Fair Hill International Introducing... Jeff Newman (FHI 5* Organizing Committee President & CEO)

by Katherine O. Rizzo At this year’s Maryland Horse Forum on

August 8, Fair Hill International announced that new president and CEO Jeff Newman will chair the new Fair Hill 5* Organizing Com- mittee. Newman spoke briefl y at the Forum with enthusiasm as to what is in store for the Maryland horse community as Maryland gets closer and closer to be- coming only the second state in the US to hold a 5* event. T e 2020 Fair Hill International 5* will join the highest of the highest venues for the sport of eventing with only six other 5* events in the world.

The Sport Corp. In order to present the

world with a world class venue, the Sport and En- tertainment Corporation of

Maryland 501(c)3

(T e Sport Corp.) was formed with its fi rst ac- tion being to develop the Fair Hill Organizing Committee. According to the Maryland Stadi- um Authority, as a non- profi t, T e Sport Corp. can solicit and receive contributions from busi- nesses, governmental and non-profi t entities. It can also receive funds from individuals inter- ested in the promotion of sports in Maryland. T e Fair Hill Organizing Committee is tasked with organizing, providing fi scal oversight and leading the eff orts to host the future FHI 5*. T e Committee is co-chaired by Mike Hankin and Mike Gill. Newman’s role as president and CEO is to build and lead the team that will plan, man- age and oversee all aspects of the activities that will take place at the FHI 5*. As can be seen at other 5* events in the world, this event at Fair Hill will be more than just a competition. It will become a destination for spectators to watch world-class riders, shop, eat and tour the surrounding areas.

Event Production Newman brings over 20 years of event pro-

duction experience. Most recently, he served as vice president of Global Partnerships at Mon- umental Sports & Entertainment where he | 800-244-9580

worked to secure, activate and foster partner- ships that included the Washington Capitals Events & Experiential Sales for iHeartMedia’s Washington DC/Baltimore market. He was also the senior vice president of Events at La- gardere Sports and Entertainment where he oversaw many high-profi le events and was the Tournament Director of the Citi Open profes- sional tennis tournament for over 17 years. “As an event producer my biggest goal is to establish an event, create investment in that event and tell a great story through the event,” explained Newman while visiting T e Equiery’s of- fi ce in September. “It is all about the live event expe- rience,” he added. “T ere is a powerful feeling to be part of the event in per- son.” Newman sees the FHI 5* as not just a yearly outing for current event- ing enthusiasts, he wants the experience to become a great outing for families, corporate institutions and more. “It is about creating a fi ve-star experience all around,” he said.

The 5* Experience

FHI 5* Organizing Committee Presi- dent and CEO Jeff Newman with FHI 5* course-designer Ian Stark at the Burghley Horse Trials CCI5* in England

Newman explained that he has fi ve main goals of the fi rst FHI 5*. First is to create awareness of Fair Hill as a venue and as “THE” event in Mary-

land to attend each year. “Secondly, and just as important, is to create a competitor experience that is the best of the best,” Newman said. Newman’s third goal for 2020 is to create a

live experience for the public. “T e public needs to be there in person for the full experience,” he added. T is moves into Newman’s fourth goal: accessibility. “We want to bring the public into the venue and get them up close for a personal experience,” he stated. Finally, to complete the FHI 5* experience he

said, “we need people to create the buzz needed to make the fi ve-star a success. We hope every- one will come out and support this fi rst fi ve- star in Maryland and it will then become bigger and bigger each year.” Once established, the Maryland Stadium Au-

thority projects the annual economic benefi t of the FHI 5* to be up to $30 million with ap- proximately 80,000 spectators over four days of sport and entertainment.


The 2019 Dutta Corp. Fair Hill International

October 17-20, 2019

Fair Hill Natural Resources Management Area, Elkton

This year’s Dutta Corp. Fair Hill In- ternational will once again host the US Equestrian CCI4*-L and CCI3*-L Fall Eventing Championships as well as the USEA Young Event Horse East Coast Championships, presented by Dubarry. Over the four days of competition, FHI will award $50,000 in prize money. High- lights of this year’s schedule include:

Wednesday, October 16 First 3* and 4* Horse Inspections

Thursday, October 17 Dressage competition begins for 3*, 4* and YEH, DVCTA Quad Squad

Friday, October 18 Dressage continues for 3* and 4*, Jumping phase of YEH, Dog Agility, Cross-country course walk with Matt Brown

Saturday, October 19 Cross-country for 3* and 4*, Dog Agil- ity, Kid’s Corner, Charm City Junction Band, Frisbee Dog competition, Dog Costume Parade, Horseback Archery, Vaulting, Polo demonstration, Military Drill Team, Chincoteague Pony Drill Team, Casino Night party

Sunday, October 20

Final horse inspections for 3* and 4*, Show jumping for 3* and 4*, Dog Agility, Hank’s Skydogs Disc and Trick show, Chincoteague Pony Drill Team

For a complete schedule and to purchase tickets, go to OCTOBER 2019 | THE EQUIERY | 13

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