LASERS AND DIODES QuixX picosecond diode lasers

Omicron has introduced its QuixX laser series, which provides compact laser modules with fully integrated driver electronics, high precision temperature regulation and beam shaping optics. The laser is able to emit ultrashort pulses

Venteon OPCPA

At Photonics West, Laser Quantum displayed an optical parametric chirped pulse amplifier (OPCPA) system. The system combines 8fs pulse duration, microjoule- level energy and a repetition rate of hundreds of kilohertz to several megahertz. The Venteon OPCPA is particularly useful for: high harmonic generation and XUV spectroscopy, surface science, Coltrims, nonlinear applications and spectroscopy. Also exhibited was the Taccor Comb, Laser Quantum’s newly launched 1GHz Ti:sapphire frequency comb with exceptional supercontinuum, typically 1µW per mode, and easy access to visible and near-infrared ranges. Presented with it were: the Taccor x10, a femtosecond laser with a 10GHz repetition rate; the Venteon Ultra, an ultrashort pulse laser that can achieve 5fs pulses; and the HASSP-THz, a time-domain terahertz spectrometer.

down to 50ps with user-adjustable pulse shape and continuous wave operation, in combination with fast analogue modulation and digital gating/shuttering in the megahertz range. In picosecond operation, QuixX offers a

narrow-pulse mode with a Gaussian pulse shape. In wide-pulse mode, the laser is able to achieve higher peak powers and longer pulses of up to 1ns. In expert mode the user is able to adjust the pulse shape to the exact needs of the application. Typical applications are time-resolved

TopWave 266 UV CW laser series

Toptica has launched the first member of its new TopWave ultraviolet CW laser series. The TopWave 266 provides 150mW CW output power at 266nm and 1MHz linewidth. It provides excellent power stability, ultra-low noise operation and high beam quality. The TopWave laser series takes the


OptiCentric Linear Pro and ImageMaster Pro 10

Trioptics’ OptiCentric Linear Pro measurement system changes the centring measurement of lens systems. With the OptiCentric Linear Pro, users will be able to determine the centring of lens systems without requiring rotation of the lens. It uses a principle based on a high-precision linear axis that serves as a reference. Very small remaining errors are measured, and the value is calculated by software using a correction factor. The software of the system includes a special

adaptation to the production environment, so that the quality of each lens can be evaluated on the measurement tray on screen by means of a colour code, using pass/fail criteria. The company also introduced ImageMaster

Pro 10, which can achieve highly accurate MTF measurement in mobile phone lenses and other small lenses with a measuring speed of 1.3s per lens and an accuracy of +/- 1.5 per cent. Readings at different frequencies and RGB measurements can also be performed.

38 Electro Optics March 2017

performance of Toptica’s scientific tuneable UV lasers to a plug-and-play level. The entire UV beam path is enclosed in a sealed compartment. In combination with a fully automated shifter of the SHG crystal, this enables a typical lifetime of more than 10,000 hours.

Future power upgrades and additional TopWave models with other UV wavelengths ST2 diode laser

Lumentum has added a 200W output power fibre-coupled pump laser module to its portfolio. The new ST2 diode laser makes use of Lumentum’s high-brightness pump laser family, and supports the build-your-own kilowatt laser market. Powered by Lumentum’s diode laser chip, combined with optical and mechanical design innovations to achieve ultra-low optical loss and power management, the ST2 delivers 200W of power within a 0.15 numerical aperture of a 135µm core fibre. The high endurance

830nm Fabry-Perot laser diode

IMM Photonics has expanded its range of Fabry-Perot laser diodes to include an 830nm version by Japanese manufacturer QD-Laser. The 830nm laser diode emits transversal

waves in single mode, and supplies an optical performance of up to 220mW in continuous wave mode. The beam angle is 9 x 18°. Two circuit versions are available. In one,

will be released by Toptica in the near future. The TopWave product line is ideal for applications like semiconductor inspection, optical lithography, laser mastering and Raman spectroscopy.

single photon counting, spectroscopy, and fluorescence microscopy, including FRAP, TIRF, FLIM and STED. It can also be used as a seed or pump laser for fibre lasers and MOPA systems.

and power stability of the ST2 enables it to withstand prolonged use in manufacturing applications.

the anode of the laser diode is connected to the housing potential; with the second, the cathode is coupled with the housing. A photodiode has been used for performance monitoring. The laser diode can be used in data transmission and sensor technology.

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