Dr Ana Belén González has joined EPIC as project leader, contributing to H2020 funded projects. She has more than 15 years of experience in the field of photonics, and is known in the research community for her work on surface chemistry modification of silicon photonic devices.

On 1 February, Dr Guido Bonati took over as CEO of Limo Lissotschenko Mikrooptik, a leading beam shaping firm. Dr Paul Harten and Dr Chung- En Zah continue as managing directors. Bonati was previously the managing director of several Jenoptik Group companies, and most recently held the role of director of business development.

Quantel Laser and the OSA Foundation have launched the Bright Ideas Competition, giving students, scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to compete for up to $30,000 worth of Quantel’s laser systems. Finalists will present at the Conference on Lasers and Electro- Optics (CLEO) in May in San Jose, California, US.

UK photonics component manufacturer Gooch & Housego has bought US firm StingRay Optics, a provider of optical and opto-mechanical sub-systems for commercial and defence applications. The acquisition moves Gooch & Housego’s business up the value chain and increases its footprint in the aerospace and defence sector.

Horiba Jobin Yvon Sas, a producer of optical components, has merged with its subsidiary Horiba France Sarl, a specialist in measurement of pollutant emissions and air quality. The new firm will be known as Horiba France SAS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Horiba in Japan.

Rockley Photonics has appointed Nick Kucharewski as chief commercial officer. Kucharewski has 20 years of experience in semiconductors and network systems.

National Scientific Optics, a manufacturer of laser optics and components based in Colorado, US, has appointed Photonics Solutions Group of New Mexico as its sole distributor.

6 Electro Optics March 2017

NEWS FROM EPIC By Carlos Lee, director general, EPIC

EPIC holds first staff meeting


p until last year, EPIC only had two members of staff since its founding in 2003. The association

now has five permanent employees, who are all based in different cities: Amsterdam, Noordwijk, Brussels, Barcelona, and Johannesburg. Although we hold weekly video

conferences and meet face to face at industry events, I still felt the need for us to spend some dedicated time together to ensure we’re all aligned with EPIC’s mission and core values. In February, EPIC held its first staff meeting in Gatwick, UK. The first part of the day took place at laser manufacturer Powerlase, where we discussed the association’s core values. In the afternoon, we produced a video promoting the benefits of being an EPIC member, in addition to videos providing information about the Day of Photonics and the advantages for integrators to incorporate photonic integrated circuits (PICs) in their products. The following day’s meeting took place

at a hotel, and we reviewed everyone’s responsibilities and how each of us contributes to membership value. EPIC is membership-funded and the systematic focus on delivering value to our members is the dominant feature that drives the

association’s actions and priorities. Other core values include passion, respect for confidential information, integrity, hard work and dedication, and maintaining that entrepreneurial spirit that pushes us to always keep learning, innovating, and improving. I have been inspired by Jim Collins’

book, Built to Last. The Optical Society (OSA) was created 101 years ago and SPIE 61 years ago, so EPIC, as an association, is still a teenager – but one with tremendous

“EPIC, as an association, is still a teenager – but one with tremendous growth and ambitious plans”

growth and ambitious plans! Last year, 74 companies became members of EPIC and the association represents 296 firms across 28 countries. More than 15 events are already scheduled for 2017 and our team is eager to engage with industry experts, leaders and readers of Electro Optics. When you see us at exhibitions and

conferences, do come and meet us – we love to learn about your company, your challenges and opportunities, and how we can help our members and the European photonics industry!

Fibercore sold to Humanetics Innovative Solutions

UK optical fibre manufacturer Fibercore has been sold by HIG Capital to Humanetics Innovative Solutions, a portfolio company of Golden Gate Capital. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Fibercore designs and manufactures optical fibre serving multiple high-growth end-markets, including aerospace and defence, oil and gas, and biomedical

applications. It is now heavily involved with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), featuring its technology in driverless cars and remote operating robots. ‘I would like to thank HIG for their assistance in the development of Fibercore,’ said Chris Emslie, CEO of Fibercore. ‘In combining our strengths with Humanetics, I believe we have found the perfect partner.’

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