ADVANCED MANUFACTURING NOW Modern Manufacturing Processes, Solutions & Strategies

Bryce Barnes

Senior Manager, Connected Machines and Robots

Cisco’s IoT Vertical Solutions Group

The path that will take us to digitally connected machines


he machine tool industry is always innovating: Control sys- tems, mechanical tolerancing,

cutting, and adaptive feedback mech- anisms just get better and better. But machines are about to be turbo charged—by digitization. Commercial aerospace and defense manufactur- ers are changing their model from produce at any cost to operational ef- ficiency. Digital machines are essential for that transition to happen. The move from machines that

are isolated production centers to ditigally connected machines that participate in a dynamic environment will occur in three phases: visualize, learn, and optimize. Along the way, leaps in connec-

tivity, security, data models, data services and automation will lead to more advanced control architectures. Mechanical innovation will continue to advance as always. But the days when new mechanical innovations by themselves led to sustained growth in market share are ending. The digital revolution will magnify those mechan- ical innovations and enable machines to move from isolation to fully inte- grated production models that evolve toward learning systems. The coming transformation de- pends on robust connectivity, security, flexible compute and a software plat- form approach that makes the pro- cess repeatable and scalable. Security will be a top priority for defense and aerospace—where a lack of a security framework for manufacturing in gen- eral has held back digitization. First, we need to visualize the machine. While each manufacturer


needs to know how to measure what is going on with its machines second by second, the vast majority of the world’s 65 million machines remains largely invisible to the usual software applications manufacturers could be using to visualize machine per- formance. This phase will be about solving the connectivity, integration

This phase is dominated by data col- lection, advanced visualizing and ana- lytics. Here, we’ll see more predictive maintenance solutions like Fanuc’s ZDT for cloud-connected robots. We can now track not only ma- chine behavior over time but also the process, tooling, and even how efficient the NC programs are.

Automated, securely connected, and digitized machines will help the most innovative A&D firms accelerate away from their competition while delivering high quality, lower cost components and assemblies.

and data-acquisition challenges that MTConnect was created to address. This phase is about to accelerate with many more machine tool vendors and manufacturers adopting MTConnect as their standard protocol for data integration and acquisition. Watch for a wave of connectivity and innovation. Some of the largest A&D manufactur- ers and fabricators have already made MTConnect a standard for integration of their new CNC machines. Mazak, with the announcement of the Mazak SmartBox solution, is going digital with an innovative platform approach. Second, we must learn from the

data we collect. The digital integra- tion must lead to valuable-based olutcomes in manufacturing. In the visualization phase, the outcome was simple and clear; green light time, machine state, utilization. It’s about knowing what the machines are up to and using that information to sched- ule better, cost better, or operate bet- ter. The learning phase builds on that and drives trending analysis over time.

A cloud strategy and an end-

to-end IoT software platform that integrates with machines and pro- vides turnkey data services that scale globally are essential to scale, manage, operate and realize value for this phase. Many machine build- ers and robot makers are developing a cloud-based platform approach to connecting their machines. Third, manufacturers will optimize

continuously based on what is learned from crunching their data. We will see continuously improved machine operations, tooling, process, speed of cut and even NC programs. The value of the secure, connected, cloud software strategy becomes clear in the last two phases. Isolated machines cannot leverage the power of continuous learning, distributed compute and advanced analytics. Automated, securely connected and digitized machines will help the most innovative A&D firms beat the com- petition and deliver high quality, lower cost components and assemblies.

Summer 2016

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