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Rear Admiral James Frederick Thomas warfare role. His fi nal tour of duty in 1971
Salisbury. RNA Redcar and District branch. Perla, P712, Osiris1, Sealion1, Unruly, V11C,
George Salt CB (always known as was Triumph, east of Suez. November 20.
November 20. Aged 88. U1105. Norfolk branch. Aged 88.
Sam). Entered Dartmouth 1958 and after Chief Petty Offi cer Medical Technician
Harry Wildy. PO Cook. Served 1936-51. Ken Bagley. LME. Submarine service
worldwide service in surface ships followed Steve Gane. Served 1973-94. He joined the
Ships included Cyclops, Candytuft, Lord 1946-53. Served in Saga, Artemis, Affray,
his father into submarines, commanding the Medical Branch in 1972 as a trained State
Essenden, London and Sussex. London Totem, Sirdar, RGP. Gosport branch. Age
diesel-electric Finwhale (1969-71), second- Registered Nurse serving at RNH Haslar and
(Yangtze) Association and West Lothian 81.
in-command of the Polaris ballistic missile Plymouth. He later became a Physiological
RNA. November 25. Aged 89. Capt Tom P Berry. Submarine service
submarine Resolution then the nuclear- Measurement Technician. He served in
Lt Cdr David Fairbairn. Mechanical 1958-72. Served in Artful, Cachalot, Oberon.
powered attack submarine Dreadnought RNH Haslar and Gibraltar and onboard
Engineer. Trained on Erebus, Frobisher Welsh branch. Age 79.
(1978-79). He was captain of the Type 42 RFA Engadine during the Falklands war. As
and Vindictive before attending the RN Cdr R Nigel Buckley. Submarine service
guided-missile destroyer HMS Sheffi eld a member of the Surgical Support Team
engineering college at Keyham. During 1953-76. Served in Trespasser, Astute,
during the Falklands War when she was hit he saw action in Iraq and South Turkey on
World War 2 he served on Indomitable in the Sturdy, Andrew, Telemachus, Aurochs,
by an Exocet missile. Although the missile Operation Safe Haven (Kurdish Relief).
Mediterranean, Atlantic and Pacifi c and in the Sentinel, Sealion, Churchill, Cdr SM2.
did not explode, its kinetic energy and its November 10. Aged 55. Barents Sea, Spitsbergen. In the mid-1950s
Dolphin branch. Age 78.
unspent fuel created dense smoke and Lt Cdr Rodney ‘Fred’ Frederiksen. he served on the staff of Flag Offi cer Reserve
Lt Colin Douglas-Smith RANVR.
started a fi erce fi re which quickly raged out He joined the RN in 1966 beginning his Fleet on Vanguard. He was christened and
Submarine service 1941-45. Served in Trusty,
of control and with 20 dead and 24 injured operational career as a Sea Vixen pilot in served onboard Warspite. In retirement he
Trident, H34, Totem. Australia branch. Aged
he had to order his crew to abandon ship. Hermes. He fl ew Phantom jets in the early played an active role in the RBL and the RNA
Several days later Sheffi eld sank while under 1970s before teaching fl ying at RAF Little Bourne branch.
Fred J Dyer. CERA. Submarine service
tow. Immediately after the Falklands War Rissington. In 1977 he attended the Fixed
1939-53. Served in H28, L26, L27, Sealion,
he commanded another Type 42 destroyer, Wing Flying Course and for fi ve years he
Sturdy, P552, Artful, Affray, Telemachus,
Doug Wilson. L/Sea. Served in Orcadia,
Southampton. In 1984 he became Assistant was a test pilot at Boscombe Down. At the
Trusty. Dolphin branch. Aged 87.
Mystic. August 29. Aged 84.
Chief of Staff (Operations) at Fleet HQ breakout of the Falklands War he inveigled
H ‘Jolly’ Rogers. Tel T/O. Submarine
Rene Reunbrouck. Belgian Navy. PO
in Northwood where he managed naval his way onboard Hermes as an extra pilot.
service 1943-48. Served in Oberon, Amphion.
Master Chef. Served in G Lecointe (Cadmus),
operations worldwide, including deployment He was part of the bombing raids giving rise
Exeter branch. Aged 85.
J E Van Haverbeke (Ready). November 13.
to the Persian Gulf and the Falklands, to BBC reporter Brian Hanrahan’s words: “I
Trevor D Shaw. ERA. Submarine service
Aged 79.
evacuation of British nationals from Lebanon, counted them all out, and I counted them
1953-60. Served in Scorcher, Sidon, Selene,
ON January 22 1944 Allied preparation for the attack;
Jim Batten. AB. Served in Plucky.
the clearance of mines in the Red Sea (1985) all back.” During the war he fl ew many
Solent. Lincoln branch. Aged 80.
forces under Major General this failure to head for Rome
November 27. Aged 79.
and surveillance operations against the missions and was mentioned in despatches.
Ivor A Stinson. PO Sto. Submarine service
John P Lucas conducted an quickly provoked Winston
Soviet Navy at the height of the Cold War. He
Afterwards he returned to Boscombe Down SUBMARINERS ASSOCIATION
1948-53. Served in Token, Trespasser,
John H Hawkins. Sto 1. Submarine
Tabard, Solent, Talent. New Zealand branch.
amphibious assault on Anzio Churchill to remark: “I had
worked in defence intelligence (1986-87) and
before taking up command of 800 NAS
as a Rear-Admiral was senior naval member
onboard Illustrious. In 1988 he completed Service 1943-46. Served in Truant, Thorough.
Aged 81.
and Nettuno on the west hoped we were hurtling a at the Royal College of Defence Studies
the naval staff course but hated the desk- Essex branch. Aged 83.
Jim Wilson. L/Sto. Submarine Service
coast of Italy. wildcat into the shore, but
(1988-90). During the fi rst Gulf War (1990-
bound environment and left to join BAE. J E ‘Max’ Horton DSM. CERA. Submarine
1943-46. Served in Oberon1, P555, Spirit,
Service 1940-50. Served in Clyde, Seawolf,
Trident, Sealion1. Scottish branch. Aged 87.
Codenamed Operation all we got was a stranded
91) he was Assistant Chief of Naval Staff
More test fl ying saw him awarded the
and was appointed CB. From 1992 to 1997
Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service P39, Unbending, Unruffl ed, United, Umbra,
Shingle, the objective was to whale.” he was military deputy in Defence Export
in the Air. He trained Indian Naval Pilots, Trump, Alaric. Derbyshire branch. Age 94.
Harold Gant. Served LCI(L) 254.
outflank German forces and During the first month
Services when he retired to become head of
Indonesian pilots before his last job at the Dave R Parsons. PO Tel. Submarine
November 9.
service 1940-53. Served in Upright, Syrtis,
then to attack Rome. following the landings the
marketing for Colebrand Ltd, then director of
simulator at RAF Valley, Wales. September
F Gibbins. Served LCI(L)s 109, 116, 181.
UK ship sales for Vosper Thorneycroft 2001-
27. Aged 62. Templar, Astute, Selene, Token, Tireless,
November 17.
The landing of 40,000 Royal and American Navies 05. He retained the loyalty of the survivors
Jim Paterson. ME(1) ‘Stoker’. Served Aurochs. Merseyside branch. Aged 88.
C Stevens. Served LST 161, Nazarene.
soldiers was supported had 13 ships either badly
in the HMS Sheffi eld Association. December
1951-1963 on Bermuda, Triumph, Ark Royal A ‘Jack’ Reeve. CPO Coxn. Submarine
November 19.
from the sea by five cruisers damaged or lost.
3. Aged 69.
and the Royal Yacht Britannia. November 10. service 1940-46. Served in Pandora, P34,
Trevor Chirgwin, Legion d’Honneur.
Capt Robert Green Royal Fleet
Aged 78. Una, P556, Virtue. Dolphin Branch. Aged 89.
Served LCTs 646, 798, 1217, Gorgon.
(including HMS Delhi), 24 The most serious ship Auxiliary DSC. Always known as Robin
Mike Hudson. Served in Cheviot 1953.
A W ‘Bert’ White. PO TGM. Submarine Vice president of the LST & Landing Craft
destroyers, 238 landing craft casualties for the Royal Navy
he was educated at the Merchant Navy
service 1940-45. Served in Thunderbolt, Association. November 24.
and 62 other vessels. were the sinkings of the
training school HMS Conway. He went to
John Andrews. RO2(G) Submariner and
P511, Seraph, Statesman. Bristol branch. A G Baker. Served LCI(S) 521. November
sea in 1952 as a junior offi cer in the RFA
LRO(G) RNR. Joined at Ganges. Served
Aged 89. 28.
Enemy resistance was cruisers HMS Janus, Spartan tanker Eaglesdale. His fi rst captaincy
in Amphion, Portishead Radio. Member
J E ‘Choppa’ Woodcock. ERA. D Constable. Served LST 7078.
expected to be strong but, and Penelope.
was the tanker Eddyfi rth in 1979. As the
RNARS, RSGB and FOC. November 26.
Submarine service 1941-46. Served in P611, November 29.
in the event, apart from being Six landing ships and
Commanding Offi cer of RFA Sir Tristram
Aged 66.
during the Falklands confl ict of 1982, his
Peter ‘Pete the Feet’ Hewett. PO Cook.
strafed by the Luftwaffe, assault craft were sunk, as ship played an important role in supporting
Served Ark Royal, Eagle, Ganges. Retired
the landings were largely were three Liberty ships
the successful San Carlos Bay landings with
1974 ater 22 years service. December 2.
Contact sheet
unopposed. carrying ammunition and
ammunition, vehicles and stores. Sir Tristram
Jim Darby. Number One Boy. Served
was in Fitzroy Harbour, accompanied by Sir
Majestic and Caledonia. November 21. Aged
By midnight on the first other supplies. Galahad, when she came under attack by
day 36,000 troops and 3,200 Unfortunately there were
fi ve Skyhawks and was hit with three bombs.
‘Darby’ Allan. HMS Morecambe Bay
Ministry of Defence: 0870 607 4455, Seafarers UK: 020 7932 0000, www.
vehicles had been landed also unwarranted attacks on
Fierce fi res raged and casualties were taken.
Association. (1955-1956 Commission).
Capt Robin Green managed to master the
Alan Bunch. L/S. Sailmaker. HMS
on the beaches; casualties three hospital ships moored
fi res in his ship and assist those abandoning
Wizard and HMS Cadiz Association. Served
Royal Navy recruitment: 0845 607 5555, SSAFA Forces Help: 0845 1300 975,
were light with only 13 Allied off-shore, painted white in
Sir Galahad. He was awarded the DSC for
Arethusa, St Vincent, Wrangler, Gambia,
Veterans Agency: 0800 169 2277, www. RN Community:
troops killed and 97 wounded accordance with the Geneva
his courage and leadership in carrying his
Tyne, St Austel Bay and Orion. November 1. Medals enquiries: 0800 085 3600
while 200 Germans had been Convention and flood lit at
crew through much danger and diffi culty.
Aged 78.
RN and RM Service records: 023 9262 Royal Naval Museum: 023 9272 7562,
October 5. Aged 74.
Ron Anderton. HMS Wizard and HMS
captured. night.
8779 or 023 9262 8667
PO William ‘Bill’ Laity. At 16 he joined the
Cadiz Association. Served Fleet Air Arm.
Royal Naval Association: 023 9272 3823, Fleet Air Arm Museum: 01935 840565,
The First Division had The St David was bombed
15th/19th Hussars but was sent home as he
Aged 87. www.fl
penetrated up to 3km inland, and sunk with the loss of
was too young. At 18 and with war looming
Charles William Carter. Russian Convoy
Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity: Royal Marines Museum: 023 9281 9385,
he joined the Royal Navy. A talented boxer
Club. November 11.
the American Rangers had 60 lives while St Andrew
023 9254 8076,
he became Mediterranean Fleet Champion
P Kent. AB LST. Served Serene 1945.
RNBT: 023 9269 0112 (general), 023 9266 RN Submarine Museum: 023 9252 9217,
captured the port of Anzio, and Leinster suffered bomb
in 1941 and 1942. As a PO, Laity embarked
HMS Serene Association. Aged 90.
0296 (grants),
another American unit had damage but did not sink.
Kashmir which was sunk off Crete in 1941; ROYAL NAVAL ASSOCIATION
British Legion: 08457 725725, www. National Maritime Museum: 020 8312
while waiting over four hours to be rescued Sam Riddler DSM. Served in small
captured Nettuno and the The light cruiser HMS Delhi 6565,
he tried to save the life of a fellow sailor. ships during World War 2 in the North Sea
Naval Families Federation: 023 9265 Imperial War Museum: 020 7416 5320,
Third Division was 5km is depicted leaving Malta in
He saw further action in the Mediterranean and Mediterranean. Awarded the DSM
inland. Trophy No 23046, which is
onboard the destroyer Jackal and was for gallantry against the enemy at sea.
mentioned in dispatches for his efforts to He became the face of the RBL’s national
Aware that the attack on a watercolour painting signed save his ship. He was also involved in actions campaign for the improvement of Halsey
Rome would be far more by Sidney James, the artist,
off North Africa. November 7. Aged 88. House. Talking Navy News
fiercely contested General of her sailing from Malta at
Lt Cdr Brian Reilly. He joined the Royal Ronald Norman Bullus. Stoker 1st Navy News is available free of charge
Navy in 1944 on a scholarship at the Class. Served 1940-47. Ships included as a digital file on memory stick or
Lucas consolidated his some time between the two age of 13. After training at Dartmouth he Collingwood, RNB Chatham, Crocus, email from Portsmouth Area Talking
supplies and forces in World Wars.
served onboard a variety of ships including Whirlwind, Stormcloud and Spanker. RNA News for those with difficulty reading
Illustrious, Wrangler, Bulwark and Hermes. Kingston upon Thames branch for 20 years. normal type. Contact 023 9269 0851
He commanded Parapet in the Persian Gulf. November 12. Aged 87. and leave a message with a contact
He then transferred to the Fleet Air Arm as an Robert Seymour BEM. CPO Coxn. number, or email patn-rec@hotmail.
Observer serving in Gannet Squadron and Served 1936-60. Ships included Warspite, com. A speaker that will take a USB
Speak to John Lister
Westland Helicopters in the anti-submarine Jay, Verdun, Holderness, Cossack and plug is required but this can be
obtained from the Talking News, or
01395 568028
the file can be played back through a
Ask Jack
MARCH 2010 place at the Westhill Hotel, St Helier, Jersey.
2nd Submarine Squadron (Sunshine JE2 3HB from May 8 to 15. Book direct or
Squadron): Annual reunion at Weston Mill contact Harry Allen on 01843 832943 or
Oak Villa Club, Camels Head, Plymouth on Austin Byrne at, HMS Totem: The son of the late Lt Colin badge, no matter where they trained, be it
March 13 commencing at 1200 until later. tel: 01274 881821. Douglas-Smith RANVR, 1st Lt of Totem is Collingwood, Marlborough, Vernon, Defi ance,
Guzz submariners, serving and retired, all HMS Warspite, BB03 & SSN03: The 25th anxious to obtain details of his father’s war Scotia, Worthy Down, Ariel at Warrington or
welcome. For further information contact reunion will be held from May 21 to 23 at service. Can anyone provide information so many others. Hundreds have joined this
Alan Jones at turgut.ramegas@hotmail. the Rembrandt Hotel, Weymouth, Dorset. on Totem’s passage programme (and any association and are being reunited with their or tel: 01752 201583. For further information contact Ivor Davies, activities) from the UK via the Mediterranean course and shipmates. January 2010 sees
HMS Resolution Association: will be Hon Sec on 01752 846983 or Alan Jones at to Ceylon and then Freemantle in 1945. the 63rd Anniversary of the formation of the
carrying out their fi rst reunion at the North or tel: 01752 You can contact Ken Read at ken_read@ Electrical Branch, make this the month you
Queensferry Hotel near Rosyth over the 201583. or write to 76 Robinson Road,
join us. Happy new year to all ‘Greenies’ from
weekend March 19-21. The ship’s company HMS Exeter (D89): Reunion, open to Herne Hill, 6056, Western Australia.
their association
will be conducting its AGM over the weekend all who served between commission and Robert ‘Ticker’ Hart: Bob joined the
for an insight with photos of reunions, some
as well as a visit to Rosyth dockyard to decommission, is taking place in Exeter on Royal Navy in February 1966 and served
of the members (your shipmates may be
pay our respects to the boat and conduct May 29. Please visit the website http://www. until July 1977 leaving as a PO and was on
there) and an application form: Mike Crowe.
a service for those members who have and select the forum link. HMS London. Bob now resides in the USA.
RNEBA, 7 Heath Road, PO36 8PG.
Please call 023 9273 4448 for details
crossed the bar. Please contact Richard All ex-crew members of the Exeter (D89) He is trying to contact former shipmates.
‘Chuck’ Berridge at richard@hmsresolution. are welcome to join the forum. If you have Contact Bob at or write
or email: or Ron ‘Yogi’ Baird at chairman@ any questions please contact Andy ‘Nic’ to PO Box 91054, Johnston, Rhode Island, or contact the website Nicholson at or tel: 02919, USA. Competition for further 07836 701583. HMS Albion: Can anyone help me trace
JUNE 2010
LME Amos Birk who was a member of
APRIL 2010 Indefatigable Old Boys Association: 27th
4SQ56 Killick Stokers Mess in 1968/69.
Loch Class Frigates Association: reunion at the Carreg Mon Hotel, Llanfairpwll,
Contact Don Fawcett at donald.fawcett1@
Reunion takes place at the Royal Court Anglesey on June 12. Visit the Old School, or tel: 023 9269 2964.
Winners of the Maj Mark Hammond RM
Hotel, Tamworth Road, Keresley, Coventry that is now, JSMTC Indefatigable. Price per
Royal Naval Electrical Branch Immediate Response book competition
CV7 8JG, tel: 024 7633 4171 on April 23-26. head will be posted on the website at http://
Association: Are you ex RN Electrical? The in our November edition were: Mr A Hirst, JOHN LE PAGE SPOELSTRA
All members of the association welcome. RSVP by
Royal Naval Electrical Branch Association Hull; Philip R Jones, Chalfont St Peter,
Membership is open to all who served on May 15 to IOBA Treasurer, Tom Keyes, 4
seeks to fi nd all of those who have worn Bucks and Ian Paseka, Heathfi eld, East
any of the Loch-class ships or their variants
the distinctive lightning fl ash on their branch Sussex.
Edison Drive, Upton Grange, Northampton,
(Bay class, Admirals Yachts, survey ships NN5 4AB.
and repair ships). Some of these types of
ships have their own ‘associations’ but you
NOTICE IS GIVEN to all heirs and potential heirs
can always join both. Please contact Andrew
Tiffs S40 Entry, September 1960: Where NOTICEBOARD ENTRIES
Nunn Hon Sec LCFA at andrew.nunn@
are you now Tiffs S40 Entry of September claiming to be beneficially interested in the Real Estate
1960? Can we get together to celebrate the
■ Notices for this page should be brief, clearly written or typed and or tel: 0117 9505835.
big 50? Anyone interested can contact Phil
addressed to – The Editor, Navy News, HMS Nelson, Portsmouth, PO1
HMS Aisne: The last of the Battle class
of John Le Page Spoelstra, deceased, (“the Deceased”)
destroyers. A reunion of the last commission
Ollis at or tel: 0136 3HH or email: If you are sending your notice in via
1965 to 1968 is planned for April 24 at the
383989 and we will see if there are enough of
email, please include your full address and telephone number.
of Rosedale, La Gibauderie, St Peter Port, Guernsey,
Royal Maritime Club, Portsmouth. All ranks,
us around for a get together.
rates and partners welcome. Details of
■ Reunions appear in date order, and requests to place an entry in a who died on 21 September 2008 and who served
accommodation and dinner from David ‘Del’
particular edition cannot be guaranteed.
Shannon at or tel:
07770 442004. Sports lottery
with the Royal Navy from about 1963 until 1975 or
■ Please send in Reunions at least three months (preferably four) before
HMS Decoy Association: The 23rd annual
the month of the event. thereabouts.
reunion takes place from April 16 to 18 at the
■ There may be a delay before items appear, due to the volume of
Inglewood Hotel, Torquay. New members
of all commissions welcome. Come and
Pursuant to section 9(7) of The Law Reform
claim your ‘tot’. For details contact Malcolm
November 14: £5,000 – Lt A J Howell;
■ Entries are free to non-commercial organisations. Items pertaining to
(Inheritance and Miscellaneous Provisions) (Guernsey)
‘Dobbo’ Dobson at dobbo.exrn@btinternet.
£1,500 – AET N A Chilton; £500 – AET J A
com or tel: 01502 677395.
commercial work, books and publications for profit can only appear as
Shuffl ebotham.
HMS Middleton (L74) Association:
paid-for advertising.
Law 2006, all heirs and potential heirs to the Deceased’s
26th reunion will be on April 23-24 at the
November 21: £5,000 – OM W P
RNA Club, Leamington Spa. All supporters
Crossley; £1,500 – S/Lt K V Raine; £500 –
■ The Editor reserves the right to edit or refuse publication of submit- Real Estate should contact the Advocate of the
welcome. Details from Mike Alston, 6
Mne P G Kirk. ted notices.
Belmont Park Road, Maidenhead, Berks,
November 28: £5,000 – WO2 B Jewell; Deceased’s Administrator in writing at the below
SL6 6HT or tel: 01628 629655.
£1,500 – LMEA App P D Rossall; £500 –
■ Space does not allow us to accept more than one free insert. Any
AET M Catlin.
subsequent notice will have to be paid for at advertising rates. address on or before 1st March 2010.
MAY 2010
HMS Solebay Association: 13th Annual
reunion takes place from May 7 to 10 at
Advocate J. B. Green
the Royal Beach Hotel, Southsea. All ex-
Solebays, relatives and guests welcome. Entries for the Deaths’ column and Swap Drafts in February’s Notice-
Collas Day, PO Box 140, Manor Place,
Details from Malcolm Clarke at malcolm@ or tel: 0117 962 2500.
board must be received by January 13
St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 4EW
North Russia Club: Reunion will take
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