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Essex units take Choisin Cup
FOLLOWING their success at the
STAFF and cadets across Essex district look adventurous challenges over a weekend. Among the participants was London Area
Corps National Combined Regatta
forward to the Choisin Cup competition – Stances tested such skills as seamanship, Officer Cdr Paul Haines, who got stuck into
in the summer, Stonehaven unit
and their anticipation was rewarded with a first aid, initiative, camp craft and archery. the activities around the park.
has won the Northern Area .22
comprehensive win. Teams have to be self-sufficient in the field, The icing on the cake was the final result.
Montrose Shoot competition for
The competition, at Pippingford Park to navigate between stances, including a night- Essex District took first, second and third
the first time.
training area in East Sussex, tests teamwork, time switch of camp which included a canoe places in the form of Hornchurch, Harlow and
Edinburgh and Clyde South
determination and leadership in a series of crossing of a lake. Walton respectively.
Districts were joint runners-up.
The Stonehaven team,
representing Grampian District,
competed against cadets from
throughout the Northern Area –
Scotland and Northern England
– in the competition at HMS
Malta GC salutes
The cadets in the team were
Kerri Johnston, Michael Smith and
Jordan Rash, and they were coached
by unit First Lieutenant Sean
Fraser. Jordan was also adjudged
to be top shot on the day.
heroes of Taranto
RUISLIP unit chaplain Chris Hall
has been installed in the post of Channel
area chaplain for London.
The ceremony took place
MALTA GC unit wardroom
before the Ruislip AGM, and the held an informal ‘at home’
evening also saw a number of
wine reception on the main
awards being made.
Unit president Capt Dick
deck to celebrate Taranto ELIZABETH College RN CCF
Strange handed awards to Cdt
cadets and members of Guernsey
Charlotte Smith (Attendance The evening started with a
unit TS Sarnia sailed with HMS
and Bearing); Cdt Danielle Bates small private ceremony before
Daring on an overnight trip
(CO’s Trophy); Cdt Jessica Smith
the guests arrived, at which
from Portsmouth to the Channel
(Cadet of the Year, Junior); AC
a flying helmet presented to
Kayleigh Hodges (Cadet of the
Before they sailed they took
Year, Senior); Mne Cdt 2nd Class
TS St Paul by 815 Naval Air
in some Royal Navy history at
Sam Khan (Marine Cadet of the
Squadron was placed on a Portsmouth Historic Dockyard,
Year); Cdt Guinevere Nicholls
pedestal, with the 815 badge then switched to the present when
(Admiral Foster Trophy).
beside it.
they went aboard the state-of-the-
The Still was then piped,
art destroyer.
followed by the order “Attention
While on board the cadets were
GREAT Yarmouth cadets had the
on deck, face aft and salute the
split into two groups so that they
chance to showcase their talents
could tour the ship and become
for defence minister Kevan Jones.
Officers and staff took the
involved in a number of activities.
The Under Secretary of State for
salute as all the names of 815
These included a man overboard
Defence and Minister for Veterans
members written on the helmet
exercise, chart work exercises,
was met by Officer-in-Charge PO
– presented by squadron CO Cdr
steering the ship and dressing up
(SCC) Graeme Richardson and a
Paul Bowers during Taranto Night
in full fire-fighting suits complete
Sea Cadet guard of honour.
2008 – were read out by LC
with breathing apparatus (see
He met cadets and staff at the
Maruska D’Amato.
recently-renovated unit, presenting
When the guests arrived they
A number of cadets are
them with their first burgee.
were served Italian wines (to
considering a career in the Royal
The occasion was also used by
honour the enemy) and canapés
Navy, so the visit gave them an
the local Royal British Legion to
by cadets in half-blues acting as
idea of life on board a warship,
launch their Poppy Appeal.
stewards for the evening.
and the chance to talk to the ship’s
PO Richardson said: “It was
At two minutes to eleven, Mne
company to get an inside view.
a great honour to have such an
Cpl Rebecca Cavlan piped the
They were about to take part
important visitor, and to host the
● The 815 NAS fl ying helmet is saluted during a ceremony before a Taranto Night reception in Malta
Still and two minutes’ silence was
in a flight deck sports session
launch of the Poppy Appeal.”
observed to honour the 42 pilots
Air Arm Swordfish aircraft launched during World War 2 fought over Capt Borg is the officer-in-charge with the Type 45’s clubswinger
and observers who took part in
from HMS Illustrious torpedoed the skies of Malta.” of the new Officer Cadets under when they were called to see the
IN THE early hours of a winter
Operation Judgement.
and bombed the Italian fleet at The Mess President then whom OC Aquilina is training. ship’s CO, Capt Paddy McAlpine,
Tuesday morning CPO Alan Bell,
Mess president Sgt Owen
Taranto, destroying one battleship invited POC Dylan Darmanin and The unit presented Capt who addressed the group and
the officer-in-charge of New
Farrugia then addressed the guests
and damaging two more. Cadet Sgt Zerafa, both of whom Borg with a unit badge, which presented them with large framed
Romney unit, was driving his
and invited unit chairman Lt
Lt Davis said: “The helmet are in the process of joining the was reciprocated by Capt Borg
photos of Daring.
pregnant daughter-in-law 20 miles
(SCC) James Davis RNR (Retd)
embodies the spirit and ethos Royal Navy, and Sgt (SCC) Rene presenting an AFM crest to the
Lt Cdr Angus Essenhigh
to Ashford Hospital when he had
to reflect on Taranto and other
of the men and women of the Aquilina, who has now resigned unit wardroom.
organised the visit, and S/Lt Kim
to make an emergency stop. matters, including the honour felt Fleet Air Arm, namely 815 NAS to become an Officer Cadet in the After the toasts came mess games,
Smith helped supervise the groups
While his son made a 999 call, within the unit at the presentation to whom we are affiliated by Armed Forces of Malta, to join which have now become legendary
on board.
Alan delivered his baby grand- of the flying helmet, representing friendship as Sea Cadets and by him so that they would receive the in their innovation thanks to the
daughter in the back of his car. the affiliation between Malta GC history as Maltese. applause of those gathered. usual multi-talented quartet – unit
Mother and daughter – Lola and 815 NAS, one of the squadrons “It is for us a great honour to Officer in Command Lt (SCC) deputy chairman Daniel Vella, unit
Broads cash
– continued the 15 miles to involved in the Battle of Taranto. salute it, for in so doing we are Donald Montebello RMR thanked treasurer Anna Vella, Sgt (SCC)
hospital by ambulance and both He then went on to talk of the paying tribute to those intrepid Capt Jonathan Borg of the Armed Aquilina and mess president Sgt for staff
are doing well. significance of the raid, when Fleet 815 flyers, especially those that Forces of Malta for attending – (SCC) Owen Farrugia.
Port Talbot youngsters on duty
Easter and PO Dean Harrington
were congratulated by John Ash
LT (SCC) Thomas RNR, the CO of Port Talbot unit, PO Summerfield,
Welsh teams take challenge
of the Broads Authority after
the unit First Lieutenant, POC Summerfield, LC Twomey, AC Thomas
completing their UKCC Level 1
and AC Summerfield were all drafted in to help launch the Poppy NORTH Wales cadets joined colleagues from the Army,
coaches course in canoe/kayak –
Appeal in West Glamorgan.
RAF police and fire brigade to test themselves in a new
gaining excellent qualifications to
Two cadets from the unit also provided a ceremonial guard at the
coach the cadets in their charge.
Cenotaph at Taibach Memorial Park for Remembrance Sunday.
The Crogan Challenge brought together various cadet
The course was conducted over
Barrow group
forces at the invitation of the High Sheriff of Clwyd, Maj several weeks with small courses in
Henry Robertson. safety and rescue finishing off with
There were five tests – the high rope, which needed two long weekends to complete
the cadets to walk across a rope bridge while blindfolded the qualification.
enjoy the Rock
and to trust their guide to get them across; the swamp This project was supported by
crossing, for which they had to use planks and tree the Broads Authority Sustainable
stumps to get their team across; the trailer pull, in which Development Fund with a grant
MORE than 30 members of “We were made to feel extremely
they had to pull a trailer through an obstacle course; of £988, which means cadets will
Barrow unit made a week-long welcome by the Armed Forces
crossing the river by building a rope bridge; and finally, be able to be coached towards
visit to Gibraltar for their annual and the Gibraltar Regiment at
the river rescue – building a raft using barrels, ropes and more qualifications in canoes
camp. Devils Tower Camp, where we
planks to transport a casualty to the other side. and kayaks from their unit near
The 34 cadets and staff were were accommodated.” Though tired at the end the participants never lost Beccles Quay.
guests of the Maritime Naval The week included a day trip to their enthusiasm nor their smiles – some even asked to
Operations centre on the Rock. a water park in Algeciras.
● North Wales cadets on the Crogan Challenge
return for the next challenge
A full programme of activities Oceanic
included a 2½-mile tour of the
tunnels – a fraction of the 34 miles
or so which honeycomb the Rock. New powerboat for TS Sovereign adventure
The unit also managed to get
in some dinghy sailing and power
BARROW unit has taken possession of covers the removal of a motor whaler, CADETS from two Bristol units
boating, while a boat trip off the
its new 21ft powerboat. Viking, Bosun and three Toppers and were granted a rare opportunity
Atlantic coast allowed them to get a
The vessel features an inboard engine, the acquisition of two new motor RIBs, to spend a week aboard helicopter
close look at a school of dolphins.
an enclosed wheelhouse and forward the new 21ft motor boat, six Laser carrier HMS Ocean.
For Sunday service at the King’s
cabin, sea toilet, sink and chart table, Picos and a Laser Bahia. The Avonmouth and Bristol
Chapel the cadets donned their
making it ideal for use in coastal waters The boat was handed over to unit (Adventure) cadets joined around
tropical whites.
to support sailing and other craft. chairman John Hornby by the donors 60 others from around the UK
And no trip to Gibraltar is
Extras include an electric windlass, at the unit’s sailing centre. in Devonport to sail with Ocean
complete without a cable car ride
an eight-man liferaft and a road trailer. CO Lt (SCC) Ted Creighton to Jersey.
to the top to see the Barbary Apes
The boat was paid for through one RNR said: “The 21ft motor boat is a Avonmouth CO Lt (SCC)
and to admire the views over the
significant donation – £32,000 from significant acquisition that completes Barbara Hiller RNR said: “These
Atlantic and Mediterranean.
the Fisher Foundation – and completes a major upgrade to our fleet for which events are important to the
Unit CO Lt (SCC) Ted
a recent upgrade of boats at the Sir our Unit Management Committee have cadets as it gives them a chance
Creighton RNR said: “This is the
John Fisher sailing centre in the town, been working tirelessly on raising funds, to demonstrate what they have
fourth time the Barrow unit has
making the unit less reliant on MOD- and the Sea Cadets of the Barrow unit learned and see the origins of their
visited Gibraltar in the past 20
funded craft. find themselves extremely fortunate for training.
years and this was just as successful
The three-year programme has seen having such a magnificent capability to “As always the cadets were a
as all of the other camps.
investment of more than £60,000 and serve their training needs.” credit to themselves and the unit.”
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