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y East of Suez
Highlights for Monmouth LS Kev Garrett, a warfare we can expect is the shore-side
included a surface warfare serial specialist on Monmouth, said: guys bringing the freshwater hoses
against FS Primauguet, a 12-hour “The exercise has been valuable as or the post – it was a bit different
‘battle’ which proved extremely it allowed us to test our reactions to have a squad of cheerleaders
useful in practising detection, to a variety of scenarios we could turn up.”
tracking and missile release – and face whilst on task in the Gulf. And finally, in this far-from-
proved a warm welcome for the “To see the capabilities of the comprehensive round-up of affairs
French ship, which had arrived in other nations was impressive, and in the region (we’ll have lots more
theatre only 30 hours previously. we’ve definitely learnt a lot from in our next edition), two ships
One of the Principal Warfare how they operate.” which are heading towards the
Officers on board HMS Turning to dry land, members Suez Canal.
Monmouth, Lt Cdr Paul of the crew of HMS Atherstone The ship’s company of HMS
Coverdale, said: “The serial was took a break from their busy St Albans made the most of a
fantastic, allowing both sides to deployment by going for a run sunny weekend stop in Gibraltar
fully test their warfare teams. in Bahrain when they took part to banish the memories of cold
“The French proved extremely in the Seef Mall Half Marathon snaps in the UK.
capable opponents and really challenge. Sport was very much the order
pushed us to our limits.” The event started outside the of the weekend; apart from the
Stakenet Plus also provided an Seef Mall in the heart of the city, almost-obligatory Rock Run, the
opportunity for the Black Duke’s snaked its way to an outlying lasses from the ship lost to a well-
boarding teams, both green berets island, then back again to complete drilled HM Forces netball team.
and ship’s company, to board the the 13 miles plus. Rugby players and footballers
USS Cleveland, whose sailors LD Johnnie Heightley was trained and others managed to fit
really got stuck in to their role and the first of the team to finish, in some golf, sailing... and watching
put Monmouth’s Blue and Green in a respectable 1h 45m, closely the start of the Six Nations rugby
teams through their paces. followed by CO Lt Cdr Gordon competition on the telly.
The search and rescue aspect Ruddock. As Navy News went to press
of the exercise centred round For those who suffered in the the Saint was heading further east
UAENS Ban Yas, with the heat of the race, the afternoon on her six-month deployment to
UAE fast attack craft sustaining took a turn for the better when the the Gulf.
simulated ‘damage’ after a fire in cheerleaders from the Baltimore And as Navy News went to press,
her engine room. Ravens American football team Hunt-class mine countermeasures
Monmouth sent her search and arrived on board. vessel HMS Middleton was due to
rescue teams, including medical Gunnery Officer S/Lt Ross set off from Portsmouth to take on
care, to aid the ‘debilitated’ vessel. Goodley said: “Usually the best her share of duties in the Gulf.
● This page, right: HMS Monmouth’s Green Team in the sea boat; a fi refi ghting exercise on board
Monmouth; Air Engineer ‘Higgy’ Higinbotham on force protection duty on board Monmouth as she
comes alongside in Dubai, close to RFA Bayleaf; (below) HMS Chatham’s Lynx airlifts an ill sailor from
the MV Zakynthos; crew members from UAE patrol craft Ban Yas on board Monmouth during a rescue
exercise in the Gulf; Chatham’s RM boarding team helps a fi shing dhow; opposite page, from top left,
a US Coast Guard sailor from USCG Typhoon training on board Monmouth; Leading Weapon Engineer
‘Gogsy’ Donald, LLogs (CS) ‘Mary’ Winehouse and AB ‘Taff’ Warner during a fl ight deck crash exercise on
Monmouth; activity over Monmouth on Kuwaiti Staff College Sea Days Monmouth pictures: LA(Phot) Stu Hill
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