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and we think it is vital that lenders have access to real-time data to make better lending decisions. We have a strong presence in the sector and are helping lenders to share information that facilitates better business decisions.”

ACA International has released a new whitepaper Diversity in the Collections Industry: An Overview of the Collections Workforce, which shows that the credit and collection industry has one of the more diverse workforces in the US. Using US Census data and information

from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, ACA found that, while women constitute roughly 47% of the overall US workforce, women make up 70% of the total collections workforce. Racial and ethnic minorities account for 40% of the total collections workforce

It is with regret that we bring you the sad news that Mike Cleary passed away suddenly in January 2016 aged just 59. He had a huge influence within the

debt industry when he left his role as UK customer billing credit manager at BT to set up Credit Consultants International (CCI) in 1994. CCI was subsequently sold to Equifax in 1998 and, following this, Mike co-founded 1st Credit where he served as managing director from 2001 to 2008. He was a fellow member of the Institute of Credit

Mike Cleary

Management, was well known throughout the sector and will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him. At this difficult time our thoughts are with his family,

friends and anyone that had the pleasure of knowing this very special individual.

New analysis by Creditsafe reveals that eight of the 10 most searched-for UK companies on the Creditsafe system in 2015 operate in the construction industry or are specialist suppliers to the sector. Five of these firms directly work in property construction and

development, while three are specialist retailers servicing the industry. Rachel Mainwaring, operations director, Creditsafe UK, said:

“The construction industry is one of the most difficult to evaluate as firms rely on a constant influx of new contracts, so companies that file profitable accounts one year can soon find themselves in difficulty the next.”

February 2016

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today. Specifically among women, racial and ethnic minorities also account for 40% of the total workforce population. “The stereotypical image of a debt

collector could not be further from the truth,” said ACA international director of research Josh Adams. “Women and people of color play a

significant and important role at collection agencies nationwide.”

Knightsbridge Insolvency Services, part of the Money Advice Group, has completed the acquisition of all insolvency cases from Personal Debt Help Line (PDHL). Knightsbridge will acquire all 2,100

insolvency cases, as well as 18 members of staff, in a deal expected to be worth £2m to the business. Stuart Parkin, CEO, Money Advice

Group, said: “The acquisition of insolvency

cases and staff members from PDHL is a significant move for us and a promising start to 2016. The 2,100 new client cases will add to our growing portfolio – taking our insolvencies division to 28,000 clients in total.”

Tinubu Square has signed a 10-year contract with Export Development Canada (EDC). The company has also opened a new office in Montréal. Clive Witter, senior vice-president,

insurance, EDC, said: “Canadian exporters are looking to new markets in more challenging times, and EDC is shifting the way it does business to meet their needs for simpler, faster and more predictable services. “With this new platform, our vision is to

make it easier for exporters, particularly small businesses, to take advantage of our global credit management expertise.”

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UK & European asset and debt recovery

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