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Facebook unveils Telecom Infra Project l euNetworks lands in Marseille l Verizon acquires XO fibre l BT avoids breakup following Ofcom digital review

Feature Optical underpins 5G The European Commission has put optical networks at the heart of its research programme for 5G.

Feature: Sharing of the wealth Can optical components suppliers afford to do advanced technology research? Pauline Rigby investigates

Profile Compatibles to remember ProLabs wants to be as well known for optical modules as Kingston Technology is for memory chips

Feature Super-sizing the data centre Dr Ioannis Tomkos describes how advanced optics can enable the data centres of the future

Feature Securing the cloud Jonathan Homa explains how optical systems vendors can help businesses protect their data

Feature Cable consolidation raises regulatory questions Merger mania among European cable companies is creating powerful companies, as James Hayes reports

Show Preview OFC 2016 A look ahead to some of the products on display at the OFC exhibition in Anaheim

Products A selection of recent new product announcements 31 27 22

Foreword Innovation is everything

accurately and simply describes the process of technology creation taking place inside the research and development labs of the optical networking industry. Innovation literally means ‘new ideas’ and


we will need plenty of those to tackle future networking needs, if the explosive demand for bandwidth continues on its current trajectory. In this issue we take a closer look at two key areas where significant changes will be required as networks adapt to ever-increasing amounts of data: the mobile network and the data centre. On page 12 of this issue, we take a closer

look at the European Commission’s collaborative programme to accelerate the development of fiſth-generation, or 5G, mobile networks. Happily for the optical networking community, it has been recognised that research on optical networks will be vital to the future of mobile networks, especially around targets related to low latency. Meanwhile on page 22 Dr Ioannis Tomkos

discusses the options for scaling up warehouse-scale data centres. With cloud computing on the rise, there will be a massive increase in data centre traffic, not just between the data centre and user, but within the data centre itself. Radical new approaches will be needed to scale interconnection capacity between servers in the data centre. Also on the theme of innovation, I am

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looking forward to the annual Optical Fiber Communication conference and exhibition in Anaheim, California later this month, where industry and academia will reveal their latest breakthroughs in these subject areas and many more. You can take a peek at some of the products and technologies that will be on display at the exhibition by turning to our Show preview on page 34. Enjoy the issue!

Pauline Rigby Editor, Fibre Systems

Issue 11 • Spring 2016 FIBRE SYSTEMS 3

he word ‘innovation’ has been overworked but, at the same time, it’s hard to think of another word that

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