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You take golf seriously. You’ve been as low as a plus-1.3 index in the last year, and you’ve finished as high as second in the American Century Celebrity Golf Champion- ship at Edgewood. What does it feel like when you’re in the hunt down the stretch? Does it compare to any of your football experiences? It’s a lot more nerve- wracking because it’s not what you were designed to do. It’s something we do, and we’re decent at it, but I haven’t prepared my whole life to play the back nine with a golf tournament on the line. I’ve tried to get better at it. There have been times where I haven’t noticed any nerves and I played very confidently. But there have been times where you put your hands on the putter, and you’re like, “Why are they shaking?” I don’t think I’m nervous, but obviously I am. It’s just a different beast. In foot-

ball, you’re just conditioned to play your best in the biggest moments. A lot of it is how you talk to yourself. In football, you’re always telling yourself, “Make a play,” or “Go for it.” You have that aggressive mindset. In golf, a lot of times it’s the “don’t.” Like “Don’t hit it left.” + + +

Have you ever gotten that shaking feeling in football, or any other sport you played? I think early in my career, when I was still new to the position, there were some very nervy times. But once you’ve gone to a couple rodeos, it’s kind of the same. In golf, no matter how much I play, there’s still always an element of nerves.

+ + +

You’ve got to be pretty comfortable on the golf course to shoot a 62 in competition. It was the last day of a tournament against the best player in celebrity golf. It was 2001 in San Diego at the Celebrity Championship hosted by Stan Humphries. It was just one of those weeks where I did everything

well, and my putter got smoking hot on the last day. I hit 35 of 36 greens over the two days, and the only green I missed, I chipped in on No. 10 the last day. I made a 45-foot bomb on No. 8 the last round, and besides that, I hit it 12 feet and made it. Fifteen feet, made it. Eight feet, made it. I shot 67-62. + + +

Do you cram all of your golf into the summer months? Your schedule must get pretty busy with all your TV work once the NFL season rolls around. I had never played a round of golf in the fall, in my whole life. I started playing football when I was 14, and I started golf when I was 12. When I got into TV, I had some opportunities to play in the fall, but it wasn’t like I was playing seriously— I’d go out and play goofy golf. About three years ago, I decided to take advantage of some mid-week oppor- tunities. I go out to the range at least once, I chip and putt at least once, and I play at least once. So I get three days where I am holding a club. Part of it is I just need to get out of the office. Steve Young told me four years ago when we were on a plane, “Bro, you’re going too far into the X’s and O’s. You’re going to get lost in this thing. Don’t lock yourself in an office and do nothing but watch football. Enjoy life a little bit.” With my kids in school all day, and my wife doing her thing, I have windows. I can go out and play or practice. + + +

You grew up in Aptos. Where are you now? I’m based in Los Gatos. I play the bulk of my golf at Cal Club in San Francisco. + + +

Do you ever play with fellow Cal Club member Steph Curry, who has a 0.1 index? We get to play a lot with each other. If he was playing a lot more often— he’s a lot more pure than I am. He’s

In football, you’re always telling yourself, “Make a play,” or “Go for it.” You have that aggressive mindset. In golf, a lot of times it’s the “don’t.” Like “Don’t hit it left.”

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