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Antarctic Ocean
● Mid-ocean coxswain
and bowman training
in the South Atlantic
The ASPA located at Byers After a few days operating in the stores and mail to this remote to me – not least those of working
Peninsula on Livingston Island Bransfield Strait, Scott stopped outpost. quickly and of remaining upright
was the first survey for the BAS off at Half Moon Island, where To capture the breathtaking while doing so.”
and FCO personnel on board. representatives from the FCO and scenery and beauty of Antarctica With Scott’s tasking successfully
Accompanied by the Royal BAS led an informal base visit. LA(Phot) Kaz Williams and artist completed and the South Orkney
Marine cold weather specialists, Base visits can be conducted Rowan Huntley spent a great deal Islands fading into the horizon the
they surveyed one of Antarctica’s by any signatory nation of the of time braving the elements on ship returned north to continue
most important locations for Antarctic Treaty on another the upper deck. with the remainder of her
terrestrial biology. nation’s base to ensure that Rowan joined Scott for the time deployment; she is due to return
Between base visits Scott all treaty obligations are being in Antarctica, having been selected to Plymouth in early May.
conducted survey operations adhered to, with particular respect and sponsored by the Friends of Cdr Hesling said: “We are
within the Bransfield Strait, being paid to not having any the Scott Polar Research Institute proud to be playing our part in
collecting over 3,000 square adverse impact and preservation (SPRI). helping to protect the Antarctic.
miles of multibeam survey data, of the local environment. Rowan said: “I’m the lucky “Everyone on board recognises
providing unprecedented detail of One of the most memorable recipient of the first Artist the importance of this fragile
the ocean floor within the strait places for the ship’s company was Residency offered by the Friends and unspoiled environment and
– including the discovery of two the visit to Port Lockroy, requiring of Scott Polar Research Institute its value to science especially in
uncharted underwater volcanoes the ship to steam into an inlet and the Royal Navy. understanding climate change.”
of significant size within the strait. surrounded by mountains and “For 15 years I’ve specialised In the summer Scott is due
This detailed data will glaciers. in painting snowy, glaciated to visit Cardiff to take part in
provide information allowing Port Lockroy is a heritage site mountain environments, but never the 100th anniversary of Captain
for the development of high- which is run and maintained by before from a large, moving ship. Scott sailing for his final Antarctic
resolution navigational charts of the British Antarctic Heritage “I’m hugely enjoying the expedition – an appropriate gesture
the Bransfield Strait, setting the Trust, and Scott was able to lend specific challenges that such an by a ship so recently breasting the
standard for future surveys. her support by delivering essential unusual residency has presented waters of the far South.
The data Scott gathers is usually
classified, but her Antarctic work ● A whale broaches near the
is unclassified and will be of ship off Melchior Island
immense value to the scientific
community, greatly helping the
understanding of the geological
construct of the frozen continent.
It will also provide valuable
information on glacial effects in
the underwater domain.
There are also safety issues
– Antarctica is a popular cruise
destination, with more than
35,000 tourists visiting during
2008-09, the vast majority to the
Antarctic Peninsula.
● Contented wildlife at Half
Moon Island, Yankee Harbour, in
● Cdr Hesling at the grave of
Ord Tel Neville Milburn in Montevideo
● Scott at Port Lockroy
● LLogs(Pers) Walsh at the graves
of Argentine whalers who died at
Signy Island
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