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News and information for serving personnel
at Brize
BRIZE Norton is going through
a radical change in its car
parking facilities and hire car
A new Hire Car Zone has
Pictures: LA(Phot) Jennie Burn
been provided on the site of the
old long term car park.
Hire cars are no longer
allowed on station and are to
be parked in the new allocated Catering for
zone. Passengers then catch a
shuttle bus to the terminal.
Passengers arriving at the
terminal book their hire car
at the desks in the terminal
building and then catch the
shuttle bus to collect their car.
the Corps
This is an interim
arrangement until the hire car WHEN the topic of feeding raises Some short, sharp replies like has been timely and now lets us
companies have connectivity its head, the press is always about operational feeding, morale, self- fight at the correct weight with the
at the hire car zone, when all Pay As You Dine (PAYD) and the sufficiency and personal pride, Army and RAF.
transactions will be completed contractor; so is there any interest should answer that question. It has also brought immediate
there. in the RM Chefs and the Corps So why do we have a Corps cohesion to the ‘K’ spec with better
A new passenger car park Cookery Competition? asks WO2 Cookery Competition? overall comms, working practice
has opened. This has limited Steve ‘Sharky’ Ward RM, Unit It’s tough for the chief cooks and shared lessons identified.
spaces and is operated on a
● Best Chef winner Mne Stevie Fowler
Caterer, CTCRM. to prioritise training for this event On a recent visit to Herrick units,
pre-book system through WO with such busy unit programmes, Gordon Ramsay commented that
Pax Plans. Full details are on it’s an inconvenience to administer he had nothing but respect for the
the website. and motivation is low to attend huge effort that chefs expended to
There are parking spaces the competition. ensure that the troops got enough
available in front of the terminal But, once all of the teams good food.
for dropping off and picking up are assembled on Sylvan Glade Producing variety in such a
passengers. Don’t assume at CTCRM and the chefs are very dangerous environment is
For more information go to: turning and burning – ‘burning’ I undoubtedly daunting. hasten to add is a technical term Young men generally do not
flyinginfo for general and has no reference to the end aspire to be a Royal Marines
information and www.raf.mod. product of food production – that Commando so that they can cook,
uk/rafbrizenorton/flyinginfo for is when the culinary flair and RM but recruitment from within the
car park bookings.
about divorce
competitive spirit is enough to get Corps is quite steady.
the juices flowing. To some: “Too many cooks
This competition is the spoil the broth” – we are most
prerequisite for the Combined definitely not cooks, there’s
Services Culinary Challenge and defiantly not too many of us and
IT IS a sad sign of modern society that in of common misconceptions about ‘entitlement’ when
visit to
the best four teams go forward broth is not an option!
the past four years the Service Personnel &
it comes to pension sharing.
to represent the Naval Service A question was posed to the
Veterans Agency (SPVA) has administered
To begin with, unless your divorce is being
Culinary Arts Team in the RM Chef SME “Do we need RM
over 10,000 requests for a valuation
administered in Scotland, don’t think that because
prestigious Blue Ribbon event of Chefs?”
of pension for divorce purposes, writes
you have been married for only (say) seven years of
the field cookery. The reply was swift, positive
your (say) 18 year career, that you only need to share
Lt Cdr David Marsh (Retd) of the Forces Pension
The 2009 RM competition and passionate: “Yes, because of
seven years’ worth of your pension.
THE helicopter carrier HMS Society.
was fiercely contested and all of the above.”
The full value of your pension is considered in
Ocean played host to Chinese
congratulations go to the winners
The destruction of a marriage through divorce is
England and Wales; just as the full value of any
Admiral Su during his recent
42 Cdo RM, closely followed by
often traumatic in itself.
pension your (ex)spouse owns is considered too.
visit to Devonport Naval Base.
UKLF CSG, CLR, RM Poole and
The division of the marital assets as a consequence
Second, you do not necessarily have to divide your
New year
Vice Admiral Su, Chief of
of divorce usually compounds the misery, and if
Staff to the People’s Liberation
A total of eight teams took part
the issue has made an individual miserable, it often
If there are other marital assets within your
Army Navy (PLAN), was visiting
including RMR Tyne, and the
makes them angry, and sometimes bitter, at this
marriage that have a value that matches, or exceeds, in uniform
the UK to observe Royal Naval
‘Best Chef’ was awarded to Mne
point too.
the value of the portion of pension likely to be
Stevie Fowler of UKLF CSG...
So much so, that there is often a desire not to
allocated to your (ex)spouse, then it often makes
IT IS important for the Royal
Accompanied onboard HMS
I foresee a draft to the Officers
co-operate and comply with legal requirements that
sense to ‘off-set’ one against the other.
Navy to increase the visibility
Ocean by Rear Admiral Chris
Mess on the cards, you heard it
need fulfilling in terms of considering the value of
For example let us say that the value of your
of naval personnel, especially
Snow, Flag Officer Sea Training
here first!
your pension as part of the marital assets. pension is £130,000 and you have agreed to share in areas where there is no naval
(FOST), Vice Admiral Su was
The Corps Cookery
Such anger and belligerence needs to be controlled, everything 50/50, then ordinarily your (ex)spouse presence.
greeted by the Executive
Competition also gives all
because if it is not, as was witnessed in a recent would receive £65,000 of your pension share. However, it is essential that
Officer, Cdr Mark Taylor, and
attending chefs the opportunity
divorce involving a Royal Marine sergeant, you could However, if you jointly own a house which has the right image is presented
was given a full tour of the
to reunite and exchange lessons
find that you don’t lose 50 per cent of your pension as a capital value of £130,000 after any outstanding to the public and in order to
20,700 tonne amphibious ship,
identified and best practice from
he expected to lose but, after the judge had decided mortgage etc has been deducted from its market achieve this certain guidelines
the largest RN warship.
feeding on exercise and ops.
to trawl through the whole matter with a fine- value, it would probably make economic sense, in are to be followed.
As part of Admiral Su’s very
The Operational Field Catering
toothcomb, he lost 80 per cent! terms of reducing legal costs likely to be incurred, for The wearing of uniform in
full visit he also took in Royal
System (OFCS) has almost
So what should you do to ensure you comply with you to keep your pension intact, and your (ex)spouse public demands the highest
Navy Command Headquarters
completely replaced all of its LPG
the law and try to get a fair settlement? to have the house. standards of dress, bearing and
in Portsmouth, Britannia Royal
First, instruct a solicitor who has a good track Either way, your solicitor is best placed to advise behaviour, and Service person-
Naval College, Dartmouth, HMS
It is good for large scale static
record in dealing with divorces involving Royal Navy you on this, given your particular circumstances – nel must be aware that they
Raleigh in Cornwall and the two
feeding and is excellent when it is
personnel; or at least, the Armed Forces in general. after all, it is what you pay their fees for. are effectively representing the
training establishments near
required to send food forward.
Don’t be frightened to ask them how many cases If, as is the case in most divorce petitions, a Service.
Portsmouth, HMS Collingwood
The competition allows the
involving Service personnel they have taken on to a Pension Sharing Order is issued by the court, as In broad terms personnel
and HMS Sultan.
chefs to swap ideas which result in
successful conclusion. soon as it is administered by SPVA your ex-spouse should generally wear uniform
HMS Ocean is currently
an overall better end product.
Next, you must obtain a Cash Equivalent Value becomes a member of the Armed Forces Pension for all official and semi-official
undergoing a maintenance
Our K4 Chefs, now, the K3
(CEV) of your pension. Scheme in their own right; they are what is termed a functions, eg during visits to
period alongside in Devonport
Commando Chefs, use this event
The reason why you need one of these is because Pension Credit Member. affiliates.
following her six-month
to glean tried-and-tested methods
the Armed Forces Pension Scheme is a non-funded Pension Credit Members are, since April 6 2009, Service personnel are encour-
deployment to the Far East
of making ten-man ambient
scheme, and so in order to obtain a realistic value paid their share of the pension from their 55th aged to wear uniform for travel-
as part of the Taurus 09 Task
rations more palatable.
of your pension you have to obtain an actuarial birthday, or the date the sharing order was issued if ling to and from work and leave,
Group last year.
Chefs at Forward Operating
valuation of it in a format that is recognised as they were older than that, regardless of the age you
Bases (FOB) are compiling recipe
travel across the country on
It’s your 2-6
acceptable by the legal fraternity. receive your pension.
books that get left for the next
duty and, with CO’s permission,
You apply for a CEV by calling SPVA in Glasgow; Pension Credit Members who have their pension
rotating Chef to expand upon, so
for events such as wedding and
they will send you a form to complete and return. share administered before their 55th birthday, have to that more and more imaginative graduation ceremonies.
NEED to get your message
A note of caution here: the form used by SPVA apply to SPVA for their pension share to be put into ideas are being passed to some of Although the RN wishes to
across to the rest of the Royal
for CEVs is the same form on which you request a payment; SPVA will not come looking for them. the most junior chefs. promote the wearing of uniform
pension forecast. Once a Pension Sharing Order is administered to Going full circle; chefs are now, in public there are times when
To feature in the Navy News
Pension forecasts are free (if you only ask for one divide your single pension into two separate pensions, again, being trained on improvised it is clearly inappropriate to do
2-6 pages contact Lt Cdr
in any 12 month period); CEVs cost £172.50. those two pensions never come back together again, cookery, so that when required so. These include, but are not
Heather Lane or WO1 Baz
Do not think you can get away with just asking even if your ex-spouse dies before you do. they can train the trainers to limited to: visits to licensed
Cooke (Fleet Media Ops) on
for a forecast, because you will not; and by trying to The only time your original 100 per cent pension safely operate makeshift ovens in premises, fancy dress parties,
93832 8809 or 93832 8821,
do so unnecessarily delays matters and you could be figure would ever feature in a calculation again is if, the FOBs and patrol bases (PB), carnival/political marches, and
viewed as ‘obstructive’. on your date of death, you leave any children from which will bring an extra dose of when hitchhiking.
or FLEET-DCS-INFO-IC WO. So, send your cheque with your application form that marriage who are deemed eligible for a child’s morale to the rotation of boil-in-
It is inappropriate to wear
for your CEV as soon as you can. SPVA have recently pension. the-bags. a mix of civilian and military
improved their system to provide CEVs within ten Then regardless of whether they were resident The competitive spirit raises its rig, except when travelling by
working days. with you or your ex-spouse, they will be entitled to head again with dits of all ranks motorcycle/bicycle as uniform
Upon receipt of your CEV you will, once you have a child’s pension calculated as if the Pension Sharing battling in the PBs for the title of does not afford a sufficient level
a valuation of all other assets within your marriage, Order had never been administered, so the innocents Head Chef. of protection.
be able to negotiate for a fair division. are not disadvantaged because their parents could The creation of a 3 Commando Full details of the policy can
At this point I should stress that there are a couple not get on with one another. Brigade Catering Warrant Officer, be found in 2009DIN01-126.
News and information for serving personnel
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