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goes green
before refit
Healthier fare at
Boat in
build has
tilt at gun
Illustrious has proved her green
credentials as she enters refit on
the Forth.
The warship’s recycling
programme switched to overdrive
Faslane health fair
run prize
THE Silent Service is about to
on her arrival at RNAD Crombie
enter what is claimed to be its first
to start shedding stores and
team into a historic Field Gun
equipment prior to docking down
FOOD was high on the agenda
in Rosyth.
at the second annual Clyde Naval
HMS Ambush, currently being
Led by her French liaison
Base Freshers’ Fayre and Healthy
built by BAE Systems in Barrow-
officer, S/Lt Julien Salis, a team of
Lifestyle day.
in-Furness, is thought to be the
four initially sifted through eight
A number of departments
first submarine in the history of
cubic metres of gash to recover
and clubs set up stalls in the
the Royal Navy to enter a field gun
anything re-useable or recyclable.
Sportsdrome, telling workers about
crew for the annual Brickwood
A recycling station was set up in
the benefits of staying healthy and
Trophy competition at HMS
the hangar, and over the first three
giving them the run-down on the
Collingwood in Hampshire.
days more than 28 cubic metres of
many associations and pastimes
The field gun competition is
material was collected.
available on the base.
infamous for being the world’s
Lusty’s First Lieutenant, Lt
One of the most popular stalls
toughest team sport, calling for
Cdr Mike Walker, who suggested
was that of the base’s catering
leadership, camaraderie, courage
the increased recycling effort,
and passion.
said: “The Royal Navy takes
Setting up their mobile kitchen
Teams compete for a trophy
environmental issues very seriously,
equipment in the gym, the chefs
which was presented by the
and we were keen to ensure that as
prepared a tasty and healthy
Portsmouth-based brewery in
a ship we could recycle as much
oriental-style salmon fillet with
1907 in recognition of the heroic
material as possible and reduce
stir fry noodles that had mouths
qualities needed to succeed on the
our impact on the environment.”
field gun track.
Illustrious arrives at Rosyth
Ambush’s team will be made up
– page 10
“The idea is to show people
of 18 crew members with seven
how easy it is to prepare a healthy
Hangars are
‘spares’ in case of injury.
and nutritious meal,” explained
Key members of the team are
CPO Steve Benn.
Coxswain Steve Thorpe, who will
handed over
“After a busy day at work
be the No 1 trainer, WO2 Andy
there’s the temptation to pick up
Coomes, who will be the team
the phone and order a chippy or
captain, Lt Cdr Ian Molyneux,
A SQUADRON hangar and offices
Chinese meal.
who has the privilege of being
at RN air station Culdrose has
“But it doesn’t have to be like
the Gunnery Officer, and POPT
been handed over to Ascent Flight
that. The meal we’ve prepared
Stu Conder, who will have the
Training for major refurbishment
today is good for you, tastes
thankless task of getting the team
as part of the UK Military Flying
great and, best of all, only takes
into peak physical condition.
Training System (UKMFTS)
15 minutes from preparation to
The field gun competition is
a commemoration of an action
The rationalisation programme
The base’s Adventurous Training
that occurred in 1899 during the
will see RN and RAF crews
department was represented by
Boer War which prevented the key
train in navigation and radar
Sgt Roger Palin, fresh back from
British garrison town of Ladysmith
procedures at Culdrose, and the
winter mountain training at Glen
in Natal falling to the Boers.
refurbishment paves the way for
Roger’s department has a full
As Boer troops advanced,
the arrival of new King Air aircraft,
programme of events for Royal
an urgent message was
which will replace the Jetstreams
Navy and Royal Marines, including
sent requesting that Naval
and set the standard for observer
summer mountain leader training,
fi eld guns be rushed to
and navigator training.
canoeing, climbing wall, mountain
Ladysmith from HMS
The £52 million project should
biking and exercises in the
Powerful, over 100 miles
see the new training regime in
away in the port of Durban.
place by next year.
On the medical front, both The guns were transported
Data decision
the base’s Medical Centre and ● Clyde Naval Base catering department’s Logs(CS) Joe McCafferty cooks up a storm at the event overnight by train to Ladysmith,
the Dental Department were
Picture: LA(Phot) AJ Macleod
whereupon a Naval Brigade of 280
THE Stonewood Group has been represented on the day. Nurse men unloaded and manhandled
selected by General Dynamics Maureen Anderson and MA Arran
featuring a variety of drinks. “It’s the old message,” said – the HMS Neptune Sailing Club, them to the front just in time to
UK Ltd to design and develop the Stratton were informing visitors
Wine, beer, cider, fruit juice, Jenny, “everything in moderation. Neptune Ski and Snowboarding check the advancing Boers.
on-board encrypted data storage of the dangers of too much salt
water, Coke, smoothies and Irn- Brushing is, of course, also Club, the Archery Club and the The town was surrounded and
systems for the AgustaWestland – challenging them to guess the Bru were all present, and visitors essential, and we’ve brought Royal Navy and Royal Marines besieged on November 2 1899 but
AW159 Lynx Wildcat helicopter. sodium levels in some popular fast had to guess which ones contained along an electric toothbrush and Amateur Rowing Association held out for four months until its
The bespoke systems will food meals. the most sugar – and it surprised different heads to show what the were all there, demonstrating relief on 28 February 1900.
be used in both RN and Army From salt to sugar, and most to learn it wasn’t the booze best options are.” equipment and chatting to anyone This feat of arms caught the
aircraft to protect mission and Jenny Thornhill of the Dental or the goffer, but rather the Those looking for a pastime were who might be interested in taking public imagination and the Field
communications system data. Department manned the display smoothies. spoilt for choice during the event up the sport. Gun Tournament was established.
The tournament was originally
Anti-piracy initiative lauded
Learning centre opens
held at Earls Court in London until
1999, when HMS Collingwood
took up the mantle.
THE Royal Navy’s anti-piracy IT communication tool allows ships
At this year’s competition, apart
initiative was named as a finalist of all nations, military and civilian, THE Fleet Air Arm Museum exhibition room, and has been involved with the Heritage Lottery
from the major shore bases, only
in the e-Government national to instantly share vital information at Yeovilton has opened a new fitted with new desks, chairs, funded ‘Their Past Your Future 2’ one ship has submitted a team.
awards. and thus react rapidly to a piracy learning centre to strengthen its flooring, projection equipment project, and has produced a set The HMS Collingwood Open
In partnership with Polymorph threat. education programme. and a bank of computer desks with of web-based resources that help Day, featuring the RN Field Gun
and on behalf of the EU’s maritime The category, Excellence in
Sponsored by AgustaWestland, software explaining the history of improve youngsters’ knowledge
competition, is on Saturday June
campaign off Somalia, the Shared Service, was won by the
the new facility occupies around flight. and understanding of the impact
Operation Atalanta collaborative Kent Public Service Network.
80 square metres in a former Every year the museum and significance of conflict.
And just to make sure Lady
welcomes more than 14,000 The project has filmed Luck is on their side, the Ambush
No butts – it’s
school and college students to take interviews with numerous veterans, team has a historical link with the
part in a wide range of National including Henry Allingham, the Siege of Ladysmith.
Curriculum-based activities. Navy veteran who died last year at PO ‘Al’ Grover, who is working
For some it could be an the age of 113. within the support staff of the
time to quit
‘evacuation special’, where All 15 education packs, field gun team, discovered that his
primary school children dress in including the films and supporting great-great uncle was Pte Charles
1930s clothes and learn what it resources, will be available Grover of the Rifle Brigade, who
was like to be evacuated from for teachers and students to was injured during the siege and
home. complement their history and removed from the front line on
THE smouldering looks, the ash-grey barnet– yes, it’s that
For others it could be science citizenship studies.
December 11 1899.
time of year when Big Cig steps into the spotlight.
and technology-based activities to The packs will also appeal
The actions that resulted in his
National No Smoking Day – and the tenth anniversary of
tie in with a college curriculum. to anyone with an interest in
injury also earned him the Queen’s
Military No Smoking Day – is on March 10, and the Royal
The museum has been heavily aviation.
South Africa medal and bar.
Navy is again doing its bit to help matelots and bootnecks
kick the habit.
All RN and RM units have been strongly encouraged to
organise their own campaign to persuade smokers to quit,
using the expertise of the Medical Department and unit
Safety drive is yielding results
Smoking Cessation Advisors.
This year’s theme – of breaking free, depicted by a broken
CLYDE Naval Base is slashing the programme for new joiners. “After all, it’s in everybody’s best
chain of cigarettes – has been developed in collaboration
number of accidents and bumping Workers at Clyde have grown interests that they keep safe and
with smokers themselves.
up reporting procedures in a safety accustomed to the numerous well and look out for one another.”
Organisers hope this year’s campaign is as effective as
initiative – and central to that is a IIF signs, posters and displays IIF is not a set of rules and
NSD 09; across the UK it is estimated that one in ten
new training centre. which have popped up around the regulations, but an attempt
smokers kicked the habit – up to 900,000 people.
Naval Base Commander Cdre site developing from a puzzling to elevate workers’ personal
All RN and RM units were given NSD packs containing
Chris Hockley and Managing acronym to an initiative that has awareness and responsibility to
starter material to enable local campaigns to take place.
Director of Babcock Craig permeated the entire base. safety, educating them to always
The NSD website,,
Lockhart cut the ribbon to open Launched at the base in April think safely.
contains a considerable amount of additional information
the base’s new IIF Venue, the new 2008, the programme has been “We have even rolled out
to assist units with their campaigns at a local level, and
home of Incident and Injury Free, constantly striving to put people’s a programme to first-year
comes highly recommended.
the successful programme which wellbeing first and to send them apprentices at Clydebank College,”
Four ‘Big Cig’ costumes are available on loan to help
the base uses to promote safety in home safely each day. said Mark.
units with their campaigns.
the workplace and beyond. “People on the base have “Also, orientation leaders
Units who wish to bid for a ‘Big Cig’ costume should
Within the first year of IIF being perceptions about what IIF is all travelled to Barrow-in-Furness
forward details of their campaign, using the proforma
adopted, there was a 256 percent about,” said Mark Eltringham, before HMS Astute was launched
at Annex A of TEM 20100209, dated 09 Feb 10, to Lt increase in near-miss reporting, senior IIF co-ordinator. and introduced BAE support staff
D Wylie by Wednesday March 3. coupled with a 48 per cent decrease “It is part of our job to change and crew members to IIF ahead of
The four most innovative applications that best portray in reportable accidents. these and to show workers that her arrival at the base.
the ‘Big Cig’ on NSD will be allocated the costumes. Almost 4,000 base workers have what it’s actually about is taking “We have also been invited to
been through an IIF orientation, personal ownership for the deliver the orientation session to
● Big Cig on an outing in 2008
and it has become a mandatory responsibility for safety. the crew of Ambush next.”
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