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10.35 Chair’s Welcome Mark Oppermann Director, VoiceSage

10.40 11.00

Jaime Graham Director, UK debt management, Santander UK Lessons learned from the Mortgage Arrears Thematic

Daniel Pearce Director of business development, Telsolutions Self-service mobile collections. Removing the agent from the process

11.10 Graham Hunt Head of collections, Aviva General Insurance Measuring success in a customer-centric world

11.30 Graham Bragg Development director, VoiceSage

11.45 Break 12.00 Paul Wood

Sales account manager, Noble Systems 12.10

Brian Morgan UK credit manager, Veolia The need to develop your own skills – getting better never stops


VoiceSage’s customer contact software enables contact centres to effectively engage with customers seamlessly across various communication channels – Voice, SMS, ‘Visual Touch’ and E-mail messaging. A simple, fl exible, cloud based messaging platform and powerful intelligence engine enables collections teams to streamline customer contact processes and engage effectively with customers at the right time, via the right channel with fully personalised and interactive messages. Household brands including BrightHouse, Vanquis Bank, New Day Loans,

Capital One, rely on VoiceSage to:  Improve right party connects.  Reduce costs per pound collected and AHT.  Increase collections across the debtor cycle.  Optimise agent productivity (less agents – more collections).  Seamlessly shift between contact channels.

Founded in 1976, CGI is the fi fth largest independent information technology and business process services fi rm in the world. Approximately 68,000 professionals serve thousands of clients from offi ces and delivery centers across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacifi c, leveraging a comprehensive portfolio of services including high-end business and IT consulting, systems integration, application development and maintenance and infrastructure management. Across all industry sectors, we deliver collection services to help our clients

improve their cashfl ow and reduce revenue leakage. Our services include debtor analysis, collections, audit, recovery, and fraud management. These services are supported by IP-based business platforms, high levels of automation and extensive domain knowledge.

Enghouse Interactive is a market-leading software and services provider for contact centre solutions. We design, develop and implement solutions such as self-service IVR with speech recognition, multi- channel contact centre, quality management, automated outbound dialling and speech analytics. Our suite of applications enables our customers to have a holistic view of all interactions across all the applications and media types. Our platform independence and modular approach to our licencing enables our customers to gain competitive advantage through deploying applications as and when they are required, in order to drive their business forward.

Genius PPT is the UK’s most established supplier of cloud based dialler technology. Our fully compliant product suite extends to hosted CRM technologies, DTMF payment processing, web, voice and SMS messaging solutions; all available on fl exible Pay As You Go Commercial terms, without the need for capex. Our knowledge and abilities are cemented by a core delivery team who have worked together for over twenty years, both as customer and vendor within the Consumer Credit industry. Our unparalleled level of ability and customer engagement are driven by a unique and comprehensive understanding of clients’ operational requirements, setting Genius apart from every other supplier in today’s marketplace.

Noble Systems are experts in debtor contact and customer communications, helping debt and credit management operations increase business growth whilst providing the fl exibility to adapt to their changing requirements. Built upon decades of collection technology expertise, our unifi ed communications solutions allow companies to interact more effectively with their customers via multi-channel inbound, outbound and blended contact processing, strategy planning and resource management tools. Our clients enjoy the advantages of Noble Systems’ premise, cloud and innovative

premise/cloud hybrid platforms with collections-specifi c features including Right- Party Connect, Account Ownership, IVR, Outbound Messaging, Digital Recording, On-line Credit Authorisation, Interaction Analytics and Unifi ed Collector Desktops.

At, we use industry experience in revenue and collections to provide technology to automated customer contact, reduce arrears to collect outstanding revenue and improve income:  Through customer preference using interactive voice messages, SMS text message, e-mail and new mobile WebForms collections, contact can be automated.  Our multi-channel campaigns make intelligent decisions based on customer action or inaction, creating meaningful staff conversations to improve income and case progression.  With pressure to improve income, compliance and reduce the cost of debt recovery overheads, Telsolutions enables more intelligent customer contact even with limited resources. No software, hardware is required.


Phil Skinner Revenue management and payments lead, CGI Revenue management in 2025 – a look into the future

12.40 Panel Session 1.00 Lunch 2.20

2.40 2.50

3.10 Genius PPT

Paul Noble Chief executive offi cer, 118118 Money

Nigel Welsh Account director, Enghouse

3.20 Break 3.30


Dr Gorkan Ahmetoglu Lecturer in business psychology, University College London The psychology behind the borrower

Alex Colyer Executive director – corporate services, South Cambridgeshire District Council The Civil Enforcement Regime and our debt recovery strategy

4.30 Chair’s Conclusion

Jon Swan Head of credit management, Hachette UK Customer service within the credit management function

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