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Membership Report Valerie Ormond

MHC 2020 and

As we communicate with our elected representatives and regula- tors, there is strength in numbers. Our 345 member associations and groups represent more than 30,000 people in the Maryland horse industry, and that number gets attention. But we know we can do more. Because of this, MHC Vice President Neil Agate spearheaded the MHC 2020 effort focused on strategic planning for MHC and benefits of MHC membership. Stay tuned for progress, or if you’d like to be involved, let him know by email- ing him at

Even if you belong to a club or asso- ciation that is a member of MHC, we need your individual membership. And if you belong to a club, associa- tion, farm, or business that is not a member, please encourage that or- ganization to join. MHC represents the interests of our member orga- nizations at the county, state, and even national level. See elsewhere in this report for our membership ap- plication, or go online to mdhorsec- You can also sign up at any of our four Quarterly Board of Directors meetings or any of MHC’s social or networking events. We offer 3- and 5- year discounted pre- paid memberships, in addition to the 1 year and lifetime options. And if you join as an individual member, you can earn cash rebates for your member organization - contact ad- for more information.

Horse Council PAC Win Hayward & Jane Seigler

The Horse Council PAC was au- thorized by the Maryland Horse Council (MHC) Board and created

in 2011. It is registered with the State Board of Elections and as a PAC is affiliated with the MHC. The idea of a PAC for the MHC came out of the 2009 Horse Industry Fo- rum. Working in concert with the Legislative and Executive Commit- tees of the MHC, the PAC provides another means to demonstrate the strength and unity of the Maryland horse industry to Maryland elected officials.

2016 was another year of growth for the Horse Council PAC as a key part of the advocacy function of the Maryland Horse Council. Acting in close concert with the MHC Legis- lative and Executive Committees, the PAC transferred $3,600 to State Legislator PACs and, for the first time, that of the standing Governor, as demonstration of support. These Legislators typically hold important leadership positions in committees with jurisdiction over priority MHC issues. They were generous of their time, listened to our concerns, and helped the MHC have a successful year.

Organizationally too, the PAC ex- hibited continuity and stability. The Chair, Steuart Pittman of Dodon Farm in Davidsonville, finished his term and was replaced by JoAnne Stone. JoAnne is the wife of long- time State Senator Norman Stone and is deeply familiar with the people and processes of Annapolis. She’ll provide great leadership as the PAC role evolves and expands.

Fund raising prior to the 2017 Leg- islative Session is in full gear–and we need your help! MHC advocacy benefits everyone in Maryland who loves horses, not just its members. To contribute, please go to the PAC page on the MHC website Many thanks to those who’ve contributed so far,

with a special shout-out to those who purchased items at the MHC BBQ silent auction which benefited the Horse Council PAC.

Regulatory Report Jane Seigler

Legislative &

Once again, MHC rocked the staid and storied halls of Annapolis by achieving what is generally be- lieved to be the unachievable— defeating a county delegation sponsored, “county courtesy” bill. This time it was House Bill 203, which would have authorized the Department of Natural Resources to allow Sunday hunting for all game mammals and game birds on every Sunday of the respec- tive hunting seasons in Caroline County. As late as the Friday before the end of the session, we weren’t sure we had the votes. But intense lobbying over the weekend produced results! In the evening hours on Monday, the very last day of the 2016 session, the Senate Committee on Educa- tion, Health and Environmental Affairs killed the bill by a vote of 7-3. Senators Conway (Baltimore City), Pinsky (Prince George’s), Nathan-Pulliam (Baltimore City and County), Kagan (Montgomery), Rosapepe (Prince George’s and Anne Arundel), Young (Frederick) and Zucker (Montgomery) voted with us. Senators Bates (Carroll and Howard), Salling (Baltimore County) and Waugh (Calvert and St. Mary’s) were against us, and Senator Simonaire (Anne Arundel) abstained.

This achievement was possible through the outstanding coor- dinated efforts of our profes- sional lobbyist, Frank Boston; our dedicated, all volunteer, Legislative Committee;

Visit for details on how to join today!

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