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It’s a small world
THE NAVY is keen to boost managing, but there’e’s s problem thapro t you might plenty of experience outside the
the profi le of small ships and no trust. On small ships ips expect.exp small ship world. “I’ve been
the important work that they do there has to be an element ment Cash said:C “With what’s on the same big ship for eight
around the globe. But let’s be of trust and personalnal happening in the Gulfhap , you years.
honest, they do have a certain responsibility. are nearly guaranteed a “I asked to come up here, it’s
reputation with regard to living “It’s the whole that you will be at sea closer to home. I don’t find it
conditions – the cramped reason I didn’t go into for six months. very different cooking-wise. Just
accommodation, the busy duties, a different branch. It “It’s a good cooking for fewer people. But I
the sea swell... would almost have savings scheme.” know everybody on here. Plus I
But if you talk to the men been like dropping a The small ships get to do other things as well.”
of HMS Penzance all these rate. also manage to sneak Another man who jumped
negatives are very much positives “If you want to have into those pori ts that ship to the ‘Tupperware fleet’
of life in the small ship world that responsibility you u their bigger sisterth s is AB(CS) Jonny McNeill, who
(well, except for the seasickness, can thrive on small ships.” can only admire from a said: “I wanted to be closer to
but a tale is told of a lad who CPO Grant ‘Tug’ Wilson, the distance. “We get to see places home. I knew it was going to be
has been sick every day for two ship’s DMEO, grins: “I’ve been that you will never ever see in big busier. But I enjoy that.
months but still loves it on board on carriers, where the sections ships,” said Tug. “It’s close knit on here. You
the minehunter). are maybe 20 people. When not Cash agrees: “And when you know everybody. On a big
Admittedly for many of the doing our job, all the young lads get a run ashore we can get to ship you only really know your
men aboard Penzance it is her were doing is cleaning. places big ships can’t get into. department. The other side of
homeport in among the Scottish “There’s a lot more job When we visited Liverpool we the ship – you might never see
lochs which is the particular satisfaction on these. You get went right into the Albert Dock. them.”
draw, but ventures onto the given a lot more freedom. “We went to Kinlochbervie, As befits his branch, LS(MW)
larger ships of the Navy have “We mix a lot more with and there is absolutely nothing Tom Glancy said: “I’ve
been quickly regretted. other people. We bump into the there. But it was a fantastic run always been in this small ship
PO Brian ‘Cash’ Cashman captain every day; on a carrier ashore, the locals took us in community. I wouldn’t want to
(pictured left) is Penzance’s Ops we might see him once a week.” hand and looked after us. We go to a big ship – never. Never.
Room supervisor; he admits: “At The small ships are carrying just wouldn’t get that in a big “When I joined the Navy, I
one point I wanted to transfer, out a heavy tasking in the Gulf, ship.” said I wanted to go to Faslane. So
and I did a week on a big ship. I with four MCM ships out there The junior rates on board I was told it’s either submarines
noticed the different atmosphere and the crews regularly rotating echo the sentiment. or minewarfare. So I chose this.
from the first day. through. Chef Logs(CS) ‘Bugsy’ And I don’t regret it. I enjoy
“It’s not a case of micro- But this is not viewed as the Malone (pictured right) has had my job.”
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