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The future of optical communication

inside a building. Te MTTH UNI includes two different types of connector panels and two KM4 splice trays with a total splicing capacity of 48 splices. Tis unit has cable inlets and outlets situated on all sides of the enclosure.


n 2016, the Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition (OFC) returns to the Anaheim Convention Centre, California. With more than 12,000

attendees expected and more than 560 exhibiting companies, OFC is on course to retain its position as the largest global conference and exhibition for optical communications and networking professionals. Te exhibition

runs from 22 to 24 March 2016. Tis year the conference will once again

provide a comprehensive technical programme to complement the exhibition. Tere will be hundreds of speakers and topics on offer at the conference, including workshops, tutorials, short courses and paper presentations spread across four days from 20 to 24 March.

– closing the innovation gap between the OEM and compatibles market.

ProLabs (booth 2268) is an independent provider of optical connectivity products, specialising in high-quality compatibles that are transforming interoperability between optical systems and interfaces. Trough its comprehensive range of compatible cables and transceivers, ProLabs is democratising the world of optical equipment and continually reducing costs for the end user. Te ProLabs range allows users of multiple systems to combine previously incompatible products with relative ease, liberating its customers from vendor lock-in. ProLabs has expanded significantly over the

course of the last two years, establishing a truly global distribution network. Tis growth has afforded the company the opportunity to pursue more challenging projects such as 100G and multi-coded infrastructure – single components coded to multiple OEM providers

34 FIBRE SYSTEMS Issue 11 • Spring 2016

Te MTTH Series fromMicos (booth 3644) includes two distribution boxes designed for indoor use in FTTx networks. Te MTTH EASY is a simple enclosure suitable for storing pre-connectorised cable and cable reserves, which is suitable as a distribution point in small buildings and/or individual floors of larger buildings. Te KM4 splice tray has a capacity of 24 splices, whereas the KM3 has a capacity of 12 splices. Tree KM3 trays can be used in the MTTH EASY enclosure, offering a total of 48 splices. Te larger MTTH UNI enclosure is designed as a universal distribution point

Arden Photonics (booth 3735) will be displaying the VFI-2000, a visual fault inspector designed for research, production and quality assurance environments. Te VFI-2000 is an interferometric system that checks the quality and flatness of large diameter fibres and rods, from 400 to 2,000µm diameter. Te crisp end-face images show every defect

and the high-contrast fringe patterns make it easy to estimate end angles. Te 5-megapixel camera in the VFI-2000 helps to show every detail and gives ample digital zoom capability, up to a diameter of 2,000µm. Te two modes of operation – inspect and fringe – allow users to check both the flatness and end quality of a cleaved or polished fibre end with just one insertion. Te VFI-2000 comes with an efficient

soſtware package, with controls to switch between fringe and inspect mode. It also allows users to grab and save images for later use. Te report generator enables users to include up to 20 cleave images in one report along with comments.

Attendees will have the opportunity to see how Ciena’s (booth 2673) web-scale networking solutions and Blue Planet soſtware can help drive new services, deliver ultra-high bandwidth, and maximise revenues. Ciena’s booth and FutureLab, a big rig truck fully equipped with next-generation networking equipment, will feature Ciena’s WaveLogic Encryption system, Waveserver DCI platform, Blue Planet soſtware, and Ciena’s new Emulation Cloud – an open application development environment that allows data centre operators, application developers and other third-party developers to create, test and

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