actually two rather big boys (Captains Paddy McAlpine and Richard Powell )…
and two very big toys (8,000+ tons, big gun...).
This is a sight you’ve never seen before: Britain’s £1bn warships at sea, together.
Her Majesty’s Ships Daring (D32) and Dauntless (D33) headed to the RN’s
‘playground’ off the Isle of Wight as work-up for eventual front-line duties.
The sisters conducted speed and communications tests, as well as offi cer of
the watch manoeuvres in tandem before parting company to carry out individual
Daring is due to be declared operational later this year (she’s lined up for her
inaugural Operational Sea Training off Plymouth this spring).
Her younger sister has slightly longer to go; she only arrived in Portsmouth
just before Christmas, when she was handed over by builders BAE to the Senior
Service. She’s earmarked for commissioning in June and won’t be fi t for action
until some time in 2011.
Embarked on Dauntless for the trials in the Channel was the Commander-
in-Chief Fleet, Admiral Sir Trevor Soar.
“I’m really positive about these ships,” the admiral enthused. “I have
seen them from the very beginning, through the design and planning to the
“It is very much like watching the children growing up. They have been
great kids and now they are growing up to be great adults.”
Dauntless’ CO Capt Powell said he and his 180-strong ship’s company
had learned a lot from the trail blazed by Daring.
“We have been able to build on the successes of Daring over the last
year and in HMS Dauntless we are delivering a warship that the Royal
Navy and the nation will be really proud of,” he added.
If you didn’t see the pair sailing out of Portsmouth or off the Isle
of Wight (and let’s face it: grey ships, grey sea, grey February skies
– there’s a fair chance you didn’t...), then fear not for Daring and
Dauntless will be stars of the show at the Fleet’s key public event
of 2010.
You’ll be able to look around both at Navy Days from Friday July
30-Sunday August 1.
Also lined up for the three-day event is newly-revamped RFA
Argus which doubles as a casualty treatment/aviation training
Other attractions confi rmed so far include two Type 23 frigates,
an Italian warship, the Royal Marines Display Team, the Royal
Navy Black Cats helicopter display team, Army parachute and
motorcycle displays, fi eld gun runs and a military band.
Tickets range in price from £16 to £19.50 (£55 for a family
ticket), although discounts of up to ten per cent are available
in advance.
Details at or 023 9283 9766.
The show alternates between Portsmouth and Plymouth
every other year.
pictures: la(phots) alex cave and simmo simpson, frpu east
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