ON THE MEND A speedy recovery to… …Karen Kraushaar of Germantown, who underwent carpal tunnel surgery on September 27; …Rob McNab, former TROT president, who was in the hospital for initial treatments for lymphoma; …trainer Glenda Player of Union Bridge, who fractured several transverse processes of her lumbar vertebrae after falling from a horse.

Maryland Will Miss

Ashley Colonel, who works for Mythic Landing Enterprises, married Ed Everett on September 23 at their home in Quinton, VA. Also pictured is Ashley’s son Hayden Colonel and Ed’s sons Andrew and Eric Everett.

Alice Louise Baker Pascal of Westminster died on August 28 at the age of 84. After gradu- ating from the Hannah More Academy in Reisterstown, Pascal spent a year at the Porlock Vale Riding Academy in Somerset, England earning her Horse Masters degree. She returned to the U.S. and taught riding lessons at Hannah More until she met her husband Edward Louis Pascal, a racehorse trainer. She became the youngest woman in Maryland to receive her trainer’s license and was the fi rst woman licensed in three states. After moving to Carroll County, the couple opened Happy Hollow, one of the fi rst boarding kennels for dogs in the area. She bred German Shorthaired Pointers for show and fi eld.

Orville Lee Bowen of Annapolis died on August 8 at the age of 93. He was the owner and founder of Bowen’s Farm Supply, Inc. in Annapolis.

Richard P. Butts, Jr. and his wife Peggy Butts



T oroughbred trainer Richard P. Butts, Jr. (93), died tragically on September 22, 2016 in an automobile accident while en route to the Great Frederick Fair; his wife Peggy, died on Oct. 3 from injuries sustained in the same accident. T ey are the parents of La Plata-based T oroughbred owner Tim Butts, Laurel-based trainer Herb Butts, and Charlestown-based Mike Butts, who served as his father’s assistant trainer and will continue the Butts Racing Stable. Howard County’s Peggy Schultz describes Richard as “a vintage cowboy” and horseman, with a life that could serve as fodder for several great novelists the likes of Willa Cather, Zane Grey, and Louis L’Amour. Born on January 22, 1923, in Quanah, Texas, Richard grew up in a rancher’s life, when steer sorting, penning, roping and bronc riding were a way of life, not a sport. His cowboying was interrupted at age 19 by a four-year stint in the Navy. After the navy, Richard made a life on the race tracks of New Mexico and then West Virginia. Richard thrived in all of these environments with an underlying dignity and fairness and with respect for those who taught him the skills needed to succeed. All recollections are of honesty, a great work ethic and dedication to family, friends, employees and employers whatever avenue he chose. Richard conditioned and ran whatever caliber horses clients brought him, learning the racing game and using what he learned to turn this passion into a long and successful career. Among his equine athletes were two West Virginia Futurity winners: Lucky Bomber in 1991 and Super Super Lucky in 1994. During his career he tallied 4,503 races accumulating 584 wins, 590 seconds and 598 thirds while earning a total of $4,089,268. Wife, Peggy skillfully fi lled a dual role: keeping the home fi res burning while also serving the

Berkeley County School System as an elementary and high school teacher and as a principal until the age of 79. Herb speaks of his father with a deep regard, calling him “the greatest man I ever knew.” As a child watching his father shave, Herb was in awe, thinking how lucky he was to be the son of a combination of Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and John Wayne. Today, when others compare him

to his father, Herb demurrs, saying he is not worthy to “carry his saddle.” (contributed by Peggy Schultz)

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Royce Evans of Ivy Creek Stables has relocated to Seattle, Washington where she is pursuing a career as a corporate recruiter for Amazon.

Jenny Mitchell of Woodstock is the new President of the IEA Board of Directors and will serve a two-year term in this position. Previously, Mitchell served two years as President-Elect. T is is also her second term as Board President (2012-2014).


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