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From the Executive Director by Vaughn Kezirian My Hometown Team I

t was more than 50 years ago, but it’s as easy to remember as your first hole- in-one—if you’ve been lucky enough to have one.

The first time I was exposed to golf was when I turned 12. For my birthday, I got six lessons at Hank’s Swank Driv- ing Range in my hometown of Fresno. My father, Bob Kezirian, learned the

game through his lifelong friend, Haig Nishkian. My father passed his love of golf to me, and it was Hank Bocchini who helped me learn how to swing. The night of my first lesson, riding

home with my mother, I listened on the radio as another rookie, Juan Mar- ichal of the Giants, tossed a no-hitter through eight innings before allowing a two-out single in the ninth. Marichal spent 14 seasons with the

Giants. Having recently turned 67 years old, I’ve had a pretty good run with what turned out to be my home team— the NCGA. Hooked on the game, I took what swing I had to UC Berkeley. My passion for the game was only re-ignited after I enrolled in golf as a physical education class. But it was also the beginning of a lifetime friendship with Steve Desim- one, now the men’s golf coach at Cal. While I’m thankful for many

friends I’ve met through golf, I’m especially fond of the Saturday and Sunday morning groups at Fort Wash- ington CC, where I became a member in 1977. It pleases me that clubs that revolve around groups like the ones I were a part of are slowly recovering from the Recession. At Fort Washington, I was approached

by good friend Derrell Biddy about joining the NCGA Board of Directors in 2002. That was two years after I volun- teered for my first NCGA tournament. Like many of our volunteers today, I somehow found the time to support golf while managing a reinforcing steel business in Fresno. That original conversation with

8 / NCGA.ORG / SUMMER 2015

Derrell culminated in me becoming NCGA president in 2010. Little did I know that following a

brief retirement I’d return to serve the NCGA. In 2011, I joined the Rules and Competitions department. Again, the fire was re-ignited. For me, it really was a life-changing experience. Things changed again in 2013 when

I was asked to become interim executive director and usher the Association through Poppy Hills’ grand reopening. I accepted the role at a time when the board felt my service was needed. I will always appreciate the way the staff accepted me. Some of the greatest things I expe-

rienced at the NCGA are the growth of the Foundation and serving as a director for our highly praised Youth on Course program.

I am also pleased to see NCGA Golf

become one of the finest golf publica- tions in the country, and am thrilled by the growth of the tournament program, which now includes the successful Junior Tour of Northern California, and will soon add a Women’s Amateur Tour. The value of NCGA membership

has increased. We now offer a smorgas- bord of amenities. I’m also proud to be part of Poppy Holding Inc., which delivers quality experiences at Poppy Hills and Ridge. Throughout it all, there have also been

my rocks—my wife Ann and daughters Robin, Teriann, Corrie and Bobbi—who have supported me. They’ve sacrificed, and can tell you that many a family vaca- tion morphed into an NCGA vacation. If this all sounds like a goodbye, it’s

because in a way it is. By the end of 2015, I will no longer serve as executive director. It’s simply time for someone else to take the helm. I’ll still be involved, helping with the

Junior Tour and serving the Cal Seniors and Senior Golf Association of North- ern California. But now, when I take a vacation, it’ll

be a vacation.


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