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News and information for serving personnel
Help change
NFF fights for
HOW many times have you specifically comment on such
moaned about your uniform not things as: the applicability and
being fi t for the job in you need coherence of the NS clothing fire
RFA in
to do? retardancy policy; the military CINCFLEET Admiral Sir Trevor
Now is the opportunity to appearance of NS clothing and Soar has spoken out to assure the
influence what you might be the need for a clear RN corporate
IT IS always positive to start any new year
men and women of the Royal
■ The Annington Trust was set up in 1996 at the
wearing in the future. identity to be incorporated and
A recent review highlighted any tri-Service clothing issues that
with good news, and if the start is anything to
time of the purchase of the married quarter’s estate
Fleet Auxiliary of the “enormous
value and signifi cant contribution
potential deficiencies in the arise.
go by 2010 is shaping up nicely, writes Jane
by Annington.
The trust is a charity that makes grants to a variety
they make on a daily basis to the
current range of operational The study team will be out and Williams of the Naval Families Federation.
of projects which benefit families living on the patch.
success of Royal Naval operations
clothing and recommended that about liaising directly with the user ■ Childcare vouchers: decision rescinded. The
The average grant awarded is up to £1,000, so if you
a study be undertaken to ascertain through various visits and briefs to Prime Minister announced he was scrapping the tax
have a project that needs some extra financial support
The admiral issued these
what these might be. units to get the picture on clothing relief on childcare vouchers at the Labour’s annual
and need a bit of guidance please contact the NFF
words of support in response
This review is going to include from the ground floor up. conference in September – the tax relief is currently
who will be able to help you.
to an announcement from the
RN, RM and RFA personnel – the So that everyone who wishes worth up to £1,200 approximately to 4,000 Service Government that a review of the
■ As part of the moving process for families the
Naval Service (NS). The work on is able to contribute to the study, families who use Ofsted approved nurseries across
application for school places features very high on
services provided by the RFA is
this begins this month. the ‘Stitch Up’ form normally the UK.
the list of priorities.
taking place.
The study team needs your used for clothing feedback is to This announcement sparked correspondence from
The Schools Admission Code has introduced
As part of the Treasury’s
input as you are the people who be used. the Naval Families Federation. This is the letter Kim
measures to improve the application process for
Operational Efficiency
actually wear the kit. Personnel are invited to put Richardson, Chair NFF wrote to Kevan Jones MP,
Royal Navy and Royal Marines families, the question
Programme, the MOD has
Initially, it is concentrating on forward their suggestions and
Under Secretary of State for Defence:
has been raised as to whether the changes are
formed a Review Group – bringing
operational clothing – No 4s and recommendations in this format.
“I am writing to you today on behalf
together people from the Naval
CS95, but there may be potential Submission of the form may be
of all three Families Federations on
If you have any feedback to offer
Service, MOD and Treasury – to
to include all uniform items – done throughout the study, but
a subject that has caused us some
please get in touch.
look at the RFA and how it does
although this amounts to some given the short period in which
■ The new Families
its business.
5,000 line items; a massive task. the team has to assess the issues,
“In his keynote speech to the
Continuous Attitude Survey
The group, which counts the
The study team are particularly personnel are encouraged to input
Labour Party Conference in
is due to appear in the
Commodore RFA, Cdre Bill
keen for comments on layered their feedback by the end of next
Brighton, the Prime Minister
pigeonholes of Service
Walworth, as one of its members,
AWD – how it functions in month (February 2010).
revealed that from April
personnel soon.
will be looking into the role of
different climatic conditions – Think about all the times
2011 employees who join an
Please could we make a
maritime operational support to
Barrack Dress (No3s, Lovats (half you have grumbled about your
employer-supported voucher
pitch on behalf of the families
joint operations and means to
and full), tropical, firefighting, uniform, this is your chance to do
scheme will not be entitled to
who may not be aware of this
deliver best value for money.
flight deck, submarine and foul something about getting things
the existing exemptions.
and ask serving personnel to
The initial meeting of the group
weather (afloat and ashore) changed.
“Also that from April 2015,
take it home.
has already taken place, and it is
clothing. At this stage it is not The study team will produce the
existing recipients of vouchers
Its purpose is to assist with
expected to report to Ministers
planned to include Ceremonial final report in September 2010.
will have their vouchers
the measurement of work/
later this year.
Uniforms, or badges. Further information will be
withdrawn completely.
life balance plus the associated
The admiral is keen to allay
The study is required to available in an RNTM.
“Although the take up for
undertakings that Naval Service
concerns among people in the
vouchers in MOD has not been as
families must make as part of the
RFA and added: “This review
high as we would have liked, I would like
commitment to the serving member of the
does not necessarily imply that
Swine flu
to register concern on behalf of each and every one of
change is planned.”
the families who subscribe to this scheme.
It is the families’ opportunity to register their
“Our families are telling us that accessible
affordable childcare is a challenge, so to remove
The survey has a new look, designed to be
something that has gone some way to making this
Yule chatter
completed quickly and easily, but provide the vital
easier is, in our view, a retrograde step.
snapshot of your experiences.
“Free nursery places are a terrific idea, but are they
THOUSANDS of deployed
The more information returned shows the clearest
really going to be a realistic option for our mobile
picture of where we are doing well and where we
personnel in Afghanistan, who
and you
population who are always joining the bottom of the
need to improve.
were away from family and friends
waiting list?
this Christmas, were given an extra
■ With the most expensive month of the year
“As an aside, you may be interested to know
now behind us, thinking about the less exciting but
one hour’s free phone call time.
that the website Netmums has registered over 200
absolutely vital purchases we all have to make could
Operational troops routinely
comments on the subject – all expressing concern
be part of this New Year’s resolution.
receive 30 minutes of free talk
– and that the Downing Street petition asking the
The question of insurance for all aspects of
time each week from the Ministry
Prime Minister to rethink the decision has over
Service life may not readily feature very highly on the
of Defence which can be used to
31,000 signatures.
agenda, but there are several specialist organisations
make phone calls, using a service
VACCINATION in the Royal should make arrangements with “I have copied this letter to the Minister for Women
who offer sensible advice and appropriate policies on
provided by the communications
Navy against Infl uenza A (H1N1) the Base Port Medical Centre for and Equality as she has expressed an interest in
a wide range of products ensuring that you have the
company Paradigm.
2009 virus (commonly known vaccination. Service families and the challenges they are currently
right cover for the right situation.
Troops also have unlimited
as swine fl u) commenced in For those personnel currently experiencing in finding work and childcare.
It is not just about those who are deploying,
access to the internet and are able
November 2009. deployed on Op Herrick PJHQ “This is the first time I have felt the need to
accidents can happen to everyone at any time and
to email home.
The vaccination policy for Medical Staff are co-ordinating correspond with you directly outside our planned
we strongly recommend that you take a moment to
This year during the festive
the UK Armed Forces broadly an in-theatre vaccination meetings, which I hope will reinforce the importance
ensure your family are well looked after.
period personnel received an
follows the policy issued by the programme. we place on this. I look forward to hearing from
Follow the money links on the website for further additional 30 minutes free talk
Department of Health (DH). Personnel deploying to Op you.”
information. time from the MOD and 30
The vaccine is the same as that Herrick 11 should be vaccinated The questions that emanated from the
The NFF look forward to hearing from you, we can minutes from Paradigm, allowing
offered by the NHS. within four weeks of departure.
announcement saw Ministerial backbench pressure be contacted on 02392 654374,, them to chat to family and
The following groups have been The Swine Flu vaccine will
to review the plans and the government has decided or write to us at NFF, Castaway House, friends for an extra hour over the
identified for priority vaccination: protect you against pandemic
to rescind the proposed changes. Result! 311 Twyford Avenue, Portsmouth, PO2 8RN. Christmas period.
■ Individuals in high risk influenza; it will not protect you
clinical categories (ie those who from other illnesses, including
need the seasonal flu vaccination seasonal flu.
and those who are pregnant). Because of the potential
■ Frontline health and social seriousness of pandemic influenza, Award for Drake learners
care workers. it is strongly recommended that
■ Personnel on whom Op you have the vaccine.
Herrick 11 critically depends. Some side effects should
A TEAM from the Learning the icing on the cake for their
Centre in HMS Drake have been performance to date,” said Cdr
■ Personnel imminently be expected. Some people
deploying to Op Herrick 11. may experience mild flu-like
awarded a Highly Commended Jerry Townshend, SO1 NETS.
As with other vaccines, symptoms for up to 48 hours after
certifi cate for Centre of the Year He is particularly proud of
vaccination against H1N1 Swine immunisation as their immune
in the 2009 National Learndirect his team. “This award sends a
Flu is entirely voluntary and is on system responds to the vaccine,
Achievement Awards. tremendous message of success to
the basis of informed consent. but this is not flu.
The award ceremony took naval learners.
Medical Centres and Sickbays No vaccine is 100 per cent
place in London on October 19, “It is extremely gratifying to
ashore are already implementing effective; however, most people
hosted by Sarah Jones, the Chief know that Royal Navy achievements
the H1N1 vaccination programme who are vaccinated will not get
Executive of Learndirect. are not only exceeding those
for priority groups. pandemic influenza.
The award was presented by of the other Services but competing
Ships deployed internationally There are very few people who
the TV presenter Eamonn Holmes at a national level.
and carrying a Medical Officer cannot have the vaccination.
and his partner Ruth Langsford. “My staff are a committed team
will be assessed on a ship by ship If you have a very serious allergy
Tracy Murphy, Rachel Butler and I am delighted that they have
basis on the need for vaccination. to hens’ eggs or other components
and Kathryn Harvey beat 103 been recognised with this award.”
If it is decided that RN of the vaccine, you should not
Army and Navy centres to be put The RN has enjoyed its most
personnel need to be vaccinated have the vaccine.
forward for the award. successful year to date in terms
whilst deployed the ship will be This is rare but if you are
In the final they competed of learner achievement through
notified. unsure you should check with
against 12 civilian learning centres Learndirect, with over 500
Platforms carrying MAs only your medical adviser.
for the award. national tests completed in the
will not be able to carry out a For personnel who do not fall Although, narrowly pipped to last academic year. ● Cdr Jerry Townshend (SO1 NETS) and Lt Cdr Ian Taylor (SO2
vaccination programme but this into the priority groups mentioned the post for the trophy by a centre The RN uses Learndirect to NETS(West)) with the Drake Learndirect team (l to r) Tracey Murphy
may be achievable dependent above the advice is that the use of from the North West, the team deliver computer based training and Kathryn Harvey and Izzy Dunbar, the Basic Skills Manager.
on ports of call. MAs will be the vaccine on healthy personnel should be hugely proud of their and testing for the Literacy and
vaccinated on return to the UK. will depend on how the pandemic fantastic achievement in a national Numeracy Testing and Education
in 2006. For more information contact
Units deployed in UK waters or evolves and on emerging clinical competition. in the Royal Navy (LANTERN)
Learners achieve nationally your ERO or nearest learning
returning to the UK should defer data on the use of the vaccine. Opened in 2005, the Drake programme.
recognised qualifications in Adult
implementation until alongside in This will be kept under review. Learndirect centre is part of the The LANTERN educational
Literacy and Numeracy.
base port. For more information visit the Naval Education and Training programme provides the
From April 2012 NAMET
For seagoing units alongside, DH Swine Flu website: www. Service (NETS). educational qualifications for
scores will no longer be extant and
medical personnel and any “They have a history of promotion to Leading Hand/
RN and RM personnel will have
personnel on board who fall swineflu or seek advice from your first-class service in support of Corporal and Petty Officer/ to have LANTERN qualifications
into the high risk clinical group Medical Centre or Sickbay. their learners and this award is Sergeant and replaced NAMET for promotion.
News and information for serving personnel
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