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Oxygen supply
for runner
THERE are plenty who tackle
the Great South Run, but not
that many who do it clad in
their full dive kit that weighs
over 50kg...
Naturally being a diver, when
asked why, AB Toby Jones replied:
“The challenge!”
Toby’s chosen charity for
his ten-mile run was the Royal
Navy and Royal Marines Charity
Toby said: “A friend told me
that this was a new charity from
which Naval personnel and their
families benefit, so this appealed
to me more than the other
He added: “Also the support
they provided in the lead-up to the
event was really good.”
This was the first time that
Toby had taken on the Great
South Run, although he is a
veteran of two previous half-
marathons. Admittedly not in
diving kit...
He admits: “When I told people
about my plan, everyone thought
Picture: LA(Phot) Gregg Macready
I was mad because the kit was
so heavy and also because I was
Ark rows the Channel
going to wear a wetsuit.
“On top of this I was also a new
WHILST aboard HMS Ark Royal, the Offi cer Cadets from BRNC
dad to a four-week-old son Finn
Dartmouth completing their Initial Fleet Time, came up with the idea of
so I had to fit in training around
a team competition to row across the Channel.
looking after him and supporting
As the idea took shape and gathered interest across the ship’s
my wife.”
company, it was decided to perform this challenge in the aircraft hangar
● AB(Diver) Toby Jones on the Great South Run in Southsea wearing his full dive kit
But on the day of the race, as
using their gym’s rowing machine (as pictured above). Naomi House
Toby struggled into his full kit
runners who were all very to train with the full kit on. of two hours 34 minutes.” Hospice was selected as the charity.
he could not have predicted the
supportive of the cause – and “After a mile I questioned what If you would like to pledge Around £250 was raised by the various teams, with competition being
amazed by what I was doing. I was doing and whether I could your support, visit the website fi erce as each individual took the hot seat. It was a close-run thing with
“The support I got around the
“I had lots of friends and family manage another nine miles. the ship’s captain Capt John Clink joining forces with a ratings team, but
course was amazing.
watching from the crowds so that “But the thought of all the
tobyjones. the wardroom won the race in one hour 45 minutes.
“I had made a playlist for my
helped immensely.” people who had sponsored me
iPod but only listened to about
And that support was needed: and the support I was getting kept
five minutes of it because I wanted
“Although I had done lots of me going.
to take in the atmosphere of the
running prior to the race and “I had expected to take around
course. walking with packs on, due to four hours to complete the course
“I chatted to lots of fellow Finn’s arrival, I hadn’t managed so I was pleased to do it in a time
Familiar face at RNRMC
THE ROYAL Navy and Royal
Marines Charity manages to pull
off the rather neat trick of being
both a new kid on the block (see
above) and one of the oldest Naval
charities out there.
While the RNRMC name
is still a relative newcomer, its
constituent elements – as diverse
as the Fleet Amenities Fund, the
Sailors (Tot) Fund, the Fleet
Air Arm Benevolent Trust, and

various others – have been around
for a long time.
* UK subscribers only
And lest we cause offence to
one of its new joiners, Debbie
12 Issues delivered directly to your home!
Hampton (pictured right) is a mere
stripling in comparison after a YES, I would like to subscribe to Navy News 2. CHOOSE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION
full career of 30 years in the
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Royal Navy where her last role
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was office manager to CINC Fleet
on Whale Island. (She knows a lot Subscriptions,
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of people...)
As her time in the Naval service
Navy News, HMS Nelson,
UK Two £40.00
drew to an end, Debbie was keen Queen Street, Portsmouth
UK Three £60.00
to make the leap into civilian life
the right one. She said: “I’d been
Hampshire PO1 3HH, England
Overseas One £26.00
with the Navy for 30 years and Tel: +44 023 9272 6284 (24hr answerphone)
didn’t want to just walk away.
of Service life.” of Naval life, and can be reached
Overseas Two £52.00
“I am enthusiastic about this. I
Debbie’s new role is Funds
Fax: +44 023 9273 4448
on 023 9254 8093 or by email to
think it’s a really good charity. It Adminstrator for this unique
Overseas Three £78.00
is all about enhancing the quality charity that embraces the whole
Does no one keep their clothes on any more?
I enclose
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season, and there is, to be honest, several wives and girlfriends of
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which is on sale for £7 with whether to donate to the RNRMC, Card Number
every penny going straight to the Help for Heroes or those other
RNRMC. Services’ funds...
Sodexo’s Lisa Jones joked: And finally the Garrison Girls Start Date Expiry Date Issue No. CSC No.
“We did one last year, but this have struck again for Help for
year we got very naked! Although Heroes, with among others the
obviously everything is covered.” wife of a former Naval man Signature Date
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Lisa on 01752 811652 or Michelle photographer Mick Payton.
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