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Globe, laurel
and anchor?
IT WAS not my intention to ruffl e ...IT IS not in my nature to keep
any feathers with my comments a story ongoing from month to
about where the Royal Marines month but I must take up the
stand within the Royal Navy cudgels against Mr Crawford
(Comment, December) (affectionately addressed as
My sincere apologies for that. ‘Crackers’ no doubt) when he
I was trying to make a strong wrote about the Dabtoes carrying
point that we are 100 per cent the Royals ashore at our most
Royal Navy and should under famous battle.
no circumstances be If he goes back
taken as Army, as a to his history books
lot of civilians tend he will discover that,
to think. far from carrying the
The number of Marines ashore to
elderly people and prevent them from
youngsters I’ve getting their feet wet,
spoken to here in they actually hove to
Pompey that don’t and dumped them
know who the Globe in the shallows, then
and Laurel cap raising sail, turned
badge belongs to is about and vacated
quite astounding. the area.
What do readers Being already
think about changing soaked to the skin
our cap badge to Globe, Laurel (but keeping their powder dry)
and Anchor (see inset)? they stayed in the sea, walked
This may sound like a drastic around the Rock and attacked the
SSeeeing DD’double
move, but it isn’t really. enemy in the rear.
Think about it. It was a resounding victory,
The Army have the Parachute which could never have come to
I WAS down the Clyde opposite BAE at Clydebank, and as there
Regiment with wings to show they pass if the ‘dabtoes’ had done
were four Type 45 Daring-class destroyers all together it was too
are airborne, so why not have an their duty and carried them ashore
good a chance to miss them – so I took this photo (see left).
anchor in our cap badge, to show and got their own feet wet in the
It shows Dauntless as the outboard ship, D33, on her inside is
we are seaborne? process.
the Diamond, D34, to the left in the drydock is Defender, D36, and
We have it on the crest, sure. – Bernard Hallas, Haxby,
I’m afraid I did not manage to photograph the top hamper of the
But we don’t wear the crest on our York
Dragon, D35, which is in drydock behind the shed to the left of
covers (lids). This is after all the
21st century. ...IN REPLY to Ian Campbell, the
I served on a Daring class, HMS Diana (D126) from October 1960
To finish with, why do we second verse of Kipling’s poem
to September 1962 as an ME1.
salute the same as the Army? Why Soldier and Sailor too goes:
My photo of the older Daring-class ships was taken in Helsinki in
not like the Navy? For there isn’t a job on the top
the late summer of 1962 when the ships were open to visitors.
I do hope Messrs Bernard of the earth the beggar don’t know
HMS Duchess is alongside the jetty, with HMS Diamond and Diana
Hallas, T H Crawford and Tom nor do –
outboard. Bermuda’s stern can just be seen ahead of Daring’s.
Smith and everyone else who You can leave ‘im at night on a
The three Darings were part of the 5th Destroyer Squadron along
responded to my initial letters take baldman’s ‘ead, to paddle ‘is own
with Crossbow and Battleaxe.
the time to think about it. canoe –
– Norrie Thirrouez, Moodiesburn, Glasgow
I served 16 years and was, and ‘E’s a sort of blooming
am, proud to have served under cosmopolouse –
the White Ensign. Soldier and sailor too.’
I feel very passionate about this So there you are Ian Campbell
Open arms
Medal matters
subject. Maybe a few Admirals – you chooses yourself and you
will read this. takes your pick!
IN Across the Generations (January, LS&GC and not his GC badge
– Ian Campbell, Southsea, – R F Hallam, Beeston, in Ajax
page 14) it states that AB Mark – or is this a typing error on your you sew
Hants Nottingham
Cottis was awarded his Good part?
I READ with great interest about
Conduct Badge. – J Bowen, King’s Lynn,
HMS Ajax (January) especially
He already has three GC badges. Norfolk much
the last four or five paragraphs
I suggest that he is holding his
...I RETIRED from the Navy in I AM a degree student studying
about the town of Ajax, near
ancestor’s Long Service and Good
1991 after 39 years’ service. embroidered textiles.
Conduct Medal.
My next module focuses on 20th
I remember quite clearly
Rather different and more
Reading correspondence in
and 21st century embroidery.
visiting this town in 1965 while
Navy News about the LS&GC
Recently my mother gave me
serving on HMS Torquay.
– Cdr Peter Selfe, Fareham,
medal has resurrected the feeling
a bundle of table linen, and it
We were part of the Dartmouth
I have always had of being ‘seen
off’ because the regulations do not
transpired that the treasures
Training Squadron along with
...I THINK you had what we
consider me eligible.
contained a table cloth, beautifully
Tenby and Scarborough,
septuagenarians would call a
The regulations state that an
crocheted by my grandmother.
showing the flag in North ‘senior moment.’ officer shall be eligible for award My mother tells me that while
America. AB Mark Cottis was awarded of the LS&GC medal if 12 or my grandfather was fighting at
We went into the Great Lakes his RN LS&GC medal and is more of the 15 years’ service the front in World War 1 my
via the St Lawrence River and holding his great-grandfather’s
requirement has been in the ranks
grandmother worked on this
Seaway, calling at Montreal LS&GCM – it is a medal for
and provided that the other criteria
and Quebec before visiting our 15 years of good conduct, not a
have been met.
History was repeated when my
assigned posts. badge.
Having joined as a Boy Seaman
mother became a Wren and met
The reception in Toronto was – Michael O’Brien,
at 15, I was commissioned as an
my father, who was serving in the
● A typical motor minesweeper, about 119 of which were built.
fantastic. Biggleswade, Beds
SD Officer at 27, which meant
Navy. He was an engineer. While
Photo supplied by Bill Day
Members of the Toronto
...I KNOW things have changed that I only achieved nine years’
he was at sea in HMS Illustrious
Crossing a stormy pond
RNVR made us welcome at their
since I left the Royal Navy. man’s time from the age of 18 (the
my mother stitched a tablecloth,
HQ Club and the townsfolk of
Congratulations to AB Mark other criteria.)
this time embroidered.
Ajax invited the ship’s company
Cottis on receiving his third Good So if 39 years isn’t long service,
The final link in the chain is
to a sports tournament which myself. I was in the QARNNS
READING Small ships in a big a small shipyard in Methagan on
Conduct badge. what is?
was readily accepted – and a and met a Surgeon Lt who was to
pond (December) stirred my the bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia.
But that is his grandfather’s – Lt Cdr John Pope (Ret’d)
fabulous time was had by all become my husband.
memories of a North Atlantic Despite being split up due
those who attended. He went to sea in HMS
crossing I made (I am now 90) to severe bad weather, they all
But of course, in 1965 it was Glamorgan for 18 months. While
and I sympathised with the crew arrived, albeit a bit battered, safely
nowhere near the size it is now
Facebook fans
he was away I did a piece of
of HMS Quorn. between nine and 12 days later.
– certainly not 800 streets! canvas work. It was the officer’s
In August 1943 the The flotilla did sterling work
I cannot recall what the
I AM an AB serving at HMS Tuesday last month and with-
cap badge.
newly-commissioned 104th in the Channel during D-day
outcome of the tournament was,
Drake and I have just set up in 48 hours it had more than
I knew nothing of the history of
Minesweeping Flotilla set sail including clearance of the Seine
maybe some old shipmates
a Facebook group called 1,000 members, way beyond my our family stitching when our men
from St John’s Newfoundland – estuary.
Shipmates Reunited. expectations. were serving away and wonder if
destination Londonderry. I served on MMS 244 as
What I can say is thanks to
The idea is to get sailors old This group is making a big through Navy News you could ask
These four purpose-built Leading Wireman, having joined
Navy News and the people of and new to join this group and impact on Facebook and I would your readers if they have similar
minesweepers, MMS 242, 243, in January 1940 and left in 1947
Ajax, Toronto, for wonderful then they can look for old ship- like to publicise it through your stories to tell and have found
244, 245 were 250-tons, 105- as Petty Officer Wireman.
memories. mates who they thought they pages. solace in using a needle?
feet on the waterline and shallow – W J Day, Rhos on Sea,
– Don Bowman, POMA(D) might have lost contact with. – AB Gaz Seeley, – Sue Flood, Devizes,
draught built entirely of wood at Conwy
Wellingborough, Northants The group was set up one HMS Drake Wiltshire
GONE ARE the days when a young lad, attracted perhaps by a jolly website, among other impressive ‘cutting-edge’ features.
‘Join the Navy, see the world’ poster, walked into his local recruiting The scheme worked, the iPhone App received over 60,000 Leviathan Block, HMS Nelson, Portsmouth PO1 3HH
office, had an aptitude test and was signed up for one branch or downloads in its first four weeks and is still going strong.
another. We quill-pushers at Navy News have joined the march of March 2010 no.668: 56th year
Nowadays new technology has taken over, with a new vocabulary technology too, perhaps not in the front row, but not so far behind.
to go with it. First we had a website, then our e-edition, now we, like AB Gaz
Editorial Business
Potential engineer officers, for instance, are assessed by the Seeley (see Comment above) have ventured into Facebook, with a
Managing editor: Business manager:
Navy’s recruiters as being ‘tech-savvy optimistic achievers’ and page of our own, where we were delighted to see that we already
Sarah Fletcher (023 9272 4194) Lisa Taw 023 9272 0494
targeted accordingly. have a few ‘fans’.
Editor: Mike Gray Subscriptions 023 9272 6284
When the recruiters wanted to find these engineer officer Not all of our older readers embrace this technology wholeheartedly.
(023 9272 5136)
candidates recently, they worked out that the best way to reach For every ‘silver surfer’ there is one who finds even the present is
News editor: Richard Accounts 023 9272 0686
them was via mobile phone. Research shows that 97 per cent of another country, let alone the future.
Hargreaves (023 9272 4163) Advertising 023 9272 5062
people in the UK own one. The next few years will doubtless bring more technological
Production editor:
So the recruiters commissioned the Royal Navy iPhone app, advances for us to marvel at – but there will always be room at Navy
Helen Craven (023 9272 5067) Graphics and reproduction:
complete with interactive game, call-back facility and links to the News for the good old hand-written letter.
Fax 023 9283 8845 023 9272 2010
The views expressed in this paper do not necessarily reflect the views of the MOD Fax 023 9283 0149
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