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ISIN, but no cake
FROM its beginnings in 1976, the Inter-
eventually led to the skipper being suspended –
Services Indoor Hockey competition
the third time in the past three years that the side
(ISIN) has evolved into a nine-match
had ended a game a man down.
After a 12-3 triumph for the Army U23 over
event with each game split into their RAF counterparts, the RN were back on
20-minute halves with a fi ve-minute
court in the shape of the ladies up against the
breather in between.
Only six of the RN’s 13-strong U23 squad were
The result was a bit of a drubbing: 11-1.
able to attend the training session before their
PO(AEA) Kate Newcombe was the only sailor to
clash with the RAF – and it showed. Luckily, the
get on the scoresheet in a game described as the
RAF were also all at sea, so it took a while for the
ISIN equivalent of Arsenal vs Gosport.
match to get going.
The clash of Army and RN men was a far
When it did, Lee Milton gave the RN the lead,
closer affair – although a slew of wasted chances
followed by strikes from Richard Green, Nick
ensured they were 6-2 down with six minutes to
Tate and Callum Watkins.
play. A late fight-back clawed the score to 6-5,
A stronger second-half performance saw the
but time ran out. The three-year run of ISIN titles
RAF pulled back to within two goals at 5-3 before
was over.
Mne Jim Ewing closed the scoring to seal a 6-3
The Army-RN U23 brought the Senior Service
RN victory.
involvement in the tournament to a close and
It’s been 21 years since the Navy women have
was a low-scoring encounter thanks to two very
lifted the ISIN title. And 2009 continued that
strong defences. Matt Balcombe got on the
barren spell, sadly, although the ladies put a
scoresheet for the Navy – the only sailor to do so
spirited fight against the RAF.
as his side went down 3-1 and the soldiers won
A series of stray RN passes – and Air Force
the U23 championship.
interceptions – gave the Crabs a 6-2 lead at the
In the deciding ladies match, the Army
break. Yet with just three minutes on the clock,
overcame the RAF 8-5 to take the title, while the
the Senior Service had pulled scores back to
RAF and Army men served out a 6-6 thriller. Goal
difference ensured the team in light blue lifted
It was as close as they were going to get,
the ISIN trophy.
however. Two late scores killed the game and
Still, at least the Royal Navy had something
the RAF ran out 9-6 winners – but observers
to cheer in the Inter-Services Inter-Command
reckoned the RN Ladies put in their best
tournament between the six best sides in Forces
performance in more than two decades.
The RN-RAF senior sides brought the first Naval Air Command and RM flew the flag for
session to an end. The Navy had won the title for the Senior Service.
three years running, with the Air Force lagging Both made it to the semi-finals after the group
far behind. stages. The Royals bowed out at the hands of
But not in 2009: the Navy lacked some first- the aviators, 6-4, but defeated RAF North to take
choice players and then missed a number of early the plate.
chances. Indeed, despite the RN dominating the The fliers continued their winning streak with
first period, the two sides went in at the break a 6-3 victory in the final over the Royal Logistics
tied at 2-2. Corps.
Yet more missed opportunities in the second Both finalists were due to attend the West of
period led to an increasingly wound-up RN side, England finals in Bath as Navy News went to
while the RAF built up a 6-4 lead. Navy protests press.
● PO(AEA) Kate Newcombe (RNAS Yeovilton) brings the ball forward in the 11-1 defeat to the Army,
watched by RN keeper Lt Cdr Cathy Lacey (HMS Collingwood) Picture: Lt Col Charles Jackman
We fl ick back through the pages of Navy News to see which stories
were drawing attention in past decades...
Collectors’ Corner
January 1970
Build an exciting and interesting collection of B&W and coloured postcard
IT is not often you see a submarine officer in best uniform, including his hat, on horseback and Navy
News thought so too when it printed an action shot of Lt Edwin Atkinson astride a thoroughbred
sized photographs of ships and aircraft of the Royal Navy and RFA’s.
horse, successfully clearing a difficult competition jump. (Sadly no print available – Ed.)
A rider of some renown, Lt Atkinson was then serving in HMS Otus, having joined BRNC
Dartmouth in 1962. By 1965 he had taken part in six international events and even won some of
them. As a member of the RN Saddle Club, he ran the RN show-jumping team; to their credit they
Only £12.50 UK £14.50 Overseas
managed to win the Queen’s Plate three years in succession at the inter-service championships
held at Windsor.
January 1980
PREVENTING the tragic flow of illegal immigrants into Hong Kong who were aiming for a better life
Which includes ONE NEW postcard sized photograph
in the then British Colony, both from China and increasingly from Vietnam, was the job of the Royal
of our featured vessel each month.
The Hong Kong Squadron
(some of whom are pictured
right) patrolled at sea using a
series of ageing vessels, such
as HMS Monkton and a variety
of smaller craft, including RM
rigid raiders and the fast patrol
boat HMS Scimitar.
There was also the land
border to protect and that was
being done at the time by 42
Commando RM, but they also
had the added task of keeping
an eye on the Chinese Army,
who were patrolling on their
side of the border. The seven
km of unfenced border the RMs
looked after became known as
42 Street.
Photographs can also be purchased individually for £1.20 each (minimum of three).
The illegal immigrants made the journey often in pitiful, makeshift, unseaworthy craft or they
swam the nearly 20 miles using inadequate buoyancy devices. Most escape attempts happened
Send Cheque/P.O. together with name and address of subscriber to
under the cover of darkness, but hundreds were caught a day. One month in 1979 saw 14,000 men,
women and children passed back to the civilian police; this often meant punishment when they were
Anne Young at…
finally returned to China, but many still tried again and again.
The Naval personnel found it emotionally draining but important work.
Navy News, HMS Nelson, Queen Street, Portsmouth PO1 3HH
January 1990
Or phone on – 023 9272 6284
IT was announced that three more Duke-class ships had been ordered, this time from the Swan
Cheques payable to: Navy News
Hunter yard and they would take four years to fully build and commission. The names chosen were
For orders outside of the UK, payment is to be made by cheque/International Money Order in £ Sterling
HMS Westminster, Northumberland and Richmond.
HMS Norfolk had been commissioned the year before, so all in all there would be nine of these
anti-submarine frigates, either being built or on order. It was agreed at the time that putting the
builds out to competitive tender amongst the commercial shipyards had underlined the benefits of SEND FOR FREE PHOTOGRAPH LIST!
ordering in batches.
(Older photographs will be in Black & White)
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