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The Click Travel team

travel clients who will then passed on to a suitable homeworker. Agents benefit from Travel

Counsellors’ extensive range of inhouse technology with the goal of “offering everything a large TMC can, but with a higher level of personal service”. Customer satisfaction is measured

through Travel Counsellors’ Net Promoter Score and there are plenty of examples of homeworkers “going the extra mile” such as looking after a client’s dog for a few days, or arranging for their favourite shirts to be waiting for them in their hotel room.


Focusing on the traveller experience and offering bespoke technology are two of Barrhead’s key selling points for corporate clients, associate director Mark Brock says. Although Barrhead has been selling

business travel since the 1980s, there has been more focus on the sector over the last seven years with staff numbers going up from 6 or 7 to the current level of around 25 employees. The agency also sees great potential

in combining business and leisure travel – Barrhead already extends discounts from its leisure business to corporate clients and their employees. Those working in business travel

are supported by Barrhead’s training academy with suppliers visiting regularly to provide product updates. On the technology side, Barrhead

offers bespoke services such as helping companies to write their travel policies as well as rolling out online booking tools. The agency also developed an online taxi-booking tool specifically for one client. Barrhead’s client retention

rates are high at 90% as it strives to offer “all the tech with a human touch and personal service”.

The Barrhead Business Travel team .CLICK TRAVEL

“Reducing the cost and complexity of travel management” is the mission statement that Click Travel has set itself over the last 15 years, explains managing director Jill Palmer during her Skype interview. Developing its own technology is

the way that Birmingham-based Click has chosen to achieve this goal through its growing team of 60 inhouse software engineers. Jill says the fact that these engineers sit alongside the account

management team means that they can also build

bespoke technology and solutions for

clients at low cost. One example is a client who

wanted to dramatically reduce its travel spending; Click created a pop- up avatar giving money-saving tips to the client’s travellers, such as buying train tickets four weeks in advance and not travelling during one week every month. Click is currently rolling out its new

The Travel Counsellors for Business team platform, which aims to allow every booking to be amended and cancelled online.


“It was fantastic to hear from TMCs who are finding new ways to

streamline the

booking process and personalise the way they engage with each individual traveller. Now, more than ever, travel

agents are having to earn their place in the distribution chain. Travelport is passionate about providing the tools, support and partnership to help them achieve this. Content still drives much of

what Travelport and our customers do, so we are continuing to add more across all elements of travel. On the Travelport Digital side,

our new corporate booking tool, Locomote, is a ground-breaking end-to-end solution for online and offline bookings, alongside new market-leading mobile apps, and reporting solutions for both travel agents and their customers.”

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