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IPG exceeds $1bn annual sales l TetraVue raises $10m for vehicle lidar l Laser Zentrum Hannover forms optogenetics research network l Physicists create high-quality holograms l News from EPIC

Review: Photonics West 10

Executives discuss Brexit and Trump l VR experts give optics wish list l Colliding black holes with Professor Dr Karsten Danzmann l BRAIN initiative updates l Startup Challenge and Prism Award winners

Feature: Portable spectroscopy 18 Jessica Rowbury looks at the challenges of bringing spectroscopy to the consumer market

Feature: Solar 24

Gemma Church explores the novel ways of integrating photovoltaic technology into urban environments

Feature: Laser safety

Matthew Dale looks at laser safety needs in medicine

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The European Optical Society’s new partnership agreements

Product focus: Medical optics 36 A round-up of the latest optical components for medical instruments


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Laser microscopy Doctors are cutting tumour diagnosis times using laser-based microscopes

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Changing times

Global politics was on the agenda for a lot of presentations this year at Photonics West in San Francisco at the end of January. With the Trump administration only a week into office when the photonics trade fair began, SPIE had organised panel discussions and talks to address what the photonics community might expect from the new US administration, along with how photonics firms might navigate their way through periods of trade and political uncertainty such as Brexit. Walking the exhibition floor, it seemed one of the busiest Photonics West events I’ve attended, with OCT particularly strong among the biophotonics technology, new smaller spectrometers – Jessica Rowbury explores portable spectroscopy in her article on page 18 – plenty of activity around autonomous vehicles, and materials processing, silicon photonics and solid- state lighting also represented. There is a full report from the conference

starting on page 10, including what photonics executives had to say about the Trump administration and Brexit, Professor Dr Karsten Danzmann’s keynote on gravitational wave astronomy following the LIGO detections announced early in 2016, a panel discussion on the optical challenges in virtual reality, and updates on the BRAIN initiative, as well as the winners of the Prism Awards and the Startup Challenge. With plenty of innovation on display at the show, the photonics community continues to thrive.

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