NEWS &VIEWS You Can Use 72 Counts of Criminal Animal Cruelty

Megan Bollinger (Westminster) is scheduled to be tried in Carroll County District Court on September 19 on charges related to 18 horses seized by Carroll County Animal Control on June 22. In July, the State charged Bollinger with 72 counts of animal cruelty. Also in July, the State charged her with four counts of theft and fraud involving welfare and medical care. As of press, that trial had not been scheduled.

New Home For Baltimore Police Horses

On Monday, August 21, the City of Baltimore and the B&O Railroad Museum announced a joint eff ort to raise $2.5 million in charitable donations to build new, state-of-the art stables for the Baltimore Police Department’s mount- ed unit, to be located on the 40-acre campus of the B&O Museum in West Baltimore. T e new stables would include an educational

facility with classrooms and a railroad station stop for museum visitors. Schoolchildren will be able to visit for free, to encourage stronger relation- ships between city youth and city police offi cers. Founded in 1888, the Baltimore City mount- ed unit is the nation’s oldest continuously oper- ating mounted police unit. Currently, the unit’s

Getting social with The Equiery!

Facebook ( eEquiery) T e Equiery had a huge month on Facebook in August! Even #10

on our Top Ten Post List had 3,100 followers! And #1? 16,600! And, if you have ever considered purchasing one of our eBlasts as part of your advertising package, this month on Facebook is proof that they are worth the money you spend. THREE Equiery eBlasts on behalf of advertisers made the Top Ten in August! Number one on our list was our 7/22 APB about the missing palomino

mare and foal in Mt. Airy, which our loyal Facebook followers shared 226 times! Happily we can report that the mare and foal were found safe. In second place was managing editor Katherine Rizzo’s photo of the

fi rst horses arriving at the new Gentle Giants’ farm, made possible by money left to them by Howard County horsewoman, Gretchen Mob- berley, who passed away in February 2016. T is post from 8/14 had a following of 9,400. T ird place went to an Equiery Events eBlast for the Maryland Hunter

Pace Circuit! 7,464 followers engaged in this post from 8/10. T e fourth place position went to a link we posted to a news article about the Assateague pony found dead from eating a visitor’s dog food, on 7/25. 6,600 of our followers followed or engaged in this post. In fi fth, with 5,400 followers was T e Equiery’s salute to the late Salute

T e Truth, Steuart Pittman’s well-loved event partner and breeding stal- lion, which we posted on 7/31. In sixth place was a post from Playland Farm that spoke to us, a photo

of adult rider Matt Cowherd earning his fi rst blue ribbon at his fi rst horse show. T is share, from 8/14, had a following of 4,300 Facebook readers. Our seventh most popular post for the month was an Equiery Events eBlast about Horseland, the Maryland Horse Industry Board’s not-to- miss equine exhibit at the Maryland State Fair, which posted to Face- book on 8/9, had a following of 4,000. In eighth was yet another Equiery Events eBlast, this one on behalf of the Redland Hunt Pony Club and Goshen Hounds, to advertise their September combined text and cross country schooling event. T is post from 8/1 (which they asked us to schedule for the day their entries opened) had a following of 3,200. We hope they have a ton of entries! Tied for ninth were a sweet photo sent to us by contributor, Dr. Amy Burk from the University of Maryland, and a report about T e Equiery’s

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7 horses are housed in a former downtown car dealership; the new facility would enable the unit to have up to 14 horses. T e museum, which has approximately 200,000 visitors per year, hopes to have the project completed with- in the next year.

“Fed Horse is a Dead Horse” So noted Assateague Island offi cials, who

are begging visitors to securely store all food in tamper-proof containers (preferably in- side a vehicle) after a 7 year old mare Chama Wingapo was found dead in late July. Necropsy revealed that she had ingested a large amount of dog food, which caused her to colic, which in turn caused her intestine to rupture. Offi cials have also been trying to educate well-meaning tourists to not leave the water hydrants open for the ponies, as it merely encourages the po- nies to use the campsites instead of the natu- rally formed watering holes.

EHV-1 in Virginia

On August 11, a horse exhibiting neurologic signs was transported to the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center in Leesburg, VA from a farm in Culpeper, VA. T e horse was

immediately isolated from the hospital popu- lation. T e following day, the Virginia De- partment of Agriculture and Consumer Ser- vices’ Animal Health Lab in Warrenton, VA confi rmed a diagnosis of Equine Herpesvirus Myeloencephalophy due to EHV-1. T e horse continued to be isolated while receiving care. On August 14, a second horse from the same farm developed a fever and neurological symp- toms. T at horse was euthanized and VDACS confi rmed EMH. T e farm is under quarantine. As of press time, EMC, which practices strict biosecurity measures, was continuing normal operations.

West Nile Confi rmed in Delaware On August 14, the Delaware Public Health

Laboratory confi rmed the diagnosis of West Nile Virus in a horse that had not been vacci- nated against WNV. T e horse, an 11-year-old Quarter Horse mare stabled in Kent County, DE, began showing signs of weakness in all four limbs on August 6. She lost the ability to stand and was euthanized on August 9. Sam- ples were submitted to the Delaware Public Health Laboratory on August 10. T e Maryland Department of Agriculture continued...

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