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Insurance You Didn’t Know You Have
Coverage you’re already paying for may include more perks than you realize
Meg Green,
Consumer Editor

Guess what the following have in common:

• Your home computer gets hit by a virus that destroys all your personal data.
• Your grandmother’s tombstone is vandalized.
• Someone steals the golf clubs from the trunk of your car.

In addition to lousy news that can add up to a bad day, these are examples of unexpected claims that might well be covered under your regular homeowners insurance policy.

Basic insurance coverage that you probably already have — car, home, health, life and disability insurance — may come with more perks than you realize.

“I suspect the average person is not aware of these coverages,” said Pete Spicer, communications manager for Chubb Personal Lines. Chubb is among those insurers whose homeowners policies would cover those three risks.

There are many off-the-beaten path coverages that you might be paying for and not know you have.

Terms to Know

Insurance: A promise to repay you, the policyholder, after you make a claim.

Claim: Your demand for payment from the insurance company after you’ve had a loss.

Insurance Policy: The financial contract between you and the insurer. Page 1  |  Page 2  |  Page 3  |  Page 4  |  Page 5
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