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solves old
THE Naval Regional
Commander for Wales and West
of England has solved a 64-year
mystery surrounding missing war
Cdre Jamie Miller is something
of a naval historian and a self- ● Vice Admiral Sir Alan Massey
confessed amateur detective – so
this challenge was right up his
During discussions over links
between the city of Exeter and
Type 45 destroyer HMS Defender,
the Lord Mayor of Exeter, Cllr
John Winterbottom, remarked that
his father was ex-Navy.
Leslie Winterbottom had joined
by Queen
up in 1922 and saw plenty of
action in World War 2, being
VICE Admiral Sir Alan Massey
awarded four campaign medals,
has been knighted by the Queen
including the Africa Star – but
at Buckingham Palace.
for some reason the medals were
As Second Sea Lord, Admiral
never formally presented.
Massey is responsible for
Cdre Miller said: “I like
personnel matters throughout the
nothing better than a naval
Naval Service and for directing
● MA Kate Nesbitt with her Military Cross outside Buckingham Palace
mystery and I thought the best
the affairs of the Naval Home
place to start was with Capt
Chris Page and his wonderful
Proud day for Kate
Of the occasion, Admiral Massey
team at the Naval Historical
said: “This is not something to
which you can lay any claim: it
“With their help, we found out
is a wonderful honour, and it is
that during an illustrious career,
humbling to be fortunate enough
Leslie Winterbottom served on
to have been selected for this
the sixth HMS Defender, so
there was a tremendously apt and
He added: “I have been inspired
NAVY medic Kate Nesbitt has lives of injured colleagues. “He talked to me about the public to recognise that the Royal
by every ship’s company with
emotional tie here.
whom I have had the privilege
“It seemed a very fitting
received her Military Cross
Her citation reads: “Under incident and why I received it [the Navy is in Afghanistan and that
to serve.
tribute to strike new campaign
at an investiture ceremony at
fire and under pressure, her Military Cross] and that he was we are doing the jobs that we are
“The Royal Navy demands a
medals for Leslie and present
Buckingham Palace.
commitment and courage were really proud of me.” trained to do and doing them
inspirational and made the
great deal from its people, yet
them posthumously to his son,
Kate (21), a Medical Assistant,
She continued: “This is why I really, really well.
difference between life and death.
their loyalty, commitment and
Exeter’s Lord Mayor, John
became the first woman in the
joined the Royal Navy, to work “My place is so much valued as
“She performed in the highest
enthusiasm never cease to amaze
Royal Navy to be awarded the MC,
with such fantastic people. a medic and I am very proud to
traditions of the Royal Navy.”
me – and never more so than
The timing could not have
which is awarded to individuals for
“As a medic, that was what I have been a part of their team and
During her deployment to
when they are called upon to deal
been better for the Lord Mayor,
‘gallantry during active operations
was there for, and as their [Charlie I look forward to going again.
Afghanistan, Kate was attached to
with real pressure and adversity.
as he was able to wear his father’s
against the enemy’.
Company of 1st Battalion the “I would never have thought
3 Commando Brigade whose unit
It is a fantastic team to be in.”
medals with pride at the launch
Kate received hers from the
Rifles] medic I promised that for in a million years that someone
medical support is provided by
Despite his hectic schedule
of HMS Defender.
Prince of Wales for her courage in
the whole tour I was there to look would write me up for an honour
members of the Royal Navy.
Admiral Massey finds time to
Cllr Winterbottom said: “While
tending wounded Royal Marines
after them. such as this.
Of her visit to the Palace, Kate
support his keen interests in sport
growing up, my family and I had
under fire from the Taliban in
“I just did my job as best I “I will wear it with pride on
said: “It was the proudest day of
and music.
often heard about my father’s
Helmand Province this year.
could and tried my hardest. behalf of all my friends in the
my life and I feel so proud to be
He is Commodore of the RN
adventures during World War 2,
The medic was working closely
“As soon as there was a call that Royal Navy.”
able to enjoy it with my Mum and
Sailing Association, vice-president
although he couldn’t produce the
with Charlie Coy, 1st Battalion
there was a casualty it was time to Over 200 Royal Navy personnel
Dad – it will stay with me forever.
of RN Football, president of the
medals to back up his claim.
The Rifles when she found herself
step up. continue to serve in Afghanistan in
“Prince Charles was very
RN Volunteer Bands Association
“I am most grateful to Cdre
under fire from the Taliban.
“It is hugely important for the both ground and air operations. and plays the guitar.
Miller for this unexpected and
charming and very friendly…
delightful gift.”
She repeatedly braved enemy really, really nice, he was brilliant,
fire to rush forward to save the absolutely fantastic!
Dream wedding
Across the generations
THE winners of a dream
wedding day are an injured Welsh
A FASLANE sailor who was awarded
Guardsman and his fiancée.
his Good Conduct Badge took the
The prize was offered by
opportunity to recall previous
chocolate fountain company
generations by having his picture taken
Chocorococo and a number of
firms supplying the cake, rings,
with his great grandfather’s badge.
clothing and other vital elements
AB(TSM) Mark Cottis received his
for the big day, as reported in our
badge for 15 years of service.
August 2009 edition.
“When I told my father about it he
Winners Dale Leach and
suggested that I have the photograph
Alexandra Lewis live in South
taken wearing my great grandfather’s
Wales and plan to marry in the
Good Conduct Badge too,” said Mark.
“He was a Master at Arms in the
Dale was injured by a bomb in
Royal Navy and served at the Battle of
Afghanistan last May, suffering
Jutland during World War 1.”
massive internal injuries and Mark serves at Clyde Naval Base ● Mark Cottis with his
having his left leg amputated. with Flag Officer Sea Training. great grandfather’s badge
Replica model hand cast in white metal, painted and mounted on a wooden
plinth with brass nameplate and hand made gift box.
Light Fleet Carrier 1944 : HMS Colossus, Glory, Venerable and Vengeance ~ £50.00
Light Fleet Carriers 1952 : HMS Ocean, Theseus, Triumph and Warrior ~ £50.00
HMS Bulwark 1960 ~ £50.00 HMS Albion 1962 ~ £50.00
● Sgt ‘Daz’ Notman RM gets busy with the mess tins and hexamine blocks as he demonstrates his
HMS Victorious Aircraft Carrier 1966 ~ £60.00 : HMS Eagle Aircraft Carrier 1964 ~ £60.00 (Pictured)
culinary skills to members of the public at the Dartmouth Food Festival Picture: Victoria Davies (VT Group)
HMS Ark Royal Aircraft Carrier 1977 ~ £60.00 : HMS Hermes Aircraft Carrier 1982 ~ £60.00
All models plus post and packing £8.00 (UK Only)
Pot mess hits the spot
+ £8.00 P&P A POT mess from standard issue ration packs treated to a flight-deck masterclass by Gordon
dispelled any misconceptions the public may have Ramsay protégé Matthew Pickop.
(UK Only)
had about Services food during a culinary festival at During a break in Dubai Matthew, Executive Chef
Dartmouth. at Verre, was invited to show his skills in the galley –
Sgt ‘Daz’ Notman RM, part of the Ceremonial and although he turns down plenty of similar offers,
Training Team at BRNC, also instructs officer cadets he felt this was one he could not refuse as his father
in ‘living in the field’. served in HMS Broadsword, another Type 22 frigate,
“It is important that the cadets learn how to during the Falklands Conflict.
fully use the ration packs they are issued and Cumberland’s chefs were keen to show Matthew
demonstrating this at the food festival was a great their own skills – led by PO Darren Knowles, they
opportunity to teach the public as well,” said Daz. laid on a meal of scallops on an avocado tortilla, roast
To order your model send your name, address and daytime telephone number,
“In true service fashion I threw everything into the fillet of beef and home-made treacle tart.
along with your cheque or credit card details to: pot mess, and the gentleman who acted as taster was Matthew later described his day with the Navy as
Skytrex Ltd, Unit 1 Charnwood Business Park, North Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 1LE
most complimentary,” Sgt Notman said. “filled with inspirational people, fantastic hospitality
The ingredients are certainly diverse, as it included and stunning food to boot.”
Tel: 01509 213789 Fax: 01509 230874
lamb stew and dumplings, treacle pudding, bacon He added: “The guys and girls on board HMS
email: and beans with lemon powder, oxtail soup, Tabasco Cumberland are not only a credit to Capt Dutton,
sauce and a smear of Marmite... but a credit to the United Kingdom and Her
The ship’s company of HMS Cumberland was Majesty’s service.”
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